Crochet All Day

 Hey loves! I’m back with another post, but I haven’t put away my summer pieces just yet! Actually, I am still buying tanks like the new one I am wearing now. Of course, I do want fall to come, but we can’t seem to escape the hot weather here in Pennsylvania. Call me crazy, but I think it is hotter than in the “summer months.” With that being said, I have a few more looks up my sleeve before I actually start wearing sleeves (haha see what I did there?).  This week, I wore a crochet tank, a black maxi skirt, and some lace up flats for a fun, effortless look. For this strange time of year, I like clothing that can easily transition for cooler/warmer weather. Also, because this outfit is black and white, there is plenty of opportunity to add colorful layers and accessories to make it your own. An ensemble like this is perfect to wear to class because it is so convenient to throw on, but you can also wear it for basically any occasion where you want to be fashionable, comfortable, and put together…so everyday, right? If you want to know how to style these pieces, then just keep on reading and allow me to convince you to wear crochet all day!

The secret is already out that I didn’t make this top, but I wish I could say that I did! I know how to sew and I dabbled in knitting (in fact I was in the knitting club in 1st grade…never finished my scarf), though crocheting is something I have yet to conquer. This is the first crocheted piece I own, and I can’t wait to get my hands on more, or potentially make some if I ever get another free second! I love it because crochet screams grandma-chic to me, with the key word being CHIC! No more should we think of crochet as baby blankets and throws you find on your grandparent’s couch. It’s a retro style that I think should stick around. I say retro in regards to my favorite fashion era, the 70s, in which crochet was everywhere. If you don’t know what I mean when I talk about “70s crochet,” do yourself a favor  and google it. You will be sure to find shirts, dresses, hats, and even pants that are crochet. Back to 2018; I love this particular top because it does feel modern to me with the neutral, subdue color (or should I say lack of color) scheme, along with the asymmetrical, handkerchief hem that was a runway trend for spring 2018. Its texture sets it apart from any old top, and the pattern is so fun! Btw, I know I use the word “fun” way too much, but its my favorite adjective, so I will continue to overuse! If you too are interested in a super fun crochet top, comb those closets (or your parent’s) for some crochet straight out of the 70s, or grab those craft needles, or finally, you can shop my top because it’s on an amazing sale and that’s a great excuse!

I am due to wear a skirt because I have worn denim shorts in my last two posts! I thought that a maxi skirt would be fitting for the season and this look! It’s true that you don’t see me in many maxi skirts, but I really do appreciate a great maxi and wanted to break this out. This black maxi is the perfect balance when it comes to my top because the tank is slightly cropped with spaghetti straps, so it is a bit on the skimpy side. However, the skirt is obviously longer and more covered, creating the perfect harmony. If you do want to show a little more skin on the bottom, get yourself a maxi with a slit so you can pop your leg out like me, every chance you get. Actually, mine has two slits, which makes it easy to sit down and move around in… And that brings me to my favorite part of wearing a maxi; sitting! I love miniskirts as much as the next girl, but wardrobe malfunctions are bound to happen at some point because these skirts are…! Maxi skirts are all the fun of a skirt with none of the worry. Lastly, they do keep your legs a little warmer, so they are nice to wear on days when it is too hot for pants and/or too cool for shorts. My skirt is very flowy and boho, with an elastic waist that makes it feel like PJs, but you can also find maxis in different materials that are more curve-hugging. If you aren’t into the maxi at all, then try a pair of high-waisted denim shorts or jeans!

Shoes are always so fun to talk about because they have the ability to really tie (haha there I go with the puns again) an outfit together. I chose a neutral shoe because they have high wearability, so in other words,  you can wear them a lot to get the most bang for your buck. These shoes aren’t your typical black flats, though. They are a pointed-toe, lace-up ballet flat that are clearly far from the ordinary. I bought these shoes years ago when the style wasn’t super popular, but many designers and brands adopted the style, making them easy to access. I can see why these shoes caught on; they are unique and easy to walk in…the essential finishing touch. They complete my outfit well because the laces felt, again, very boho, and they look so nice peaking out from under the skirt. Don’t let the laces intimidate you, though. They look complicated and intricate, but they aren’t hard to tie once you get the hang of it! It’s like shoe tying 2.0! If you aren’t ready to lace up your shoes, then you can always throw on some gladiator sandals, the OG white sneaker, or try a colored shoe (red, yellow, blue, green…any color of the rainbow) for a stand-out pop!

My last picture was an attempt to capture the gorgeous cotton candy sky, but most of it is parking lot! Just trust me when I say the sky was absolutely beautiful. It was so worth staying out and getting all the bug bites, at least I think it was (my photographer…a different story). Do you guys like watching the sunset and/or the sunrise? I am never usually up for the sunrise because I purposely scheduled later classes! I am no early bird! Anyway, comb those closets for crochet you will want to wear all day, everyday, as well as an easy, breezy maxi and shoes to top off the look! Also, please leave a comment and let me know if you crochet!? I am so curious to know who can because I think it is such a beautiful craft, no matter what you make. Who knows, maybe someday there will be a crochet segment on the blog! But for now, I will stick to buying! If you are too busy with your eyes on the sky, or perhaps trying to master crochet, then you can always shop my links below! Thanks for reading (and bearing with my new schedule)…I love you all, and Happy Closet Combing!

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