Gingham Style

Hello again, loves! Happy Memorial Day! Technically, I guess it won’t be Memorial Day when this is published, but I still hope you had a great holiday remembering those who served. I spent the day with my family and friends and tried to stay cool! It’s days like today that I wish I had a swimming pool…just kidding, I will always want a swimming pool! But honestly, I love the heat so much more than the cold! Who else prefers the summer weather over winter? To enjoy the last days of May, I threw on a black tee, gingham pants, some mules, a checkered purse, and I didn’t forget the classic red lip for some color! This look is perfect for any activity you can think of, but is especially great for scouting out the prettiest blooming bushes you can find! I fell in love with these gorgeous orange flowers, even though I couldn’t stop sneezing after the photoshoot (Ugh, allergies). The perfect complement to flowers, my ensemble is cute, easy, and timeless—basically every adjective that describes the perfect summer outfit. For all the lovers of pants and black and white, and for all the lovers of clothes in general, this one is for you! So, keep on scrolling for details on how I serve up fashion, gingham style!

I am going to be a little out of order and talk about these pants first because gingham and I go way back—I have been wearing it since I was born and will continue to be obsessed with the fabric/print! I had gingham bathing suits, dresses, shorts, and now I can say I have pants, as well. It is so great because it works on everyone of all ages and sizes. And gingham goes way back in history too! A specific moment that gingham took center stage was when Bridget Bardot got married in a pink gingham dress! Talk about a statement! Though I think I say everything is timeless, I really believe it will never go out of style. But, lately I have seen it EVERYWHERE! I can’t go a day scrolling through my Instagram feed without seeing gingham, and I usually see a pair of pants just like mine! Needless to say it is clearly having a moment and is a huge summer 2018 trend. I have noticed that black and white gingham is the most popular because you really can’t go wrong with b&w. The pants I am wearing are actually capris that have a zipper and fasten closure, though they have enough stretch that makes them crazy comfy. I prefer the capri style because they feel more summery and airy, and you get to show off super cute shoes. The fabric is a light cotton that is more than ideal for the weather this time of year. Of course, gingham is more than just pants and tablecloths, so don’t be afraid to try other options like skirts, tops, and even two piece sets. Also, you could explore different colors. There is no wrong way when it comes to gingham!

By the way, I hardly (maybe never) talk about my makeup on here, but I love a red lip with black and white…and gingham! Again, it ties into the classic theme, and really pops against the neutrals. Sometimes something as simple as a bold shade of lipstick is the perfect accessory, so consider painting those lips if you are someone who wears makeup. There is something about red lipstick that makes me feel so feminine. That is all I have to say about that, but if you want details on my specific lippie, then leave a comment and I will gladly tell you all about it!

To go with my pants, I wore a really easy black tee that everyone probably has in their closet. When it is warm out and you just want to get out the door and spend time outside, I find that cotton is the way to go. It is so breathable and soft! I chose black for obvious reasons, but it also just looks best with my blonde hair. However, you can always wear white since there is no such thing as too much white, or you can even be different and opt for a color such as pink or red! Gingham looks so good against a solid top, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear different styles. Cold nights might call for a cute sweater or denim jacket, and a blouse or off the shoulder top would be so stylish as well. You can get creative when it comes your top! In other words, comb those closets for basic pieces that are your summer must haves. But nobody is stopping you if you want to mix prints either!! I always say that if fashion isn’t fun, then you are doing it wrong!

Well I tried to get a cute picture of my new shoes, but I did squish my bag a little bit! Don’t worry, she is sturdy and bounced back! These shoes are new, like I said, and I couldn’t be happier. Everyone needs a white shoe for the summer; they are most definitely one of my summer essentials. I love these shoes not only because I snagged them for $13, but also because they are mules! Just as gingham is super popular and all over social media, so are these shoes! They seem to be on the feet of every fashionista out there! And, I can see why because these shoes are easy to slip on and are more stylish than flip flops (not that flip flops don’t have their place in the world). Mules are just as easy to grab and are available with various features and styles to match your taste. I love the square toe, gold accents, and the fringe detail of mine because there is nothing boring about them. Plus, mine are close-toed so I don’t have to worry about a pedicure! Sometimes I fall into a slump and wear the same type of shoe all summer, but get ready because you will be seeing these on me a lot. Give your sandals a break and try the shoe that people can’t stop wearing this season! You won’t be disappointed!

My bag is nothing new, but I love how the checker print corresponds with the squares in the gingham. I also chose black and white, though a colorful bag is another fabulous option, and in the summer, the brighter the better! I love tote style purses all year ’round because I always have tons of junk to carry, for some reason. You could literally pack a picnic in this bag because there is so much room! And, you could probably fit every other thing you can think of such as sunscreen, lipstick, an emergency sewing kit, etc.! You all know how much I love a big bag!

In case you were wondering, it was the pollen in which you can see on my shirt that was giving me the sniffles. It was totally worth it, though, because the flowers smelled amazing and were equally as beautiful! Okay, I will stop obsessing over this bush, but I wanted to take advantage of it while it bloomed! I will wrap up by saying that this is an simple look to recreate because you can style just about any basic in your closet with gingham, so don’t forget to comb those closets this week. Or you can take time to smell the flowers and just shop my links below. I can’t lie; I have been known to dance to the song “Gangnam Style” at high school dances, but I would rather wear clothes that are gingham style! Does anyone else remember breaking out the dance moves when that song came on? (I will bust out moves to any and every song!) Anyway, have a lovely week and Happy Closet Combing!

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