Playing in Pulitzer

Hey my loves! It is officially summer for me, so no more finals/college talk! To kick off my vacation, I decided that I needed some fresh air at Barclay Square, my local park. I was so happy to see all the gorgeous blooming trees that I attempted (see above) to climb one as best I could in a dress, with the wind whipping. Trust me, there were a lot of shots in which my face was covered by my hair because the gusts were intense! There was sun, a storm, wind, and more sun, but we got the pictures! For my look, I threw on the perfect dress for the spring/summer season. I wore a brightly colored Lilly Pulitzer dress, a matching purse, jelly shoes, and some sunnies, of course, to top it all off. I love this look because it is so cheery, easy to throw on, comfortable, and very chic—basically everything you could ever want in an outfit! Clearly it withstood my afternoon adventures, so it can do the same for you, whether you are shopping, brunching, working, or spending time outdoors. Keep on reading for details on how to play in Pulitzer in the park in Punxsy (try saying that five times fast)! Or just keep reading to learn how to style the dress with no tree climbing required!

You know I get excited about talking all things fashion, but I am extra pumped to talk about this dress! I believe in loving my clothes equally, but this particular piece holds a special place in my heart because I don’t own anything like it! Lilly Pulitzer has this signature style with their vibrant and intricate prints, and that is what sets the brand apart and makes this dress stand out in the sea of dresses I own. I tried to capture the many gorgeous colors, but in case you want a list, there is dark blue, robin egg blue, light blue, turquoise, aqua, green, hot pink, orange, and white (even though white isn’t a color, technically). A LOT of color fits into this dress! I remember walking into the store for the first time; it was like walking into a box of crayons with all the hues! You can probably guess why I picked this one out, though; I am a sucker for blue! In addition to the colors, the prints are so fun because some of them represent abstract realism (sounds contradictory, but it is a thing). What I mean is that there are these abstract, “random” shapes and lines, mixed with familiar scenes and objects. My dress, for example, has little fish mixed in, if you look really close. Other Lilly prints do have more defined objects/symbols, but they are all a work of art. One last feature I love about this dress is that it has UPF 50+  (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) that keeps you safe in those rays. Now you can enjoy all the summer weather without worry. Just don’t forget the sunscreen for your skin!

I want to mention that my dress is from the 2017 spring/summer collection. However, Lilly Pulitzer has tons of signature prints, so you can find the perfect one for you (also, this isn’t sponsored, I just love Lilly). They have multiple styles in the same prints, too, in case you want something different! Mine is the Sophie Dress, which they still carry in new colors!

Since the sun is finally starting to come out, I must warn you that you will be getting a look at my sunglasses collection! Sunnies are by far one of my all time favorite accessories because they are so chic and a little mysterious. Plus, I have sensitive eyes, but that is a less fun reason! The sunnies I am wearing have white, metal frames with reflective blue green lenses. The white is a nice contrast with all the color going on in the dress, and the lenses are a youthful and fun feature. Also, these feel a little futuristic to me because they are a rather funky. What do you guys think? I love to have fun with my eyewear, and there are tons of neat sunnies out there to fuel my addiction. Reach for some sunnies that coordinate with your outfit and highlight your own personal style.

I feel like it has been forever since I mentioned my purses and shoes! It is necessary to talk about these shoes as they remind me of my childhood because they are jellies, but for adults! I didn’t own a ton of shoes like this when I was little, but there was always someone on the playground that had a pair of transparent jelly shoes that were usually pink and had sparkles! They have definitely been making a comeback, probably because all of us 90s kids are missing them! My pair are opaque white, with a peep toe and caged look. They are obviously flats as opposed to sandals, but they look very sophisticated. People don’t even know they are jelly until I tell them! What I like most about these shoes is that they are so bendy! Sometimes stiff shoes are hard to walk in, especially when you are out and about all day, but these shoes make it easy to run around all afternoon.

I also have details about my purse, but I will make it brief because I have featured this bag on the blog before. It is not a boring piece, but I don’t feel the need to ramble! This bag is Kate Spade, and I showcased it with the look because it goes so well! The blue shade is almost identical to the colors in the dress, and I can’t help but love that coordination! Colorful bags are great, particularly in the summer, so don’t be afraid to break out the brightest of bags to go with your next outfit!

I am throwing in this picture last because it doesn’t go with the whole “park” theme. These bushes were across the street, but too pretty to pass up! I will probably be frequenting them in posts to come, so they will get their time to shine! Anyway, I will stop babbling about bushes and wrap up this post! I really encourage you to invest in a Lilly piece because they are timeless—Jackie O sported them—and incredibly unique! So worth it! Also, the clothes just make me want to book a beach vacation ASAP! But don’t fret because you still need to comb those closets for the perfect accessories and shoes. No outfit is complete without ’em! Look for colorful pieces that say you are ready for summer. If the heat is already getting to you, then you can always shop my links below for easy buying! Enjoy this weather, babes, and Happy Closet Combing!

Links to same/similar pieces:

Dress: (Same style, similar print!)


Purse: (SALE)×1889582&gclid=Cj0KCQjw5-TXBRCHARIsANLixNyTMckh8Lf2pdSuguqQrOTNQ_891dFmROhtZtBMX_aeZiYK04cG3TEaAhb-EALw_wcB


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