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Hey my loves! Happy Labor Day! I hope you are enjoying your extra day off as much as I am! I didn’t end up doing anything fancy, but catching up on sleep is just as great as any party or picnic! Speaking of sleep, let’s talk school again. Though I am a good student, I have never been a fan of school because it’s a lot of work, stress, money (ugh tuition + a million fees) and of course, little sleep. However, this blog isn’t about making people feel down in the dumps because there are a lot of great aspects of school; making new friends, going to football games, joining clubs, and last but not least, new stuff! Ever since I was in kindergarten, I have always bought something new for school from clothes to fun stationery. Every year is a fresh start, and it’s the same feeling in college. This year, I tried to be thrifty (actually most of my extra funds went to decorating my apartment) and relate to the typical college kid in a collegiate tee, ripped denim, white sneakers, and a super chic backpack, obviously! Even if you aren’t in college, this casual look is perfectly put together for day to day life! If you are taking classes, this outfit will keep you looking cute on campus when you go back to campus! So go ahead, close the textbook, put away the calculator, and keep on reading to see how I style these college kid essentials!

If you scroll through my blog posts, or if you know me personally, then you know I am not much of a t-shirt girl. They just usually aren’t my style. However, this does not mean that I don’t own a thousand that I’ve collected, mostly from high school days with different events and clubs. So now you know I am a t-shirt hoarder, too! Despite me not wearing them often, I believe everyone needs tees in their life. They really are classic and simple, and with all the athleisure hype, all the fashionistas are wearing them. And why wouldn’t you wear a tee? They tend to check everyone’s favorite box, comfy! Along with their comfiness, you can find so many tees with fun sayings, prints, and you can rep your school! If I am going to wear a t-shirt, I am most likely wearing my Indiana University of Pennsylvania tee (IUP). College shirts are definitely my most loved because they are a fun way to show school spirit. Plus, some schools have super cute merch, like mine! I love this shirt because of the lettering, and especially the seal that features the highlights of the university. College shirts make such a statement in fashion because they represent an unforgettable era in the lives of many—a time where you find yourself, where you grow, and where you meet people who give you a whole new outlook on life. Collegiate clothes/college-inpsired clothes were actually a trend seen in magazines and on street stars because they are clothes that people can relate to, as opposed to $1,000 sweaters. Too, they can remind the working woman of how far she’s come. I encourage everyone who goes to college to invest in some school apparel because even if you don’t wear it, I can assure you that when you turn it into a sleep shirt 5 years later, or if you keep it stuffed in the back drawer, or if you bust it out to fit in with the latest trend, it will make you think of all of the memories you made, and how much more life has to offer!

I went from hardly wearing denim shorts this summer to wearing them in two posts in a row! I guess you could say that I am going through a bit of a phase at the moment, at least on the blog. This week, though, I am keeping things light with a light wash, distressed denim. You could already guess that these are high-waisted, but what I like most about these shorts is the color. The majority of my denim is dark or medium wash, so it is nice to switch things up. I suppose I am so picky about light washes because there are so many different variations and shades. For me, it is hard to find a pair that goes with my skin tone. Don’t you worry because these shorts are flattering in so many ways; they look great on all complexions and the high-waist style makes your legs look miles long. The ripped detail is very current and complements the chill college kid aesthetic. I chose this color to contrast with the darker crimson top, but depending on your school colors and/or preference, you can comb those closets for shorts or jeans that are different washes and styles.

Now onto the item I have been anxiously waiting to showcase; my backpack! I was on a hunt all summer to find a new backpack that I hope to carry the rest of my college career. The backpack I was previously using was more of a tote style, making it a bit inconvenient to lug around, though the main reason I was in the market for a new one was the fact that the bag was six years old with a broken zipper. So, I did my research and my shopping, and the three things I considered were looks, size, and price. I admit that it was difficult to find a bag that met all of my expectations, but I finally found one! I bought this beauty when I was at the beach at the end of July, and I have been so excited to bust it out. I knew when I laid eyes on it that was the perfect backpack for me because it is versatile and chic. The brand is Coach, which is a classic label. Fun Fact: Coach holds a special place in my heart because my first designer purse was from them! I have always had a love for Coach, and I have noticed that they are leaning toward a more understated style, as opposed to the earlier days of of the “C print.” Either way, I am a fan! The material of the backpack is this luxe, ivory leather that, so far, has stayed very clean even though my bag gets thrown all over. Lastly, the pretty details of the gold hardware, along with the little gold logo are very elegant and minimalistic. I love that this backpack goes with every outfit, and can fit my supplies I need for each class. Maybe I am crazy to get so pumped over a backpack, but whatever makes school a little more stylish, I am all about!

I won’t ramble on and on about my white sneakers because I wore the exact same pair in last week’s post ( ). That goes to show that you can wear them with anything! Sneakers are great for everyone, especially college kids who have to navigate a large campus. Trust me, it’s only been a week and I have blisters from all of my fancy shoes! They are great for activities such as going to sporting events, going shopping, or just walking in general. You can never go wrong with sneakers for any occasion!

I had to close with a picture of me and my Kate Spade planner that reads, “She’s always running fashionably late,” because most of the time, that’s true! I make it a priority to not be late to class, but everything else, I will probably show up fashionably late! Do you guys get to class early, or do you show up mid-lecture? Also, leave a comment and let me know what school you go to? Like I said, I go to the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and I am a sophomore at main campus (but I took these pics at the regional campus in my hometown of Punxsy—the campus I attended my freshman year). I am just trying to enjoy every minute of college because I know it goes by fast! Even if you don’t go to college, or you are out of college, this post is for you too! Comb those closets for tees from your alma mater, your high school, your job, or your favorite college football team. These days, t-shirts are everywhere, so you have lots of options! Just don’t forget your denim and sneaks to top of the look! And if you are headed to class, grab a backpack that is sure to earn you an “A” for style! If you are too busy hitting the books, feel free to shop my links below! Here’s to a great semester, and Happy Closet Combing!

Links to same/similar pieces:

Top: (IUP)

Shorts: (SALE!!)

Sneakers: (SALE!!)—womens-shoes—sneakers-_-282212877540-_-pg9507894_c_kclickid_17176956-d99b-4b4f-b723-e03a75e3aad7&trackingid=456×9507894&gclid=CjwKCAjwt7PcBRBbEiwAfwfVGITAtKXSmmBswLzQmxNQMjt5U-IWsc60wPciCO_heGGUQhZwx-unpRoC78oQAvD_BwE


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