Wooden Wonder: Styling My Unique Timepiece

Hey lovely people! This week’s blog post is extra special because I am focusing on my new favorite accessory; my JORD zebrawood watch! It’s unique design, raw materials, and minimalistic qualities make it versatile and so easy to style with all  sorts of summer looks. However, I will most definitely be wearing mine into the fall, too (scratch that—I will wear it every season)! Are you intrigued? Keep on reading to hear more about my watch, my styling, and an exciting giveaway for all of my wonderful readers!

The Story:
I was so thrilled when I opened up my package and laid eyes on the zebrawood watch—trust me when I say it is a wooden wonder! It means so much to me because, as crazy as it sounds, I love wood. Growing up in western Pennsylvania, I was surrounded by wood, literally! My backyard is filled with trees and as soon as I took the lid off the cedar box, the smell reminded me of when I spent hours among the fragrant scent while playing as a kid. Not to mention, my brother loved carving, and I was amazed at what he could create out of a chunk of wood. Likewise, I’m amazed at what a beautiful timepiece JORD can make using the same raw material. When I look at my watch, it not only lets me know what time it is, but it takes me back to my childhood and reiterates that time doesn’t stand still, so you need to make the most of it, each and every day. It’s not just a watch, it is a reminder to live life simply and naturally.

The Style:
Now that I professed my love of wood, let’s talk about this zebrawood.  I chose zebrawood because we all know my love of pattern. The wood is stunning because there is contrast in the grain that gives off a zebra-like print. And that fun detail is a natural occurrence, which makes it even cooler! I opted for a watch from the Frankie Series, also choosing the champagne colored bezel. I love how neutral and earthy the colors are because it looks good with basically everything in my closet. JORD has so many different styles and colors for both women and men, so you can pick the watch that’s best for you (P.S. It’s hard to decide because they are all so pretty)! Every single watch stands out because JORD was able to take a classic accessory and give it an unexpected upgrade. The wooden band paired with the sleek bezel creates a piece that is unlike any other…and that is what fashion is about. Fashion is expressing yourself through your own personal style. So, go ahead and find what matches your uniqueness. After all, JORD offers more than just zebrawood—they have ebony, purpleheart, bamboo, and so much more. Their woods are from all over the world, so even if you don’t leave the house, you can still have a little piece of a different destination!

The Little Things:
There is nothing boring about JORD watches, so don’t think I’m going to put you to sleep with unexciting details. In fact, I was excited when I first saw the box. Why? It is wooden, too! Plus, there is little surprise drawer where you can keep the protective oil and cloth they provide. You can tell that this company cares about their product when they put so much thought into the packaging. I have been ordering things for years, and I seriously was never so impressed! Absolutely no corners were cut because when you receive a watch from JORD, you also receive an experience. The presentation is phenomenal, making it clear that these watches are indeed luxury quality.

The Outfit:
Just as every outfit needs an accessory, every accessory needs an outfit! I styled my watch with a printed dress because it is simple, casual, and most importantly, comfortable! The rich berry color, along with the various shades of orange and olive in the floral print, beautifully complement the wood watch. It is the warm hues that bring out the natural colors of the material, so you can tell that the dress and timepiece are a match made in heaven. The dress ties at the waist, making it a super flattering silhouette that looks great on everyone. Just as JORD pays attention to the details, this dress does too. For example, the slight ruffle at the hemline is a feminine touch, yet the piece is still very refined. Florals are timeless (get it?) meaning you can never go wrong when you opt for a flowery print. This print in particular is not overbearing, but it is fun and youthful. Basically, I believe this dress mimics the vibe of the watch because it is simple, but detailed and classic with a few little twists!
Of course, you can’t neglect your feet, so I wore a pair of brown wedges with this ensemble. Wedges are a great shoe because they give you all the height of a heel with less of the pain. They are so easy to walk in, meaning you will be able to walk all around town and show off your watch! Besides the fact that they are good to your feet, these shoes are undeniably stylish. The lace up look is very much on trend and it is a great way to tighten or loosen the shoes to fit your feet. The pretty brown color, again, goes with my zebrawood, and goes with so many different looks. “Wearability” is something to invest in, and this dress, shoes, and JORD watch are all pieces that can be worn for many seasons and for many years to come!

By now you can see that this watch is fit for the summer, but I wanted to throw on a sweater and show you how you can easily transition this look into fall. This oatmeal cardi is so cozy, keeping you warm on those chilly nights as we get into late August and September. Sometimes it is as easy as throwing on a comfy sweater! This look actually has lots of fall colors, so you could even grab some booties (and maybe some tights if you live in the cold like me) and wear this look into November if you want!

That is all I have for this week, but before I sign off, I am sure you have been anxiously awaiting to hear about the giveaway. I’m teaming up with JORD watches to give one lucky winner $100 off a JORD watch of their choice! Yes, you read that right, you can win major money to put towards one of these wooden wonders, so sign up using the link below!  Even if you don’t win, you still get 10% off for entering. So really, everyone is winning! Just don’t wait too long because the contest will close on 9/9/18 at 11:59 pm CST, and the $100 and the 10% off codes will expire on 10/ 7/ 2018. Also, don’t forget to comb those closets for dresses that are classic and wedges that are made for walking so you can be ready to sport your new watch! To shop JORD watches and my outfit, get to clicking those links! Have a fabulous week and Happy Closet Combing!

Sign up Here for Giveaway: www.jordwatches.com/g/theclosetcomber 

Links to same/similar pieces:

My Watch: http://www.jordwatches.com/series/frankie/zebrawood-and-champagne/#theclosetcomber 

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Dress: (option 1) https://us.romwe.com/Calico-Print-Ruffle-Trim-Overlap-Dress-p-325870-cat-767.html?url_from=usplardre180605279L&gclid=Cj0KCQjw5NnbBRDaARIsAJP-YR83fmCdarCraQtW_HXyaCKuUCt1fq8Ka5OjyCX9JM27x5vRs69xziIaAikvEALw_wcB

(option 2) https://www.express.com/clothing/women/floral-v-wire-cami-mini-dress/pro/07853399/color/RED%20PRINT?mrkgcl=638&mrkgadid=3277341608&CID=SEM_Goo-PLA-F-Qualified-Retail-94-000-Dresses-US-Product-NA&SearchID=Goo-PLA-F-Qualified-Retail-94-000-Dresses-US-Product-NA&product_id=14996948&adpos=1o29&creative=230497550610&device=c&matchtype=&network=g&gclid=Cj0KCQjw5NnbBRDaARIsAJP-YR_HuBBxXbVcD1ftgQBlduzeT1NxD1xUdyfAIi4RQk17Ku-L2ZARctoaAptoEALw_wcB



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