My First Apartment Tour

Hey there, loves! I am happy to be back this week, and I am thrilled to report that I am FINALLY posting my apartment tour! It feels like I have been living in this place for ages, but I’ve been working on the finishing touches to make it seem like home. Of course, there are still minor décor pieces that I am working on, but for the most part, this is it! And in case you were wondering, it did take me weeks and many truckloads (thanks, Dad!!) to get my stuff together. Nevertheless, it was all worth it because I got to decorate my very own place. The above photo was taken my first night in my new apartment, and I can’t tell you how happy, nervous, scared, excited, and anxious I was! For those of you who don’t know, this semester is my first one away from home, so I had no idea how different my life would be in a new town and a new environment…update: it is very different, but I am enjoying it!  Obviously, I won’t be talking fashion this week, though I will be showcasing my interior design skills and shedding some light on the trials and triumphs of living solo. Trust me, when you go from a small house with a big family to an even smaller apartment all by yourself, it is a culture shock! However, spending time alone has been a great way for me to be independent, to live life on my own terms, and as cliché as it may sound, to learn more about me! So, just keep on scrolling for many, many pictures, as well as the inside scoop on how I live on my own and make this place my home!

So, I am going to take you through my apartment, room by room. Of course, I didn’t include everything, nor can I talk about everything I own because I will be writing a novel. I will try my best, however, to be as brief and informative as I can. With that being said, the first stop is my living room! This room consists of a white leather couch,—something I always wanted, but was a distant dream growing up with 3 brothers—throw pillows, wall art, a very special coffee table, a huge mirror, ottoman, and a TV that exists but isn’t in the pics. First, let me tell you about my coffee table because it means so much to me; basically I had this idea that my super talented dad was able to execute. Back home in Punxsy, we got new quartz countertops in our kitchen and the contractors had to cut out a hole for the sink, giving us the leftover octagon shape quartz. I love how pretty quartz is and asked my dad if he could somehow put legs on it to make me a coffee table. He ended up building a white frame and setting the quartz down in, and it is absolutely beautiful and such a conversation piece. I am so thankful for my dad and his creativity (stay tuned for more Dan Prutznal originals)! I display my love of lipstick with wall art I purchased, as well as an adorable pillow that my mom bought me for Christmas last year that also happens to fit my pink/purple aesthetic. Another item I want to point out is my mirror because I am soooo happy about it! Free standing mirrors are pricey, but I spotted this baby at a yard sale and had my dad paint the frame white. With a little love and some windex, she’s perfect (and gigantic—the best #ootd mirror). If you couldn’t tell, white is my favorite neutral when it comes to décor, so it’s a good thing we stocked up on the white paint!

My kitchen is definitely one of my favorite features of the apartment, and it’s not because I like to cook or eat! I am in love with the white cabinets (surprise, surprise) and the turquoise walls! The color palette is super fun and quirky and it really brightens up the space. The landlord wasn’t going to have the kitchen painted, but I am so glad he did because it was dismal brown and beige before. Now the colors are poppin’ and I accessorized with, you guessed it, more color! My kitty mugs are noteworthy because they are cats and they match the oven mitts and shakers…if I had to sum up my apartment, I would use my favorite “C” words, chic, colorful, and “catty!”  I also love the rainbow rug my mom picked up on a whim (she gets my taste). The funny thing about my plates on display is that I bought them before I knew my kitchen got a paint job, so the fact that they match was a happy accident. My favorite items, however, are the one-of-a-kind pieces like my table runner and chairs. My dad painted my kitchen chairs (there are two; I utilize the other one in my bedroom), and I picked out the fabric for him to reupholster them. Clearly, his talent shines through again because they turned out amazing. The table runner was all me, though, as I took the leftover chair fabric, hemmed the raw edges, and sewed on some pom pom trim. It seems like I have all kinds of colors going on in this kitchen, but you notice they all complement the wall and my theme!

