Come Sail Away

Hey loves! This is your invitation to come sail away with me this week as I talk about a look that is perfect for days on the lake (or ocean). I have had a hectic few days, so I ended up taking my blog pics today, as well as posting. I’m feeling a little drowsy, so I am crossing my fingers that there are no typos! I didn’t get to the Lake until later at night, but even though there is no sun, there is plenty of gorgeous shadows and a few lightning bugs, too! Basically, I am trying to say that things don’t always go as planned (usually they don’t), but that’s what makes life exciting. But before I start talking philosophy, let me talk about this outfit! For my night by the water, I wore a pink tank, a sailboat skirt, pink sneakers, and I couldn’t resist not throwing on my baker boy cap that made me feel more like a sailor! This is one of my favorite outfits of all time because it so easy and breezy. Let’s face it; the summer is hot and humid, and we all just want to wear the most breathable outfits in our closets. Luckily, this is is a look that will enable you to enjoy the summer heat instead of sitting by the fan with your hair in a bun. Now all you have to do is keep on reading to see how I style these pieces that will make you want to sail without a fashion fail!

When I was little and people asked me my favorite color, I would always say, “Blue. But, pink is my second favorite!” Pink is a great color and it’s near the top of my list because it is feminine and flattering. Even my psych teacher in high school told me I should wear pink more often because it was my color! Haha! I guess he didn’t realize that it can be everyone’s color if you find the right shade for your skin tone. I am personally fond of baby pink because I am a fan of pastels. It is clear to see why I gravitated toward this shirt, but I also love the little details. First, I need to remind you that I DO really like over-the-top pieces. By now you can tell that I love prints, fringe, texture, embroidery, faux fur, and so on. However, I cannot stress enough how important basics are! You can have a million funky things, but trust me, you can’t wear them all at once. It is basic pieces that really make “extra” clothing pop. And even though this is considered a basic— a solid pink tank—it is the details I was talking about that made me want it! I love the tie feature in the front because I can never get my shirts to lay right when I knot them like that. Also, the little triangle keyhole at the neckline is adorable! My signature initial necklace nestles perfectly where the cutout is. This top may be simple, though the color and quirks make it far from ordinary! Of course, not everyone likes bells and whistles, so a simple tank top is totally great too! Go for plain tank and try a different color like navy or white if you don’t like to think pink.

Skirts and dresses are my summer uniform because they are so easy to slip on. There really isn’t any clothing I don’t like, so don’t think I am hating on denim shorts (I wore ’em in last week’s post), but I think skirts are much cooler and comfier. Denim is great, but it is definitely thick and not ideal for the hottest of hot days. My solution is a lightweight skirt that will billow in the wind. This skirt of mine is super thin and super sailboat-y. There are so many fun summer prints, and sailboats call my name. Even though I, unfortunately, don’t do it often, I absolutely love boating and being near water (and in water)! When I can’t be on a boat, I wear a boat! This skirt has pretty shades of blue that mimic the waters of the lake or ocean. There is an artistic, painterly feel from the way the blue is marbled on the fabric. Then, the star of the show are the little boats that are “on the water.” I chose to accent the outfit with pink because there are pops of pink in the sails. The skirts has a laid-back vibe that alludes to the idea of what summer is all about; relaxing and not taking life too seriously. I am guilty of being uptight, but when I put on this skirt, my worries float away!

It wouldn’t be a blog post if I didn’t have a story! So, I adore these sneakers and wear them all the time, but I got them the hard way! I saw a few people who had pink Adidas on Pinterest, but for some reason, I couldn’t find them online. I don’t know if I was looking for the wrong style or what! Anyway, I wanted my own pink Adidas and no other color would do. Since I couldn’t find the ones I pinned, I opted to create a custom pair. After I ordered them, I realize that Adidas does make pink sneakers and I somehow didn’t know about it?! Crazy stuff! But, it was really fun customizing these (just a bit more expensive), and I enjoyed the process! Plus, the inside padding has my name, “MAGGIE” printed all over in all caps! No joke! I love my custom sneaks because they are different than the regular pink ones they sell, and they have my own stamp! I chose the pink to correspond with the top and the sails, and I like to wear sneakers when I am out adventuring. I can’t remember what I said about sneakers last week, but I probably emphasized how comfortable and popular they are. I am sure I said they are always in style because they are everyone’s favorite on-the-go shoe. Whether you run in them, walk in them, shop in them, or stand on a wobbly dock in them, sneakers are great footwear!

I topped off my look with my baker boy cap. I am a total hat girl, and when the humidity disagrees with my hair, the easiest fix is a cute hat! It also helps protect your head from getting burnt when the sun is out (maybe I am the only one whose hair part gets burnt?). This white hat screams summer and goes with the nautical theme of this look. It is a fitting accessory on and off the water, and I highly recommend this piece!

There are lots of pics this week because I had so much fun at the Lake! This lake is situated only 5 or 10 minutes from my house, but I rarely ever go there. I should frequent it more often because it was so tranquil and beautiful! I could have sat there all night and watched the fireflies (those little dots above) and the fishies if I didn’t have a blog to post. The dock was slightly unstable, so that did require me to use my balancing skills! All I wanted to do is get in a boat and watch the stars, and, wouldn’t you know it, someone actually pulled up with a boat when I was leaving. I would have jumped in if I knew them! If you couldn’t tell, this is me saying that if you have a boat and live in the Punxsutawney area, then be my friend and lets go boating! Do you guys love water as much as I do? If so, leave me a comment and tell me your favorite water activity—boating, snorkeling, surfing, swimming? I love to swim, but it’s a good thing I didn’t fall in because I wasn’t dressed for the occasion! You can get dressed to sail away by combing those closets for a basic top, sneakers, and hat that pairs with a summer print skirt! If you find you don’t have anything that floats your boat, then shop my links below! Then all you have to do is to belt out the Styx song that I can’t get out of my head! You guys know what I am talking about! Have a wonderful week, everyone, and Happy Closet Combing!

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