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Hey there, lovely people! I feel like it has been a while since I have posted, but a lot has been happening these past few weeks. The semester is getting crazier by the minute and that means I am busier than ever. In the midst of all my hectic schoolwork, I did manage to turn 20 years old last week on November 10th (in case the décor didn’t give it away)! I was actually going to make a post reflecting on my teen years, but I decided to leave the pimples, flower headbands, and awkward selfies in the past (in my defense, that was mostly my early teens, except the pimples…they always like to pop up at every inconvenient moment)! As much as I like to look back, I like living in the present the most! But if you want to know the one thing I found most important as a teen, that is to be unapologetically yourself at all times. Cliché? 100%! But it is also so true! Another thing that is most definitely unapologetic is this outfit I chose for my big 2-0! I wanted a fun look to ring in a new phase of life, so I chose a black top that I converted into a crop, a patent leather skirt, some fishnet socks, and block heel sandals. Of course, I couldn’t forget the balloons, either! I went on a mad chase to find these number balloons in my tiny town of Punxsutawney, so you better believe they are in every single shot, except the shoe close-up! Balloons or no balloons, this outfit is asking for a good time, so keep on reading because the party is right here!

First, I cannot wait any longer to discuss this skirt! It is the piece that takes the outfit up a notch! I was immediately attracted to this flashy mini skirt because of the fabric. This faux patent leather is super unique, compared to the usual cotton or polyester. Patent leather is so huge right now, and like I’ve said before, it isn’t just reserved for handbags and heels—skirts, pants, shorts, and shirts all come in the material. I know I mentioned that you could try the trend in a small way with accessories, but why not graduate to a more significant item, like a skirt?! I love this design because the zipper front makes it so easy to get on and off. I am going to be honest about patent leather…it doesn’t stretch in a way that is flattering, so it is best to stick to a style that is easy to move in, and you may want to consider sizing up. Fit is always important, especially when the garment hugs you. Obviously, I am most certainly not trying to steer you away from the patent leather. In fact, I think a skirt is a great way to wear the trend. A skirt allows you to breathe in a way that pants and jackets don’t. Not to mention, it sparks conversation because of its fun qualities. Now I know what you are thinking, “Maggie, where in the world am I going to wear this?” Well, it is definitely the perfect outfit for partying the night away—wear it with a crop top for a fun Girls’ Night Out look, throw on a sparkly sweater for a NYE ensemble, or dress it down with a simple chunky sweater and booties for a more everyday look. There is no law that says you can’t run errands in a fierce patent leather skirt! 

When it comes to my shirt, I had to get a bit creative and do a little DIYing. Initially, I wasn’t going to wear a crop top with this skirt…but, I am sure you know that feeling when you have an outfit in your head, and when you put it on, it doesn’t match up with what you were thinking. When that happens, don’t get discouraged, get innovative! I brought this black long sleeved shirt home from college, but after I put it on, I realized that it looked too long and oversized when paired with the skirt. It is a great shirt, though it was just too sloppy for this look. So, I decided to roll it up and make it a crop top. It isn’t hard to make a crop; just roll the hem up to your desired length, gather the extra fabric, knot it with an elastic, and tuck it under! The picture above showcases the little “tail” that you create, except mine apparently wasn’t hidden under my shirt like I thought! Though it’s okay because I also wanted to show you how good this skirt looks from different angles. I prefer the crop top since the skirt is worn high waisted and you can see the cute zipper front detail. And, tucking doesn’t work with this particular skirt because it appears bulky. If you aren’t up to making your own crop,  then feel free to comb those closets for cropped cuties, or just do a little shopping! Whether spaghetti strap, cap sleeve, or long sleeve, grab your favorite crop and dance to your favorite bop! 
Since I have a bit of an obsession with the late, great Andy Warhol, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that I am also enamored with one of his hangouts, Studio 54. Warhol was among the many famous people who attended the legendary NYC nightclub, and from every picture I’ve seen, the A-listers never disappointed. It is this fun era of party glitz and glam that inspired my look. Actually, I really want to throw a Studio 54 themed party someday! Who’s with me?! When I think of the party scene, I can’t help but think of metallic, fishnets, (and velvet, and jumpsuits, and plunging necklines, and anything skimpy!) and the infamous glitter. I didn’t think a four inch layer of glitter on the floor of my brother’s house would sit well with him, but this footwear is so fun that it makes up for it. Fishnet socks are just the right amount of edgy and they tie the look together by pulling the black from the top. These metallic block heel sandals are perfect for showing off the socks, and again, the silver matches the zipper on the skirt and the number balloons. The heel is comfy enough to dance the night away, and the wavy straps are a quirky touch. This socks/sandals combo is far from a fashion faux pas!You can always opt for a sneaker or a stiletto, depending on your style. As for me, these fishnets and sandals are the icing on the cake—the birthday cake! 
I wouldn’t be the birthday girl if I didn’t post a semi boujee pic because something about this definitely makes me want to bump “Majesty” by Nicki MinajHaha! I hope you all have outfits that make you feel good about yourself because fashion can be so empowering. As I begin this new journey as a twenty-something, I hope to continue to style outfits that inspire others and make people excited about fashion. After all, we need to wear clothes, and life is too short for not-so-cute outfits! I feel so blessed to not only live another year of this amazing life, but to have a passion like blogging that gives me such a great sense of purpose. I am so excited to also announce that I have big news…I was approved to be a influencer! Basically, is a free app that you can download to instantly shop my outfits. So, on Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc., you can screenshot my posts to shop my looks, and/or you can also just follow me on the app to stay up to date (follow me on Insta and @theclosetcomber, or add me on Snapchat @maggiepretzel08…wow that’s an old username)! Too, I am to install a widget on my blog posts, so don’t worry if you don’t have social media or the app…you will still be able to steal my style by shopping the links on my blog! Hopefully I explained this exciting new feature enough, but feel free to comment any questions you may have! I am still trying to get the hang of things, so stick with me! I can assure you this is a great opportunity for all of us! So, shop my links and comb those closets for party ready pieces like patent leather, crops, fishnets, and sandals! Thank you all for the love and support! Here’s to turning 20 and all that it has in store! Happy Closet Combing! 

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