Fashionable Fourth

Hey there, loves! I am feeling super patriotic this week because it is almost the Fourth of July! Isn’t that just insane? It seems like I just took my Christmas tree down, and now I am getting ready for Independence Day! Time sure does fly. But, I am soaking up every minute because July is one of my favorite months; everyone in my family has birthdays this month (yes, both my parents as well as my 3 brothers were born in July…I am the November oddball), it’s when we go on our beach vacation, and, of course, it is the time of year to celebrate the red, white, and blue! I put together a look to show my love for America, wearing a denim dress, flag scarf, white mules, and my little red bag. This happens to be one of my favorite photoshoots thus far because I found the perfect location to go with my look! I went to a farm right outside of Punxsutawney that has a barn painted with an amazing flag mural. I was so appreciative because the owners were so kind and welcoming, and my vision came true! Who doesn’t want to pose in front of a barn with so much character? Whether your hunting down patriotic barns, having a picnic, watching fireworks, or all of the above, I’ve got you covered. Keep on reading to see how I styled this outfit so you can have a fashionable fourth, too! 

I don’t know about you guys, but when I think of American style, I always think of denim. It seems as American as cherry pie and baseball. I can promise you that I have never eaten cherry pie, nor have I ever been to a baseball game (man, I need to get out more!), but you know I have donned some denim in my days! Denim never gets old because there are so many different washes, as well as so many different styles. Denim has come a long way since the days when it was used for pants for working men. Nowadays, you not only find pants, but also shorts, skirts, shirts, jackets, dresses, bags, etc. Just ask Britney and Justin! And just as denim is an American classic, so is my man Tommy Hilfiger who I got this dress from. Well, technically I got it from his store and not him personally, unfortunately (if you ever see this, Tommy, feel free to hook a girl up)! Anyway, I have gushed about him before in my Tommy Girl post, so I will finally just focus on the dress. I want to warn you that I bought this dress awhile back, but I linked a super similar style. My favorite thing about this denim number is the belt that you can tie up or remove. Sometimes denim dresses can feel boxy, so the belt really helps accentuate the waist, but you can always take off the belt if you prefer a different fit. Basically, it is two styles in one! This dress is perfect for all of your fourth festivities because it is super lightweight and so easy to wear. I don’t lie when I say denim goes with everything! I’ve worn this dress with different accessories for tons of different occasions because I can dress it up and down. It really is an essential for summer. Throw on some heels for a date or throw on some sneakers and go shopping—either way, don’t forget the denim dress. That is why, whatever your plans are for the fourth, this dress is up for anything!
It wouldn’t be a Fourth of July post without some star spangled accessories! In other words, an epic flag scarf is necessary. Fireworks are always fun too, though they aren’t the easiest to photograph, and sparklers are about the only ones I can handle! I love watching fireworks, but I don’t like lighting them. The safest option is definitely this adorable scarf that makes anything patriotic. We often associate scarves with winter, but silky scarves are great anytime in any season. They are an accessory that never goes out of style, and you know there will always be a few days out of the year when this is more than appropriate. As for tying it, I knotted this baby in a cute bow. It looks kind of complicated, but I can assure you there are no funky Pinterest diagrams needed; it’s just like tying your shoes. You can wear this scarf however you like, but I prefer neck scarves in the summer, so I knotted this one because it was a longer style. Also, you can comb those closets for flag themed pieces, but I was able to find the exact scarf that is crazy inexpensive, so you can shop the links too! It just reaffirms the idea that this piece is a classic because my cousins gave me this scarf a few years ago, and they apparently still make them! With all the things my cousins (Much love, Meighens) have given me, I recommend combing your extended family’s closets too! 

The remainder of my look is filled with familiar pieces that get constant love. I chose to wear white mules with a red bag because there is lots of blue from the dress, so I thought I needed more red and white! To protect my eyes, I also grabbed my retro white sunnies. I suggest red and white accessories to break up all the blue because they really “spark” up the look! I’m not sure if that’s a saying, but it’s fitting for the holiday! I won’t repeat myself with details you have already heard regarding my specific items, but if you want to read more, you can find these accessories in previous posts (bag/sunglasses—”Very Cherry”, mules—”Gingham Style”). If you guys ever want even more details, don’t be afraid to leave me a comment. I will talk about clothes and accessories ’til the sun goes down…and after that because I am a total night owl!

After all of this writing, I guess I forgot to point out the obvious; I am posting a tad bit earlier this week.  I wanted to give you guys an extra day to get ready to have a fashionable fourth. Don’t forget to comb those closets for pieces that embody American style, featuring all the red, white, and blue! If you are too busy barbecuing and watching fireworks, then just shop my links below! In all seriousness, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday celebrating America. I know no matter who is in office, I will always love my country, and I hope you feel the same pride. We deal with tragedy, change, and sadness, just as people endure everywhere, but the important thing is that we unite to overcome it. Even in dark times, it is crucial to remember to always stand for liberty, freedom, and justice for every human being, all over. I not only love America, but the entire world in which we are apart of. I pray for peace among us, our neighbors, and this beautiful earth. I wish you a safe, fun, and happy Fourth of July… and Happy Closet Combing!

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