One Shoulder Shenanigans

Hey lovelies! We can finally say it’s summer! Yay! However, I confess I considered it summer the moment I finished my last final, but I will actually be correct when citing summer fashions now! Since we truly our in season, I took advantage of all the beautiful plants sprouting in my backyard as they were a wonderful contrast to my look. I like to think of my backyard as a jungle because my dad is a plant rescuer who will take any tree, bush, flower, etc., and nurse it back to health to plant in our yard. Needless to say, we have lots of greenery thanks to my dad’s love of landscaping. I am not complaining because pretty plants pair perfectly (um…say that 5x fast) with this one shoulder dress, mint bag, and pom pom sandals. This look is easy and breezy, and the pieces are great for vacations, parties, and any occasion where color is calling your name. For me, summer is when all my colorful clothes come out to play, and I will keep them coming all season. Whether you’re planning a tropical getaway this summer, or just planning a staycation in the backyard, I got you covered with all the fiercest fashions. So, keep on reading to see how I style this dress, one “one shoulder shenanigan” at a time!

Last week’s look was off-the-shoulder and this week is one shoulder! June has definitely been a good month for shoulders! Anyway, this little one shoulder number is super fun and flattering, and I am so excited to share it with you! It is actually the only one shoulder piece I own, but I can assure you that it won’t be my last. What attracted me to this was obviously the bright, bold color. I am not really a huge fan of wearing red, but this particular shade is very pretty. It is red orange to be more precise, and the hint of orange hues make it feel fresh and summery, rather than a flat red. The more vibrant, the better! The asymmetrical design is stunning because it allows for a perfectly (yes, I know I say perfect a lot, but I am a perfectionist!) placed ruffle. I will literally buy anything if it has a ruffle, and this ruffle flows so effortlessly off the one shoulder. Not to mention, ruffles have been a huge trend! The design looks great on everyone because the volume from the ruffle balances out the rest of the body, and it draws the eyes upward. Again, this look allows you to show a little skin, but you don’t have to worry about this dress sliding down or riding up. Lastly, I love how easy this piece is to throw on. Dresses are my summer staple because you can put one on in 10 seconds or less and still look very put together. With a dress, there is no getting ready stress! Comb those closets for one shoulder wonders that will keep you chic for the summer!

Sorry for the picture overload—I wanted to make sure you got to see my shoes and purse in all of their glory! First, let us discuss sandals! By now you know that I am a lover of unique pieces, and these shoes fall into that category for sure. They aren’t your typical sandals because they have pom poms, jewels, tassels, and fringe. Essentially, all of my favorite things wrapped up in one shoe! I know that it sounds like a lot, and it may even sound a little intimidating, but these shoes are are too cute to not own! They add an extra layer of fun to any outfit. Because they feature just about every color of the rainbow, you can pair them with practically any color garment, or you can spice up a white and/or black ensemble. I chose to wear them with my dress because even though it is bright, it is still a rather plain piece. But, grab a mint bag and sandals like these and you have the ultimate look. I love that they lace up because you are able to fit them to your feet, no matter how wide or narrow they are. That feature is so great because no one wants their feet to be stuffed in shoes, or they don’t want to walk out of them either! These sandals are ready to party, and I hope you fall in love with them like I did! Sometimes, my shoes aren’t for everyone though, so you can always pair this dress with wedges, block heels, or sneaks for a daytime casual vibe!

My mint purse holds a special place in my heart because it is the first Kate Spade bag that I ever bought! I remember I purchased it on the way home from the beach, making my family stop at the store and wait for me to buy it. Unfortunately for them (not me!), I made stopping every year a tradition, and now I have acquired quite a few! The mint is such a summer color, and I absolutely love wearing it with this dress! Sometimes the best accessories don’t have to match, but contrast. I knew I would never find the exact shade purse to go with the dress, so instead of grabbing something neutral, I added another color to the mix. Red and green are complimentary colors on the color wheel, so naturally this combo was a match made in heaven. Feel free to stick to a neutral bag if you find them more versatile, but I always say that you would be surprised how much you will reach for a crazy colored bag!

This last picture isn’t the best quality, but I always try to have fun during my shoots. This is my laughing face because I could hear my parents talking to my neighbors about something that was apparently pretty funny. I was also laughing at myself because this section of my yard was a bit wild, so you could say I was one with nature this week. I probably could have used some bug spray, but oh well! Leave a comment and tell me your favorite space in your yard. Mine is out on my deck, right where the sun shines and the bugs are minimal! Also, don’t forget to comb those closets for bright colors, one shoulder silhouettes, and fancy footwear. Maybe you could DIY a pair of these sandals?! Or you can forget the hot glue gun, grab your laptop (or mobile device), go outside, and shop my links! You get the benefits of nature and clothes! Stay tuned for some 4th fashion next week, and Happy Closet Combing!

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