Next stop is my bedroom! You can guess that I love my bed (and my momma, I’m sorry) …and a good Drake reference! Unfortunately, I spend little time in my bed #teamnosleep, but at least it looks cute, right?! I purchased this bedspread for $6 from Kohls, meaning the price was definitely right. Then, I paired it with cat sheets, of course, and some fun throw pillows! I am obsessed with throw pillows until I have to go to bed and I literally “throw” them off because they are only for show, not for sleep! If we wanna talk colors, I stuck with pink, but added some pillows with black details for more contrast to “edge” it up, otherwise it looks a bit too youthful. I couldn’t come to college without my essentials, a.k.a., my purses and shoes, and I found the cutest little cubby to store my bags. A little cube shelf like this is a great way to store purses, all while putting them on display. To coordinate, I also bought a purse painting with all the purses I hope to own one day (Chanel, Givenchy, Valentino, etc.)! My shoes, sadly, are not neatly sitting on my shoe rack like at my house, so instead they line the perimeter of the room. I have them set up based on color and style, but I can’t tell you how many times I have tripped over them (better than tripping in them I guess)! My desk is piled high with textbooks, but I figured I would post a picture of the hutch because I love all the girly nail polishes, makeup, and jewelry. Sometimes functional items like nail bottles make for fab décor, especially when they are all the same brand, you can line them up like in a salon. As much as I wanted to avoid “typical” college dorm decorations, I couldn’t help but invest in a cork board. I think it is so important to have memories to look at because we all have bad days in which we want to be reminded of the good ones. So, I keep pictures of my family, my friends, my cat, as well as programs and tickets from events. It is a personal touch that keeps you going on your worst days. Lastly, we have lights! I would put lights on everything if I could, but for now, I have them strung in my bedroom and living room for the perfect ambience…in fact, they are plugged in as we speak! (Also, peep the Fashion Ave. sign that my dad also made!)

I didn’t feel the need to take a picture of my toilet because, you know, it’s a toilet and there is nothing cute about it. However, I think my shower is the cutest. Well, the shower itself is super tiny and I have to do back bends to rinse my hair because the shower head is low, BUT…the curtains are so pretty! The plastic curtain has a bunch of bright flowers that remind me of a 60s/70s flower child. My mom even had flower shower (haha that rhymes!) curtain hooks stored away that match so well! Who would have thought those were lying around?! The outer curtain is equally adorable with 3D pom poms that tie in with my table runner in the kitchen. I recommend buying an outer curtain for your shower because it hides your stuff if you have a transparent plastic curtain. Believe me; with this long hair of mine, I have shampoos, conditioners, and hair masks in every corner of that little stall, and no one has to know about my hair product addiction, except those who read The Closet Comber! Also, I have a cat shower cap that I do use! Sometimes you need a shower and don’t want to wash your hair, so instead of dodging the water, do yourself a favor and wear a cat on your head! Too, you can see that I have a rug to step on outside the stall. This isn’t crazy exciting, but it is a life saver! No longer is there a pool of water when I step out of the shower!

I was not going to subject you to my messy closets, but then I remembered I am The Closet Comber, and it would be a sin if you didn’t have a peek (maybe some potential blog pieces in there..wink wink)! My clothes closet isn’t really the messy one—it’s my other closet that’s filled with random things! Anyway, I am going to wrap up this apartment tour for now! On one hand it seems like I have been typing forever, but then again, I also feel like I am hardly scratching the surface! I really wish I could talk about every single thing in detail, though I might be graduated by the time I finish that! Besides,  this was supposed to be more of a visual tour, but I know I did my fair share of talking! If you guys have any questions regarding décor, feel free to ask away! I would be happy to answer! I am not going to link anything in this post because there is way too much that I wouldn’t know where to begin! Plus, a lot of my stuff has been acquired over lots of years, but that doesn’t mean you should hesitate to ask! If you see a piece you might be interested in, leave a comment and I will try my best to find the same/similar item! And, please please please (I’m begging you lol) let me know what your favorite room is! I am so curious! It has been quite a journey over here the past few weeks, but giving my apartment the personal touch of Maggie—excuse me—The Closet Comber, has been so fun! Thank you for reading and sharing in this experience! Much love and Happy Closet Combing!

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