Rainbow Rebel

Hello loves! By the title of this week’s post, you probably thought I was spray painting graffiti or not putting money in the parking meter, but I was really just having a photoshoot behind the local supermarket. Rebellious? That’s debatable—but I love alliteration! I just wanted to make it clear that I really wasn’t breaking any laws (hahaha)! Anyway, the rainbow part is 100% true because look at all of the colors going on in this outfit. Since it will officially be summer this week, I figured there is no better way to welcome it than with bright, bold colors. Unfortunately, the background was rather bland for this shoot, but there are only so many locations in a small town that are good for picture taking (I still love you, Punxsutawney). On the bright side, the outfit got to take center stage! My look consists of a striped, colorful, off-the-shoulder top, a button front denim skirt, platforms, and a vibrant bag. If I had to describe this outfit to someone in just one word, I would definitely call it FUN! There are so many details that give the look so much character, and it was made for all you ladies that like to stand out! Even if you are afraid of color, you should keep on reading because I am going to convince you to be a rainbow rebel like me!

One trend that seems to be sticking around for the summer is off-the-shoulder shirts, abbreviated OTS because it is a mouthful! OTS tops are so popular because they are flattering on every body type, and they allow you to show some skin in a way that isn’t too revealing. The décolletage, which is simply the upper torso, is a feature that women are usually comfortable showing off, and they totally should be! OTS shirts are great because you can control how much skin you want to show. If you want to pull them the whole way below your shoulders (how I wear ’em), you can, but you can also let them rest on top your shoulders to create more of a boatneck neckline. My shirt is banded at the hemline, as well as the cuffs, creating a billowy silhouette. I would also consider it to be cropped because it does sit above the belly button. My favorite thing about this top, however, is, you guessed it, all of the vibrant colors. It almost has a painterly feel because the stripes are very organic, rather than rigid. Again, it reminds me of my days in the art room in high school. Or, it makes me want to hop on a plane and go somewhere tropical. Whatever this top makes you feel, I highly recommend wearing a rainbow number. Fashion bloggers can’t get enough rainbow stripes for a reason! Anyone can wear color, no matter your hair color or skin tone, so comb those closets for your most vivid attire!

I am not sure if I was trying to fix my hair, swat a bug, wave at a stranger, or do all of the above in this picture, so let’s just talk about this skirt and ignore my arm! This isn’t the first time you’ve seen this skirt, and I can promise you that it won’t be the last! I wore this denim mini in my very first outfit post (refer to “Casual Americana” if you are feeling nostalgic), and I can say that I honestly wear this skirt all the time. It is for sure one of the most worn items in my closet because it combines my favorite things; denim, buttons, and a mini length. Yep, I admit I like showing some leg! And to throw in a little history lesson (even though there is SO MUCH history with this clothing article) —the miniskirt is a symbol of women’s liberation and, in fact, goes with the idea of rebellion. Beginning in the early ’60s, feminists sported them in the fight for women’s rights. Clearly, women loved the raised hemlines because there was even a miniskirt protest in Europe where women, who referred to themselves as the “British Society for the Protection of Mini Skirts,” stood outside the Dior fashion show because the brand didn’t include minis on the runway. “Mini Skirts Forever,” right? If you aren’t as passionate about minis, though, you can always opt for high-waisted denim shorts or pair this top with a white maxi for a boho look.

You guys know that I usually combine my shoe and bag info because I often carry the same bag or wear the same shoes. But believe me, if I could, I would buy new shoes and bags for every shoot! You have seen these items before if you read the blog weekly, though I don’t mind talking about them again! It is no secret that I have a 70s obsession and my shoes would agree. When I think of the 1970s, platforms are the first things that come to mind! I love these shoes because they are funky and throwback, but they also give you lots of height and are super comfortable. They do look a little intimidating, but they are easy to walk in, once you get the hang of it. My dad always warns me about twisting my ankles, but every time I have ever fell in my life, I’ve been in flats! Trust me, you could walk a mile in these babies! And as for my bag, it is my bright blue Kate Spade bag that I love dearly. Not to dampen the mood, but I just want to say rest in peace to Kate because she was an incredible designer who inspired me to live colorfully, everyday. I will love Kate Spade, forever and always. I encourage you to invest in a Kate Spade bag because the quality and uniqueness is something you will cherish and find yourself wearing with every outfit.

I swear I type more and more every week! Maybe I should just write a fashion novel? Anyway, I hope you all have a great kickstart to your summer! I am excited for pool days, bonfires, and vacation, of course, but I wouldn’t mind if June stopped going by so quickly! Leave a comment and tell me your favorite summer activity! Mine is sleeping in, but I am not sure if that counts as activity! So, my second favorite would have to be combing my closet for summer outfits! Don’t forget to do the same and look for colorful pieces. Who knows, maybe you will get lucky and find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?! But, if you are caught up in all the summer excitement and hoopla (that’s a fun word), then take it easy and shop my links below! Thanks for the love and Happy Closet Combing!

Links to same/similar pieces:

Shirt: https://www.dresslily.com/rainbow-stripe-off-shoulder-top-product3135511.html?lkid=1586316&gclid=CjwKCAjw06LZBRBNEiwA2vgMVdTv3KYAM95okZMND0QXPMAp3qjKcquB32kU_LIIp4yhkp6Kiw_GdxoCF98QAvD_BwE


Skirt: https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/bdg-horn-button-denim-mini-skirt?adpos=1o10&cm_mmc=SEM-_-Google-_-PLA-_-82529880904_product_type_w_product_type_app_product_type_bottoms&color=091&creative=210011023855&device=c&gclid=CjwKCAjw06LZBRBNEiwA2vgMVZf-zp_zcc0mpz2aK06JRr_LOV0_b34hngAcyR6S7Juuz0WNuXorxhoCLIUQAvD_BwE&inventoryCountry=US&matchtype=&mrkgadid=3073399635&mrkgcl=671&network=g&product_id=45356136&utm_campaign=PLA

Shoes: https://www.ae.com/women-clearance-aeo-chunky-bow-front-platform-sandal-chambray-blue/web/s-prod/0416_9606_523?cm=sUS-cUSD&catId=cat6600018&cid=AE_PLA_3370156&ip=off&pup_e=1&pup_ptid=163315575442&pup_kw=&pup_c=pla&pup_cid=16964&pup_id=0027412014&gclid=CjwKCAjw06LZBRBNEiwA2vgMVcWsso8rtNJtIPFwPlngS-WiwnKSq-w3rXfxMtyRzh-Q1Z6ZrPIVlhoCPkQQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds

Purse: https://www.katespade.com/products/thompson-street-sam/098687197281.html?utm_source=googlepla&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=098687197281&gclid=CMm5kIid39sCFY7nswodPVcAGg&gclsrc=ds&dclid=COHVlIid39sCFRFHDAodUt4ExQ

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