Paintings in Pinstripe

Hey my lovelies! I am back to the old grind this week, meaning no more beach pics until next year (unless I win some trip to a tropical destination or something)! So, I am once again in my hometown doing my photoshoots. I find it difficult, at times, to search for locations to take pictures in such a tiny town, but on the other hand, it forces me to get creative and pursue the beauty I tend to look past. I certainly had a wild adventure getting to these beautiful murals under the bridge because the grass was a bit higher than I thought. It looks a lot shorter from the road! Nevertheless, I trudged through the field, creating a humorous scene, because I thought that the sunset mural in particular would capture the end of summer essence and pair beautifully with this pinstripe set, blue bag, and metallic sandals. Even though the location wasn’t as glamorous as I thought, the murals are stunning, and I love the juxtaposition of the fancier outfit against the earthy, urban feel of the artwork. Art has always been a passion of mine and I enjoy creating it, admiring it, and wearing it! Fashion is art, as well as photography, and I am so happy I can express my creativity through both. Whether you are going to a museum, a gallery, or climbing under your local bridge,  I have just the outfit that fits all the situations, so keep on reading to enjoy paintings in pinstripe!

By now we all know that my alias is the Closet Comber, but I am also the clearance comber and I am not ashamed! In fact, it makes my heart happy to get such great deals. I am always a little nervous to share my clearance finds, though, because I fear that I won’t be able to link the exact outfit. However, these pieces are very on trend, so I figured it wouldn’t be hard for you all to get a similar look! I was so excited to find this set on the “Last Act” rack at Macy’s (one of my fave places to shop) because it is designer. This is a Jill Stuart set that retails at around $200, and I got both pieces for less than $40! A steal, right?!

Since I’m done bragging about my deal, I want to talk about Jill and the look itself. If you didn’t know, Jill Stuart is an American designer who started her career focusing on accessories. However, her brand grew not only in popularity, but in selection. She now has a wide variety of pieces that have been featured in one of my all time favorite movies, Clueless, as well as worn by one of my favorite actresses, Leighton Meester (Yes, Blair Waldorf)! It wasn’t the name that caught eye, but rather how chic these pieces are. I love two-piece sets for their convenience, and I also love blue and ruffles. This is me in an outfit! The cropped top can be worn as such, but mine was sliding down, showcasing that you can also wear it to cover your midriff. The top can be worn on and off the shoulder, too. I chose to keep mine on my shoulders and let my white, lacy bralette peek out. It adds another layer that is super flirty and feminine. The skirt is such a fun piece that complements the top so well. I love that the skirt has the ruffle hem that extends upward toward the waistband, creating an apron-like look. To me, this look gives the 50’s housewife a modern update that is both sweet and a little sexy (hello legs, shoulders, and torso), but still remaining very tasteful and classy. To add to the perfect combination,  the blue and white pinstripe print is adorable. Pinstripe is subtle, delicate, and timeless. The vertical stripes seem to elongate the body and give the look more depth. The colors are perfect for summer, and the silhouette is great to wear late in the season because it does have more fabric for cooler days and nights. But, you can always wear these as separates; For example, wear the top with high-waisted denim or the skirt with a white button blouse. The possibilities are endless, so get to combing those closets for pinstripe pieces!

 When I am running all around Punxsutawney, I definitely need my essentials—lipstick, hairbrush, phone, car keys—as well as everything else I really don’t need! To carry all my things, I ALWAYS grab a purse. I don’t always feature it, but I can assure you it is in the background and a behind the scenes hero. This week, my bag made the cut because it looks so good with the blue paint and the stripes. This Kate bag has been well loved on this blog and in real life. It is a great size, a great color, and great quality. You can find it in multiple posts because it is just that versatile. I love it with this outfit as it really brings out the blue stripes, and the bold color matches the setting. If you aren’t one for blue bags, you can opt for a neutral straw bag (super on trend this year), a white bag, or another fun color like pink or yellow!

When I get dressed, I either base my entire look off a pair of shoes, or I grab a pair that fits the outfit after I put it together. Clearly I bought this as an ensemble, so I needed to figure out what shoes would mesh with it. Normally, I would wear a pair of white shoes because they are easy and go with everything, but this time I amped up my neutral game and went with some metallic babies. These shoes still go with everything because they are silver, but they also say, “Look at me!” Who can resist looking at these shiny stunners?! I love a strappy sandal as a minimalist shoe, and the block heel is oh so comfortable. A block heel is by far the the best heel for walking! Despite all the amazing characteristics, my favorite feature of these shoes is the wavy detail on the toe and ankle straps. I thought that was another unique touch that sets these shoes apart from other strappy sandals, and it goes with the curve of the hemline! Don’t let the shiny material keep you from wearing these shoes in the daytime either. Metallic is acceptable both day and night! They look great with this set for a daytime look, but you could dance the night away in them with a little black dress on. If you don’t want to see your reflection in your shoes, then try espadrilles, wedges, ballet flats, or even sneakers for a laid back, cool girl vibe. 
Ending on a fun note because every time I wear a skirt or dress, it makes me want to twirl. Twirling is one of the many perks of skirt wearing! Plus, I wanted to get a better look at the paintings. Fun Fact: I was actually going to restore these paintings with my art club in high school, but then it never worked out. On the bright side, they still look really good! I love to paint, but I have never painted a permanent mural—I’ve painted canvas, ceramics, windows, and even faces, but a wall mural is on the bucket list. How about you guys? Do you love to paint, do you prefer to just look at paintings, or do you enjoy both? I am both for sure! Luckily, you don’t need any painting skills to wear this outfit! All you have to do is comb those closets for matching sets in pretty pinstripes, as well as grab some fancy footwear and a bag, and you are good to go! It’s that easy! If you are too caught up in creativity and mural making, then you can always shop my links below! Have a fabulous week and Happy Closet Combing! 
Links to same/similar pieces: 
(*disclaimer* the outfit I linked isn’t a set, but both are from GAP, so the color and pattern coordinates; the pieces definitely go together!) 

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