Sewing Segment #3: Petals and Peplum

Hi lovelies! Happy June and welcome to another Sewing Segment! I swear you aren’t experiencing déjà vu, but I am up close and personal with flowers again this week…just different flowers! I spotted these rhododendron bushes at my brother’s house when I was there on Memorial Day, and I just knew I had to get my picture with them! Just how people obsess over getting pics with celebs, I obsess over getting pics with pretty flowers (and I have never been that close to a celebrity, so I have a better chance with the blossoms). And sadly, they only bloom for a short period of time, meaning I had to act quick. However, this isn’t a blog about landscaping, so let’s jump into the outfit; I am wearing a peplum shirt that I sewed, striped floral shorts, strappy sandals, and a blush pink purse. I wanted to wear the shorts because of the coordinating pink flowers, and the shirt I made happens to pair perfectly, making this a dressier outfit. You could throw on this look for a summer date, or to more relaxed events like family reunions or picnics. It is so easy to dress both up and down that you will want to break out the needle and thread, comb those closets, and/or do some shopping. Can’t go wrong with classy summer staples! Keep on scrolling for details on how to make a similar top of your own, or for all those who prefer getting there clothes without all the work, then keep reading and I will let you know where to shop the rest!

This peplum shirt is one of my favorite things I made, but honestly, it was one of the most challenging, especially for someone who was new to sewing. I am not going to sugarcoat it; this was a pain! There are pleats, a lace inlay, a zipper, cap sleeves, and princess seams. I started with a pattern that I modified slightly (I mixed up different pattern pieces for a unique look), along with black cotton fabric, black lace, bias tape, and obviously the zipper. After cutting out the pieces, I worked on ironing the pleats in the peplum. To my surprise, there really isn’t much sewing involved with the pleating I did, just a lot of ironing. By the way, the pattern shows you how to evenly space the pleats, and all you need to do is mark the fabric (use chalk or an iron-away pen). Then, I sewed the princess seams, which were the hardest part. I struggled because the curved seams were causing puckering around the bust, and that isn’t a cute look. Eventually, though I had to rip the seams and start over a bunch, I achieved the correct construction. It was all a learning experience and now I know I could sew those seams all day! They (the princess seams) worked well for this piece because they create a more tailored, fitted silhouette that contours your shape…great for a peplum top. And, I am making this brief, but for the most part, the last step was sewing in the lace and the zipper. Lace is definitely pretty silky and slippery, in other words, you have to be careful it doesn’t move when you have it under the machine. The zipper was really easy, though, so don’t get discouraged. Actually, don’t get discouraged by any of it. I was by no means a professional seamstress when I made this, and I am not really one now. There is always something new to learn, whether it be a new technique, a new seam, or a new garment you’ve never made. I’ve experienced the frustration, but I have also experienced the pride you feel when you finally finish a piece that you made on your own—something you can’t find on the racks! Never give up because it is just fabric! I do have one more piece of advice; I recommend working with a solid color that is lighter, for those who have trouble. Black is wonderful and chic and it hides sewing mistakes well, but it is also very hard to see what you are sewing because the thread blends in. If you want to go for it, though, who am I to stop you? Embrace the challenge!

P.S. Look how darn cute the little peek-a-boo is in the back! I think it is a fun way to show a little skin, but you can always add a panel or sew in a peplum that goes the entire way around if it’s not your thing!

I always have a lot to say about sewing, “sew” (I can’t resist that pun) I will try not to make the rest of this post a novel! I do want to call your attention to my shorts. They aren’t denim, something we usually associate with the seasons shorts, but they are still great for summer. Like my gingham pants from last week, these shorts have a snap and zipper closure, as well as stretch that makes them comfy. They are very sophisticated, and they are the perfect length. They aren’t too long, making them feel youthful, but they also aren’t too short, so you don’t have to worry that the world will see what underwear your wearing. What caught my eye was the print. Stripes are so classy and an immortal print, and the flowers add that extra bit of “oomph” and quirkiness that I love and look for in my pieces. Plus, the pink flowers on my shorts match the pink on the bushes! Like I said, this outfit can be dressed up or down, so you could comb those closets and wear a pair of denim shorts, or pants, as well as any other printed trouser. Go for a chic pencil skirt for a meeting at the office, and slip into some denim to go out with your girls. Just stay away from the leggings or skirts that are flowy because leggings are a bit too casual and flouncy skirts throw off the proportions.

I have so many pairs of shoes and bags, but I feel like I often wear the same ones. I love a statement, but everyone knows that practicality pays off. You know I like to mention them, despite the fact that they have appeared in other posts, because you could forget, or you may be a new reader. No matter the case, you will always be in the know. My shoes are my simple block heel sandals. Block heels are my favorite kind of heel because they are so great for getting around, and the strappy details are fab and dare I say sexy? They sure make your legs look great! They are just as quick to throw on as flip flops, and they dress up any look. As for my bag, I carry my blush colored Kate Spade. It is a decently large bag that I consider one of my everyday bags, because of its functionality. The color is pretty and it is an amazing summer neutral. You may be shocked, but this bag does not get dirty! I have had it for almost two years and it looks as good as new. If it does happen to get a little messy, it can be easily wiped off. I think the only thing that is permanently embedded in it is yellow paint that got on it when I set in on the table in the art room in high school. Luckily, it is on the bottom, and it reminds me of all the good times I spent as an art student! Comb those closets for accessories that go with your aesthetic, or snatch up the ones like I have!

Here I am sniffing the flowers again, but these didn’t make me sneeze like crazy. I guess my allergy shots are doing something right! Though, I was just getting over a cold the day we shot this outfit, so I think I was all sneezed out! I do apologize if I look a little under the weather, but the blog must go on! I am feeling much better…I think I could use a little retail therapy, though. I hope that you all give this shirt a chance and make it because you feel so happy when you are done! You will want to show it off to everyone. I wore this shirt twice in my senior yearbook and people probably thought it was the only shirt I owned…except those who knew me; they knew I own a thousand shirts. If you care to know, I wore it for my senior portrait because we had to wear black, and I also wore it for my “best dressed” superlative photo. I am getting so sidetracked, but I wanted to be voted “best dressed” more than I wanted to be prom queen or homecoming queen! haha! Anyway, leave a comment and let me know if you tackle sewing a peplum top! Or feel free to ask me any questions. For the rest of the look, comb those closets for your own pieces or just take a staycation at home and shop my links! Thanks for reading and Happy Closet Combing!

Links to same/similar pieces:

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