Better Be-leaf it's Fall

Hey loves! Happy Fall! It hasn’t really felt like the normal PA fall because the temps were in the 80s last week (who would’ve thought?!), but now I think it is safe to say that the chill has set in. I am not sad about the cooler days, but the drastic shift has me feeling a bit under the weather. I am going to power past the sniffles, though, because if there is one thing that makes me feel better, it’s talking about fashion (and snuggling with my kitty, of course)! This week, I wanted to embrace all the colors and textures of autumn, so I opted for an olive dress, suede booties, and a brown/tan Gucci bag. I love this look because it is so easy to throw on, and it is perfect for all of your favorite festive activities—hayrides, apple-picking, hot cocoa dates, bonfires, pumpkin patches, and, you guessed it, playing in the leaves. I actually had scheduled a trip to the pumpkin farm to take pictures, only to find out that it was closed indefinitely and Google had failed me…total bummer. After driving around for an hour in search of the perfect fall scene, I ended up walking down the street and spotting this ocean of leaves in my neighborhood. These leaves brought me back to the days when my dad used to spend all his time raking the yard, just for me to jump in the pile! That’s what they’re for, right?! Anyway, just keep on reading to see how I style an outfit that is fitting for the season because after all, you better be-leaf it’s fall!

Dresses are one of my favorite things to wear all year, but they feel extra cozy in the fall and winter…then again, if something has long sleeves, it is automatically cozy to me! Despite the comfort, however, the color, print, and style are all unique features that made me want to add this dress to my wardrobe ASAP. To be honest, I wasn’t sure about the color at first because olive is not normally a shade that I gravitate towards, but once I tried it on, that was all she wrote. The color actually complements the rest of the garment so well because the dress has a very natural, bohemian vibe, and a neutral palette goes with the aesthetic. The print is very delicate, meaning that it doesn’t take away from the style, but it does add the right amount of interest. This piece seems so simple, but when you look at all the elements that make it up, it has a lot of character. That brings me to my favorite thing about this; the peasant style. This silhouette has a loose fit with seams below the bust and waist that segment the dress and give it some definition. Not to mention, the sleeves gather at the cuff with elastic, creating a billowy effect. Lastly, the drawstrings with the tassels really highlight the peasant look, which I can’t help but accredit Yves Saint Laurent for reintroducing. In 1976, YSL had a “rich peasant” collection filled with flowy silhouettes and patterns that took the practical European clothing of years past and made it chic. Now, my dress is not a vintage YSL, but who knows, you may be able to find some if you comb those closets for peasant styles in pretty fall hues.

If I had to pick the shoe of the season, I would say that a bootie is just as “fall” as pumpkin spice lattes (and no I do not drink those, but I am newly turned on to Starbucks and I am a sucker for the Pink Drink)! Booties are a great choice of footwear because there are so many different kinds—sock booties, western booties, platform booties…you get the gist. And you know what more options means; more excuses to go shopping (and/or much more flexibility when it comes to combing your closet). To accompany my dress, I chose a bootie in a pretty, taupe suede that is super versatile and a classic shoe. If you plan on wearing a shoe a lot, like I do these, it’s important to think about color. Obviously neutrals are always staples, but medium/darker hues hide the dirt and wear. These have been one of my go-to shoes for walking to class, which I know may seem crazy considering they are heels, but the block heel is amazing for stepping. I’ve had these for probably 3 years, and they still look as good as new. I didn’t even waterproof them, though that is a habit I recommend. We know I could go on and on about how much I love these booties, but you will have to try ’em for yourself. If you don’t feel bootiful in booties (haha I know I am corny), then try an over-the-knee boot, a leather loafer, or some preppy oxfords to top of your look!

I think we can all agree that Gucci goes with everything. However, I especially love carrying this bag in the fall because the colors correspond with the colors of the season. By looking at the leaves in the picture, you would think Gucci pulled inspo directly from them because they match so well! The rich tan leather mixed with the brown logo print contrasts so beautifully. Gucci has lots of bags out that mimic this throwback style and include the GG print, meaning a classic, such as this, always remains in fashion. I really like the more modern styles like the super popular Marmont, but they remind of Chanel and YSL…it’s the GG print and green/red stripe that screams Gucci to me. This bag, though, is special to me not because of the label, but because of the meaning. I’ve mentioned before that my late grandmother, Ruth (aka Mammy), told me I could have her Gucci because she knew I was a fashionista. My Mammy was chic when she dressed up too, and I remember how she would wear Hush Puppies when she went to church. She loved the red pair because she always wanted red heels (needless to say, she liked my red Calvin Klein stilettos). My other late grandma, Irene, who I called Grammy Irene, was an inspiration to me as well. Grammy Irene loved clothes and always wanted to look her best, even if she was just going to get coffee. I guess the moral of the Gucci bag, and of this reminiscing, is that bags, clothes, and fashion in general isn’t all about materialistic consumption—if you treat fashion like an art, it should be shared, preserved, and cherished.

My final accessory is my JORD watch that you are all thoroughly educated on if you read my post about them, and if not, you can click the link and find out everything there is to know (! I love the JORD company so much, and I will continue to rep them even though my campaign is over. I love their products because they truly care about what they are creating, and it is the passion they put into their watches that makes me want to wear them. Plus, the wood is absolutely stunning and the natural finish looks so beautiful against the olive dress. Because I am always running fashionably late, a watch is a chic reminder for me to hurry up, but you can also accessorize with gold and copper metals!

I can’t explain how much fun I had playing in these leaves during my shoot. Thank goodness no one rakes lol! At almost 20 years old, I think I enjoy playing in the leaves more now than when I was little. Then again, I was never the outdoorsy type because I don’t like bugs of any kind. I had my fingers crossed no creepy crawlers would emerge! I still have lots of other fall activities I need to mark off my list, so if anyone wants to go to a pumpkin patch that’s actually open, or go on a hayride that isn’t haunted, then I am your girl! Speaking of haunted things, Halloween is right around the corner, and I have an idea up my sleeve. Would you guys be interested in seeing a look for the holiday? Leave a comment and let me know! I don’t do scary or gory, so my costume would be more of a chic outfit that you could wear for Halloween or any day (but those are the best kind because you get your money’s worth)! Halloween is fun, but I am definitely more of a Christmas girl… I know what your thinking, and yes, I will decorate my apartment for Xmas come November 1st! For now, I am just going to live in the moment and tell you to comb those closets for peasant styles, booties, and maybe a little Gucci from the 80s! Also, I had to tell you guys that I am going on a big shopping trip this weekend because after these midterms, I need a little retail therapy! Can’t wait to update you!!! Have a great rest of your week, and Happy Closet Combing!

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