Star of the Show

Hey loves! I am back to my regular format for the blog this week, but there is still time to sign up for my JORD watch giveaway (see previous post), so don’t miss your chance!  Now, even though this post is going to be “normal,” my life is far from that! I am currently writing this on my couch in my apartment. Yes, I said my apartment! I moved into college, and I am experiencing a lot of exciting changes. Last year, as a freshman, I lived at home and went to a regional campus, but now I am at main with all of the hustle and bustle. So far, I am loving it, but it’s day one and I am already sleep deprived! I am certainly not in my waking up early routine, so forgive me for any grammatical and/or spelling errors! With the beginning of a new school year, however, comes the day we all look forward to, a.k.a. Labor Day. I mean who doesn’t love a long weekend and a reason to be patriotic?! Labor Day is also significant to me because my very first outfit post, “Casual Americana,” was Labor Day inspiration! That means The Closet Comber will be turning 1 very soon! So crazy! Anyway, this is supposed to be a fashion blog, but by now you know I get sidetracked. To celebrate the holiday this year, I kept things cool and still casual with a sleeveless star-print blouse, denim cutoff shorts, a red belt, and some white sneakers. I am cheering on America in a chic, subtle way! If you too want to be the star of the show this Labor Day, then keep on reading for details on how I style these pieces!

The title, “Star of the Show,” can sound a bit egotistic if you didn’t realize that the top I am wearing features a super cute star print that is out of this world (hehe get it?)! The stars are light blue, navy, and red, complementing the belt and shorts, as well as remaining understated. It is very true that I sometimes like to go all out in terms of my outfits, but that doesn’t mean I don’t also appreciate minimalistic pieces and prints, such as this top. I particularly love all of the different elements that combine to make it feminine, with a tad of masculinity. For example, the daintiness of the buttons and stars is very soft, but the looser fit and collared neckline remind me more of menswear. The fun part about fashion is that we can borrow styles from the past, and borrow from the boys too! This shirt is also just so crisp and clean, making it very easy to style. White button-ups are such classic pieces, and this one has that little extra pop. Since it is still hot out, (there has to be a heatwave in PA right now because it is currently almost 90 degrees) it is nice that this blouse is sleeveless. Plus, if you do get a chill, you can always grab a denim jacket or cardigan. If you don’t happen to be into wearing blouses at all, then opt for a tee, sweater, or jacket with a patriotic print!

With this up close view of Maggie, you don’t need a telescope to clearly see the stars on my shirt! The focus, though, is on my denim shorts and my belt. Denim shorts are a warm weather staple that I don’t wear frequently enough since I seem to gravitate towards skirts and dresses. But you know the drill; I am a sucker for anything high-waisted denim, so it took no convincing for me to buy these shorts. I think the dye is really unique too because it has a striped pattern that contrasts the light and dark. Overall, these are medium/dark wash shorts that pair nicely with a white top. The shorts dress the outfit down in the best way possible, making a button-up suitable for everyday instead of just the office. The cutoff feature is something that is cool and youthful, giving off a little bit of a rebellious vibe. Is there anyone who didn’t want short shorts at one point or another? These shorts actually have great coverage, though, so you don’t have to worry. I am not sure if they pass the “fingertip” rule, but they cover what’s needed and that is all that matters! If you happen to go to a school where there is a dress code, you can always wear a denim skirt, Bermuda shorts, or jeans!

Perhaps one of the best parts of wearing denim is that you can wear belts! To be completely honest, I haven’t worn a belt for my jeans since about 6th grade. I have worn belts on my dresses to cinch my waist, but it’s not the same. It’s not that I don’t like them; it just took me a while to find one that I really loved. When I saw this red Calvin Klein belt in the store, it was love at first sight, and I knew I needed to get back into the belt game. I fell for this belt because I like to make statements, and I like pieces that stand out. Sometimes all you need is a belt to breathe life into an outfit. It can be the icing on the cake or the center of attention. Either way, they are functional and fashionable; two great qualities in a piece. As if the red wasn’t bold enough, the CK logo buckle is another fun touch that separates this belt from the rest. But that’s not all, this belt is reversible too! You can easily turn this belt inside out and wear it as black! It is so nice to have two belts for the price of one. You have all of the versatility of black belt, with the option to have a pop of color as well! Talk about a win win!  You can try a red belt, blue belt, or even a metallic one!

It wouldn’t be a Labor Day post if I didn’t wear some white sneakers! Don’t get me wrong, though, I wear white shoes after the holiday is over too! They are just so iconic! I can’t think of one fashionista who doesn’t own a pair. I have a quick, funny story about white sneakers; I was at a museum this past spring with my art history class, and my friend took one of my rings and pretended to propose to me. The funny part? He wouldn’t get down on one knee because he didn’t want to get his sneakers dirty!  The things we do to keep our sneakers clean, am I right?! Despite the fear of a smudge, white sneakers are a great investment because they are the ultimate shoe. You can wear them anywhere because they are comfortable, and you can wear them with anything because they are white! Now more than ever, it is acceptable to wear sneakers with everything, and I do mean everything. They are worn with the ever so casual sweatpants and leggings, with jeans, with frilly sundresses, and even with gowns. The outfit options are endless. My sneakers in particular are Adidas, which makes them even more on trend. Adidas has always been a great brand, but they have definitely been having a moment lately! No matter the brand—Adidas, Nike, Converse, Vans, etc.—I can assure you that your white sneaks won’t collect dust in the closet!

Well I am stepping out for this week! I hope that you enjoyed this Labor Day look and got inspired to sport your red, white, and blue, too! Does anyone have anything fun planned for the holiday? Leave a comment and let me know! I am not sure if I am doing something or not—I might just rest and recover over my long weekend after all of these new adjustments. And I will celebrate The Closet Comber’s first birthday on August 31st, obviously.  If anyone wants to send a cake, I can give you my address (wink, wink). By the way, since I am back at school and living on my own, I am not sure how consistent my posts will be. I am going to try my best, but be prepared for potential biweekly postings or posts later in the week. I wish I could just blog, but I have so many other things on my plate right now. Nevertheless, The Closet Comber will live on, so stick with me! On that note, comb those closets for bright whites (shoes and shirt), starry prints, and good old denim. Oh, and look for a belt while you are at it! If you are too busy celebrating TCC’s birthday and partying all Labor Day, then take it easy and shop my links below! Good luck to all the students starting classes this week, and Happy Closet Combing to all!

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