One in a Melon

Hi lovelies! I hope you all had a wonderful Fourth! I had a laid-back day with my family—swimming, grilling, and watching fireworks. And now we are really getting into the heart of the summer season! It seems like as soon as July hits, it is a constant heatwave. My favorite way to spend a hot summer day is to munch on some fruit and go outdoors because the snow will be back before we know it. Ironically, watermelon is not my preferred fruit (give me all the grapes and oranges), but it is so pretty that you can’t help but center an entire shoot around it! I wore a fruity top, denim shorts, and some watermelon sneakers for a look that is super cute and casual. I love this outfit because it features simple pieces that stand out. You can literally do anything in this ensemble, and by “anything” I mean you can throw down a blanket and roll around in the grass because it is just that comfy. I do recommend breaking out the bug spray, though! Whatever you plan on doing, make sure to be chic while doing it. Keep on reading to see how I style pieces that will make you feel like you are one in a million…or should I say one in a melon?!

Clearly, I really love this watermelon blanket since I can’t stop posting pictures of it! It is just so vibrant and summery! Also, I like to post pics that make me smile because sometimes I make the strangest faces (see above), and I wonder what I was thinking! Anyway, enough with the faces and the blanket; let’s talk tops! This shirt highlights the amazing perks of summer which are fresh fruit and bright colors. Not that you can’t eat fruit or wear color all year, but it is basically necessary to do so in June, July, and August. I know that melon is in the spotlight, but this top has pretty pineapples, too! I chose to focus on melon because I had more melon accessories! Aside from the print, however, this shirt is just comfy. I say that a lot of things are comfy, but this is seriously comfortable because all it is is a tee. It’s for all my t-shirt girls who want to make their wardrobe a little bit juicy! I had to bring up juicy because if you couldn’t tell, this is a Juicy Couture top. I will forever love JC, whether it is the early 2000s or now! Of course, this isn’t a famous tracksuit, but this shirt still embodies the brands flirty, quirky style. Unfortunately, it is a little old, but I linked a crazy similar top for all of you who want the same look. Or, you can always comb those closets for pieces that incorporate your favorite fruits.  As you know from my “Very Cherry” post, fruity prints are all the rage, so no matter if you’re wearing cherries, watermelon, strawberries, pineapples, kiwi, lemons, or all of the above, you know you will be on trend!

The main reason I wanted to post this look was to show you guys that I actually do own shorts! I know I  mostly live in skirts and dresses all summer, but I like to change things up and give you all some style variety. Like all my denim discussions, denim shorts go with everything. Originally, I used to only wear regular blue denim shorts, but as time went on and my wardrobe expanded, I decided it was time to invest in a black pair. I am so happy I did! I guess it should have been a given that these would be so versatile because they are a neutral, they are slimming, and they are denim. What I like best about these shorts are the smaller details, such as the frayed hem. The cutoff look is very youthful and a little edgy. It makes them look worn in, and everyone knows denim gets better the more you wear it. You probably could have guessed that these shorts are high-waisted as that seems to be the running theme when it comes to all the denim I own. High-waisted shorts are great for the summer because you can wear all your crop tops without showing your entire stomach. The shirt I have on is actually a tad short, but I don’t have to worry when I have on a pair of high rise shorts. My absolute, number one, all time favorite thing about shorts is that they are casual. I often times want to buy all the fancy things, but when I am hanging out with friends, going to the movies, and doing everyday things, I just want a pair of shorts. They are simply a piece that can’t be ignored, so comb those closets for denim shorties that you can wear all season long.

You cannot talk about casual dressing without talking about sneakers. In fact, sneakers seem to be part of everyone’s fashion equation lately. Sneakers never go out of style, but nowadays, everyone wears them with everything. And who can be mad about sensible footwear? These aren’t the infamous Balenciaga or Fila dad sneakers, but they are so darn adorable. I snagged these watermelon sneaks on a super sale at Macy’s. As soon as I laid eyes on them, I knew they needed to be on my feet. I’ve had them for awhile now, and I have to say that they stay really clean. I was always under the impression that canvas sneaks got dirty easily, but I can honestly report that they don’t! Then again, I wouldn’t recommend trudging through any mud puddles! Anyway a sneaker has been and always will be a crucial part of anyone’s wardrobe. After all, they make shopping for more sneakers (and heels and purses and belts and everything) even easier because you can rack up more mall miles in comfy shoes. If you aren’t into overloading the prints, you can stick to a simple white pair or a solid color. Maybe you even have some dad sneakers lying around (or maybe you wear your dad’s sneakers…I don’t judge)! Either way, grab your sneaks and get to stepping!

I just did not want to put that melon slice down once I got my hands on it! Haha! I hope you all enjoyed another fruit themed post because I am not done yet; I still have more up my sleeve! But I have to find an outfit with my favorite fruit; oranges. I guess that’s an excuse to keep shopping and looking! I think I may have asked you guys before, but comment your favorite fruit below. I am super curious to see all the melon lovers out there! Don’t forget to comb those closets this week for melon pieces, as well as breaking out the essentials like shorts and sneakers. If all that work has you feeling melancholy, then just shop my links below! Have a fabulous week and Happy Closet Combing!

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