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Hey there, loves! Happy Hallo-week! While everyone has been attending haunted houses and watching horror films, I have been in the kitchen of the Barbie dream house, preparing for a fabulous Halloween! Haha! Well, technically it is the kitchen at the Prutznal household, but I helped redesign it this summer, so it is a dream (if you need an interior designer, come my way)! When I was thinking of locations to shoot, I thought our new kitchen had the perfect mix of retro and modern, with red accessories that really make the space pop! It definitely feels a little 1950s, and Barbie was born in ’59, meaning it was meant to be. I decided to be Barbie this year because I found this crewneck by accident, fell in love, and decided this all must be fate! I wore a red Barbie City crewneck, a button-front denim skirt, lip heels, and a shiny patent leather bag. I love this look because it doubles as a costume or an everyday outfit! I like to spend money on pieces that I can wear different ways for different occasions, and it doesn’t get more classic than Barbie! Call me a little obsessed, but there is no denying the fact that Barbara Millicent Roberts (yes, she has a full name) is a style icon. Let me tell you, my dolls had quite the wardrobe, so who better to be for Halloween than the first fashionista who started it all?! Whether you are a fan or not, I will convince you that being a Barbie girl for Halloween is a great idea because life in plastic is fantastic (at least on October 31st)!!

I have to admit that I was just a little disappointed when I ordered this crewneck because I always associate the color pink with Barbie. But, it’s modern times, and that calls for a refresh! This crewneck is actually from Missguided and is part of a streetwear collection that gives Barbie a little edge; I am talking crop tops, bodysuits, distressed denim jackets, etc.! The red is still very feminine, but it is definitely more of a power color…and I am not complaining! Women empowerment all the way! Needless to say I am now loving the red, but let’s talk about the graphic that gives it its character, literally. This is a city crewneck for obvious reasons, and it is just so darn cute! These are some of the biggest fashion cities around, so naturally they go hand-in-hand with the fashion lover herself. The font is very simplistic and sophisticated, creating a piece that is fun, yet not too juvenile. The logo, however, is true to the updated logo we all know and love, and it is that sense of familiarity that attracts millennials, generation z, and even older adults who grew up playing with this classic toy. And on top of it’s eye-catching color and fun graphics, this is comfy! I feel like I tend to say a lot of things are comfy, but when I say comfy now, I truly mean it! I don’t think it gets much cozier than a crewneck! Crewnecks used to be a staple in the gym or even on the couch, depending on how you spend your time, but today, they are incorporated in all types of chic ensembles, thanks to the athleisure movement. Personally, I spend most of my days lounging in them, but this one was made to be seen! It may be a little difficult combing those closets for Barbie outfits, though you never know; you may just find a piece of your childhood hiding in the hangers!

In true Barbie style, I decided to pair this look with a denim skirt! I chose a skirt because it accentuates a feminine silhouette, and I like the balance it creates. Since the crewneck is “covered up,” I figured it couldn’t hurt to show a little leg. This skirt is a favorite of mine because it is so versatile; it’s been featured on the blog before (remember my history lesson on the miniskirt protest?) for the fact that it goes with a lot of the outfits I wear. Denim is, no doubt, timeless, and I love having a denim skirt to switch things up instead of wearing pants and shorts all the time. The button-front detail stands out to me and is a unique style that is different from the usual zipper fly. And don’t worry; I have put this skirt to the test, and the buttons have yet to pop open! It’s a completely rational fear, but if I can sit in my sink in this baby, then you can conquer the world! I also love that is semi-fitted, meaning it hugs you in all of the right places. After all, if you got it, flaunt it! If you are feeling wild, throw on a fun belt (I’m thinking get crazy with a leopard print)! However, it is okay if skirts aren’t your thing at all. It is true that it is getting chilly, so you may want to cover up if you plan on doing any heavy duty trick-or-treating. Try a pair of ripped jeans to play with the streetwear vibe, grab a fitted trouser for a working girl look, or just fully commit to the comfy and throw on some leggings! 
Whoever thought that the sole purpose of countertops was to meal prep clearly never met me! I haven’t climbed around in my kitchen for a while (okay maybe it hasn’t been that long…I can’t always reach the bowls!), but I was getting in touch with my inner child! If I only had my braids, then it would definitely feel like a throwback moment. Anyway, I was trying to show off my little red purse and touch up my lipstick while I was at it! This purse is a staple on, and I honestly probably have said everything there is to say about it if you dig up the early blog posts. I will, of course, talk about it some more, though, because it is worth it. Patent leather has been making a huge comeback lately—you can find it in pants, skirts, dresses—but you can always start small and carry it as an accessory! The chain strap feels very high-end, reminiscent of Chanel and YSL bags, but this is actually one of the cheapest purses I own (it cost $13! Crazy, huh?)! Size isn’t really an issue either because it can hold more than what you may think. I can fit all my essentials in here; my phone, my lipstick, and mirror. Oh, and there is enough room for the keys to the Barbie jeep, too! 

Just by looking at these pumps, you know these shoes do the talking! I am absolutely obsessed with these heels because they are so fun and quirky and always getting lippy with me! In all seriousness, the lips heels have so much sass and attitude. The white base really makes the red and purple kisses prominent, and I love how the lips are arranged in different sizes and color. From a creative standpoint, it adds a lot of interest, though the fact that there are lips on them is interesting enough. Sometimes, it is the shoe that really makes the outfit, and these bad boys surely do take center stage. They can spice up any look—they could be a playful touch in business attire, a dancing shoe for a night on the town, or the perfect complement to a Barbie outfit! She would 100% approve! Barbie is clearly a doll, but she has a girly persona that coincides with this shoe. My lip heels remind me of pop art made famous by my fav, Andy Warhol, but they also feel a little Rolling Stones (minus the tongue of course)! These aren’t necessarily an everyday shoe, but you would be surprised how often I find myself reaching for them. They fit the crazy, sexy, cool vibe that I am all about! So, stop talking and get to walking in a pair of lip heels too!

We all know a woman’s place is certainly not in the kitchen, unless she is taking photos in which it matching her aesthetic! With all of the interesting poses going on in this shoot, it’s not surprising there were plenty of funny and embarrassing candids (you guys don’t know the half of it)! Plus, the night we took these, I drove home from college after being in class all day, and it was 2 a.m.! By the way, I was not stuck in the sink, I simply fell in! To refocus on the outfit, I hope you consider trying out Barbie for Halloween or even for an everyday look! I know there is controversy surrounding Barbie’s image, but Barbie is a toy and all in good fun! And now, Barbies are more diverse than ever with different skin tones, hair colors, and body types. Even Ken got an upgrade! But the thing I love most about Barbie, aside from her fashion, is that she could be a doctor, an astronaut, a teacher, and the list goes on! I love that Barbie teaches girls that they can be anything they want to be, even a fashion blogger! Playing with Barbies had such an impact on my life because I was taught to dream big! The question I have for you guys is do you love Barbies as much as I do, or are you team Bratz?! Let me know in the comments! Don’t forget to come those closets for Barbie basics, as well as some easy denim, and fun accessories! Oh, and I did go on my shopping spree that I mentioned in the last post, but you will just have to wait and see what I bought! Have a safe Halloween filled with lots of tricks and treats! As always, Happy Closet Combing!

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