Very Cherry

Hi my loves! I hope you are staying cool (or warm) because the weather has been crazy in PA, again— I have been juggling sweatpants one day and a tank top the next. Nevertheless, June is still quickly heating up and the days are getting longer, meaning the outfits are getting more summery! I figured what screams summer more than fruit prints?! Everyone seems to prefer their fruit on their clothes this season, and I am not mad about it. In fact, I wanted to embrace all things cherry this week and wear a mint, cherry print dress, red patent heels and bag, and some retro sunnies. I also couldn’t resist grabbing a Coca-Cola because it is the perfect drink to sip in the sun, and Coke definitely goes with the red aesthetic. I will let you guys in on a little secret, though; I don’t even like cherries, but no one said you have to eat the fruit you wear. I am definitely more of a grapes kind of girl! I will say that I just can’t help but love the look of bright red cherries and the classic staples that really give off a vintage vibe. But this is 2018, and I will show you how to do retro in the modern era, so keep on reading to see how I style fruity fashions!

Dresses are no doubt one of my favorite things to wear, especially when it is warm out. They are so cute and easy to throw on, and they come in many different styles that you can accessorize to fit any mood or occasion. With that being said, I recommend looking for dresses in unique prints that add a little more fun to your wardrobe. I love a cherry print for many reasons; red is a great, bold color, fruit is very festive, and cherries are often associated with the darling dresses of the 1950s. During this time, women were always in dresses, and there were many new styles and prints that emerged. We always think of cherries for pin-ups and housewives, but popular prints included gingham, polka dots, and florals—still fabulous options for the modern woman. Whether a nod to vintage fashion or not, cherries are a great way to incorporate pops of color in your clothes. For example, I think red is a great color, but I don’t prefer solid red on me, so I get my fix with this super cute print. I love the mint and red color combination as well because they are a great complement. It is easy to pair red with black and white, but why not throw more color in the mix? That is what summer is all about! Comb those closets for dresses that feature flirty fruits, and I promise you won’t stop playing with your hemline. You will feel feminine, fierce, and fancy (bet you thought I was gonna say “fruity” again)!

I turned to my sunglasses collection to find a pair that reflected the old school look I was going for with this outfit. I decided on a pair that is super trendy and very much #tbt. These sunglasses reference the late Nirvana singer, Kurt Cobain, who wore similar ones that fit his grunge, androgynous style. This particular oval style has been making a major comeback, and you can find extremely affordable ones in numerous colors. I like the white frames because they are a great neutral against all the red and mint. Plus, white is very versatile and basically goes with every summer outfit (and winter outfits on those rare, sunny, winter days). That doesn’t mean a red pair wouldn’t look great, or you could be a little daring and try a yellow pair that would go with the primary color scheme. If you don’t like the exaggerated ovals, another great option would be a sleek, thin cat-eye pair that would most certainly make you feel as if you stepped into the ’50s. Pick whatever style makes you most comfortable and protect your pretty eyes!

Now onto the last of my accessories; the shoes, the bag, and the Coca-Cola. I am not sure if beverages count as an accessory, but it is too tasty and cute to not include. Anyway, these red hot heels and bag obviously match the cherries on the dress and are classic pieces that you can’t go wrong with. I picked a pair of heels because I love a little extra height, and these stilettos aren’t so sky high that you can’t walk in them. You know I also love a pointed toe that elongates the leg because everyone wants legs for days. The patent leather is sleek and shiny and a great option for all of you on the go. Unless you keep your shoes and bags in a climate controlled case, they are going to get dirty. But with this material, it is so easy to just wipe off and go about your day! I love giving you guys different options, but I will be honest and say that a red heel is a great shoe to have in your closet. They are chic, timeless, and very functional. Throw on a red heel with a dress, a suit, and even some joggers for an elevated look. Maybe you have a red platform or kitten heel—any pair is great. On the other hand, some may not want to bust out the heels for a picnic or festival, so dress this look down with a casual canvas sneaker if that’s what you like.

Red bags are arguably just as useful as red heels because when people think of adding a pop of color to a look, red is usually the hue that comes to mind. I know it is a shock to see me with such a tiny purse, but I can sometimes cut back on all the stuff I carry around! I love a quilted cross body bag because they remind me of the cult favorite Chanel bags that I still need to get my hands on. Also, the chain detail is a bonus feature that adds a little bit of edge and glam to a rather girly look. It is a tiny bag, but it definitely makes a statement. All you really need is some sunscreen, sunnies, and red lipstick, anyway!

One of the hardest parts of this week’s shoot was not drinking this entire bottle of Coke in less than 2 seconds! As much as I love it, I don’t drink it that often, and it was very tempting! Of course, I took sips in between pics and finished it as soon as the camera shut off! It was a great prop for the 80 degree day. Leave a comment below and tell me your favorite summer drink. Also, who else thinks Coke tastes so much better in a glass bottle?! Anyway, stay hydrated babes and comb those closets for printed dresses that feature fun cherries for all of your summer festivities. And, don’t forgot to look for some accessories to match the very cherry vibe! If you find yourself too busy, then kick back, grab a Coke, and shop my links! Have a fabulous week and Happy Closet Combing!

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