Palm Leaves and Ocean Breeze

Hey my loves! I am back from vacation with tan skin, blonder hair, and some new blog content! I wish I could say I was still at the beach as I write this, but instead I’m sitting under my ceiling fan listening to The Beach Boys! As much as I want my toes back in the sand, I am just grateful to have spent another wonderful vacation in Ocean City, Maryland with my family. When I go to the beach, I am far from a beach bum! I get in the ocean at 11 a.m. and don’t get out until 5:30 p.m. when the lifeguards leave. I guess I get out for a few minutes to reapply sunscreen and grab a snack, but then I am right back in those waves! What I am trying to say is that I need a swimsuit that can keep up with me in the ocean, and I can’t wait to talk about my palm print swimmy. I didn’t pair this suit with much because the beach is the only place where clothes aren’t required (just adorable swimwear), but I did manage to throw on a few accessories before leaving my hotel! This post will be a little different because this really isn’t an outfit, but I will give you as much fashion and beach knowledge as possible so you too can enjoy palm leaves and ocean breeze!

I don’t know about you guys, but I live in swimsuits over the summer. I am basically a fish because when I am not at the beach, you can find me at the pool. You can imagine that I have a decently large collection of swimsuits, but I chose to feature this Cupshe one because it is super affordable, comes in a variety of sizes, and it’s so comfortable that it feels like a second skin! Let’s talk about the style; One pieces are back and there are so many options from high cut Baywatch suits to ones with fun cut-outs like mine. I love the cut out because I was able to show a little more skin, but my suit still stayed on when I got hit with the big waves. If I am going to be real, I’ve been exposed many times at the beach, but not in this suit! It also has a cute tie in the front that you can adjust to fit you specifically. I showed you a pic from the back, not so you can see my tan lines, but to point out that it also has another, smaller cut-out. It fastens, rather than ties, meaning that it is more likely to stay put. In case you were wondering about coverage, you can see that it is a little cheeky, fitting the “sun’s out, buns out” mantra, though it isn’t that extreme. Some suits are cute and all “show,” but this one is both cute and functional. I am no lifeguard who saves lives, but I am a fashionista who can save you from fashion fails!

Now, I want to focus on the super fun print! This combines some of my favorite things…color and pattern. Unfortunately, the lighting was a little wacky during my shoot because we had to take pics when everyone left at dusk, and of course, it was raining. However, the colors of the suit stayed true to life. The base color is a beautiful salmon shade that has pink undertones. It is the perfect backdrop for the pretty palm leaves. Palm print screams beach to me and happens to be very on trend. Palm print is everywhere in swimwear, and in clothing as well. It reminds you of summer—of the sunshine, of tropical destinations, of good times. I painted the picture for you, so grab your suit!

Before I wrap up talking about my suit, I just wanted to spread a little positivity. I have insecurities just like everybody else, and I know very well how daunting it can be to put yourself out there in a swimsuit. But, at the same time, you can’t let insecurities get in the way of you living life. Don’t ever compromise because you are worried about what others think. Wear what makes you happy and comfortable! You are beautiful!

I can’t seem to keep my hands off my head! I just love the feeling of saltwater in my hair because I feel like a mermaid! This picture is also a great way to show off my arm candy. My silicone bracelets are from Lokai, and their message is inspiring. They have a black and white bead with the black bead containing mud from the Dead Sea, and the white bead containing water from Mt. Everest. They represent how we need to find balance, staying both humble and hopeful throughout the highs and lows in our lives. This isn’t sponsored or anything, but I have been a huge fan of Lokai for years now because of the quality and the mission. The silicone makes this the perfect bracelet for active lifestyles because I wear this running, swimming, and biking, and it holds up so well. The brand also donates some of the profits to charity, so you can feel good while wearing it! My other bracelet (and anklet that you can see in previous pictures) has seashells on it, and I purchased it from a local boardwalk shop, The Kite Loft. They actually have a website, but they don’t have these accessories on there. Don’t fret, though, because I will link other shell pieces at the end. Then again, you can always take a trip to OCMD, and stocking up on jewelry is the perfect excuse to visit.

I am getting ready to say “sea” you later ’til next week! haha! I am closing this post with a slightly blurred pic of me in the water because it captured my vacation mood…always beachin’ and having fun! My favorite things to do at the beach are wading in the waves, collecting seashells, and sitting on the shore, letting the water hit me. What do you like doing on vacation? Leave a comment and let me know if you are a fellow fish who loves water or a beach bum who loves chilling in the sand! And I know it is August already, but there is still time to enjoy summer and swimwear. Whether you are going on a tropical getaway, or just hanging in your backyard, this ensemble will let you escape! Comb those closets (or beach bags) for a swimsuit with palm print, and grab some bracelets to top off your surfer girl look. If you are too busy riding the wave, you can buy my same suit in the links below. Happy Closet Combing!

Links to same/similar pieces:


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