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Hey loves! Can you believe it is almost the end of May already? It seems like all of the nice weather months just fly by! In winding down, that means we are approaching another holiday here in America; Memorial Day! Because I love to be festive and think it is important to show pride, I wanted to embrace all that is America in my red, white, and blue. So, this week I wore my Tommy Hilfiger tee, ripped mom jeans, platforms, a baker boy hat, and a vintage Gucci purse. I wanted to keep things casual since the occasion often yields backyard parties and barbecues where eating watermelon and looking effortlessly chic is essential. Though, I am sure you are all wondering why I am getting a little ahead of myself, considering there is still an entire week before the holiday. I figured I would give you a glimpse of my Memorial Day attire early so you have plenty of time to become inspired and plan your outfits. The patriotic color scheme is perfect for any day, however, because you can wear this look all summer long to bonfires, shopping, corn hole tournaments (you never know)—whatever events the warm season brings. Just keep on scrolling for details on this look because I will persuade you to want to wear red, white, and blue, too!

Tommy Hilfiger is a brand that embodies the aesthetic of this ensemble because it is a little throwback, All-American, and, of course, super fashionable. I love Tommy so much because it is a brand that is so iconic in the fashion scene and a name I always recognized. I didn’t know much about designers as a little girl, but I always knew who Tommy Hilfiger was (and thought I was hot stuff when my mom bought me Hilfiger sandals). Hilfiger was huge in the 90s because logo worship was also huge, and arguably still very much is. It mattered who you were wearing, and people wanted to flaunt Hilfiger. Heck, it was so popular in hip-hop culture that everyone from Snoop Dogg to the ladies of TLC was wearing it, and runway shows included appearances from artists like Treach from Naughty by Nature. Basically, it was a big deal. And though the hype did fade, Tommy has been back on top thanks to the continuous infatuation with 90s nostalgia and major influencers (the Gigi x Tommy collabs). With all that being said, Tommy Hilfiger will always represent this street style, throwback culture, which is why I love wearing it. Too, Tommy’s colors are those of the USA, and his American roots are evident in the designs. My particular top is definitely showing off the name, but my favorite feature is the fit. It is so darn comfy because it is a relaxed fit and made from cotton. It will keep looking cool and feeling cool for sure. Comb those closets and you may just find a Tommy tee circa ’96 that is ready to resurface!

Well, I went from claiming that I hardly ever buy new jeans, to getting two new pairs within a month. When I was linking my mom jeans for the “May Flowers” post, I stumbled upon another pair on sale that was just too good to pass up. Even I end up shopping from my links! I already discussed my new obsession in previous posts, so I will focus on the specific details about these jeans. I bought these because they are a light wash—something I always steered clear of, but was tired of hiding from. Turns out, I love the wash and the destructed denim. They, too, feel reminiscent of hip hop culture, with their loose fit, but the mom jean will forever be associated with none other than mothers. The denim is super lightweight, making them ideal for warmer days because they are so breathable. I could go on and on, but they are simply youthful and fun and pair well with any tee for an easy look.

We all know I love talking about accessories, and this hat demands attention. So, when I was ordering the jeans, I also came across this, and it must be fate because I have been lazily looking for a white hat! I wanted a hat in this color (or lack of color) because it is so great for summer. With numerous names such as a cabby hat, baker boy hat, etc., it is a very popular choice among fashionistas. After all, hats never go out of style and they are a girl’s best friend on a bad a hair day. It corresponds with the nautical Tommy Hilfiger theme because it similar to a sailor hat and features cord detailing in the front. I have to admit that I really wanted to do a shoot by a lighthouse I know of in Maryland, but I did not have time to make the 5 hour drive, so the alley pics will have to do. But doesn’t this hat just make you want to hop on a cruise ship? Obviously, it really isn’t a sailor hat, so don’t be afraid that it will look like a costume. It is just a really chic piece of headwear! It seems like hats, especially this type, have been an underrated accessory for women, but they really spice up a look! Go for a baseball cap or even a sporty visor if this hat isn’t your cup of tea. 

Finally the moment I have been waiting for is talking about the other vintage Gucci bag I own! This one was given to me by my mother, and is roughly 35 years old. This is 80s Gucci, baby! It is actually a Closet Combing success story; I was digging through my mom’s closet, in which she has all kinds of stuff tucked away. I don’t remember what I was looking for, but I was thrilled when I came across this bag she had packed up in the back shelf. I probably would have never found it in a million years if I wasn’t looking for something else. You can imagine how thrilled I was to find it, though it definitely needed a little love. After she said I could have it, I worked on carefully cleaning it up. Now, it looks so much better, but it still has that worn-in look. That is something you can’t scrub off, though I wouldn’t want to. That is what makes it special—that my mom used to love carrying this purse all over, and I will do the same. I love the bucket style because it can hold so much stuff, which my mom and I both seem to have a lot of! The white, or a tad off-white in my case, again, is so fresh and summery. You should definitely ask to comb your mom’s closet too and see if you can find a bag that she once carried and doesn’t use anymore. It really isn’t about the label either; it is about making the old, new and discovering that moms are fashionistas too! 
Lastly, the platforms! Yes, I listened to all of my dad’s warnings, and I still did not twist my ankles in these shoes. They are surprisingly really easy and comfortable to walk in, once you get the hang of it. These platforms are totally giving me 70s vibes, and we all know how much I love the 70s! However, they were around before the 70s, even though that is the era we associate them with. Platforms are fabulous because they are retro, make you extremely tall, and are so much easier to get around in than stilettos. The denim detail on mine is a medium blue that contrasts nicely with the light colored jeans. They get to be on full display, as well, because my jeans hit right at the ankles! But, if you aren’t ready to practice in platforms, then sneakers and slides are other footwear options! 
I have been ending my posts lately with a picture, so here I am saying “hats off to you!” I know I kept talking about Memorial Day and fashion since that was the point of this post, but I want to make it clear that it isn’t all about partying and kicking off summer. It is an important holiday to recognize and remember all those who fought for our country, so please don’t forget about the bigger picture. But, we always have to wear clothes, and you should comb those closets for some pieces that you can resurrect because it was another throwback week. I took fashion inspiration from the 70s, 80s, and 90s! If you don’t have the time, then make it easy and shop my links!  Too, let me know if you guys like me incorporating the little fashion history lessons in the posts? Feel free to leave a comment because I would love to hear your feedback. I will be posting on Memorial Day next week, but I still want to wish you a blessed and safe Memorial Day weekend! Happy Closet Combing! 
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