May Flowers

Hey lovelies! So, I am all over the place this week, literally! I was taking pictures in different locations, and running errands in between shots. And my mind is a little scrambled because it is finals week (It is wild to think that my freshman year of college is over)! In the midst of the studying, I knew I had to take some time and create a new blog post because there is no rest for wicked, or should I say no rest for the fashionable? My look is casual; a bright pink sweater, crazy fun mom jeans, equally fun sunglasses, and mules. I opted for an outfit that is perfect for running to the last days of class, or wherever duty calls. Plus, it is a fitting sequel to “April Showers” because my jeans are not only ripped, but covered in pretty flowers. They are the new jeans I mentioned that I ordered a few weeks back. I couldn’t wait any longer to debut them! Keep on reading to see how I style jeans that are essential to the month of May because I don’t know about you guys, but I am over the rain and am ready for all the colorful May flowers to start popping up!

Here I am in what was my natural habitat for the past 8 months, my college campus. I spent a lot of time picking out outfits to wear to my classes here! Enough with the nostalgia though; let’s talk sweaters! Pink is one of my favorite colors, and sweaters are one of my favorite pieces, so it is safe to say that I love this top. It is cute, yet very much practical for this time of year when it is too warm for coats and chunky knits, but too chilly to break out the spaghetti straps. This transitional period is the best time for light sweaters in bright colors. The bright pink is a nod to springtime and upcoming summer, getting rid of the drab (but, at times, fab) winter colors. Despite the looks, can we all agree that sweaters may be the comfiest article of clothing? Who’s with me?! I know I just want to live in them all year long! Of course, if it is already hot where you live, or you want to try something a little different, these pants are surprisingly easy to style. A crop top—long sleeves or short sleeves—would be adorable, or opt for a basic tee. Other pretty color options would be pastel or lemon yellow and light pink!

Usually when I wear jeans on the blog, actually every time I wear jeans on the blog, it is the same old spiel, “high-waisted, medium wash, skinny jeans.” And though I love my old faithful pairs of denim, it was time to mix things up! I saw these pants on Instagram and had them in my shopping cart in about 0.5 seconds. I stuck with the high-waisted feature, but wanted to try out the mom jean style. In case you didn’t know, the style that was popular 20+ years ago and seen on numerous moms around, is back with a vengeance! Mom jeans are no longer for the stereotypical soccer mom, but for everyone who wants to look chic and current. The styles of the “old days” were typically cotton and sometimes elastic—practical for mothers everywhere. Today, they still hit at the natural waist, but are making a huge statement in fashion because they aren’t the same old skinnies we have been squeezing into for the past decade and then some. They represent throwback, vintage culture and a new sense of liberation that proves it doesn’t have to be tight to be fashionable. Now, I love my specific jeans because they are super unique. The ripped up, destructed denim is youthful and gives them a lived in look. The FLOWERS are so darn cute as well. Embroidery is also a big trend, so these jeans check all of the boxes. It is important to note the juxtaposition of the rips and flowers. The destruction is edgy, while the flowers are feminine—pile that on top of mom jeans and you got yourself some cool denim! (The best part about these pants is that they are new, so I can link the exact pair!)

When I put these sunglasses on, I can’t help but feel a need a for a Juicy Couture tracksuit, like immediately. After all, they are pink (the camera makes them look red!) and blinged out! Accessories are like the icing on the cake, so I found it necessary to find a pair that lives up to the mom jeans. In borrowing ideas from the past, I also feel like a 90s popstar in the best way possible. I love these glasses because they aren’t on everyone’s face. The color is different, as well as the rhinestones and the transparent lenses. The transparency of the lenses is honestly my favorite part because they are actually flattering, and allow me to show off my eye makeup! I have to admit that I had these glasses for a year before I finally had the guts to wear them in public. They were given to by my cousin, and I didn’t know how I felt about them at first. But, after wearing them around in my room and gawking in the mirror, I fell in love and decided I was going to rock them! You can wear any sunglasses you want with this look, but the moral of the story is to wear what makes you happy! (Funny enough, after I started wearing these, I saw colorful, transparent lenses everywhere! Go figure!)

I am ending my post chilling by a tree at IUP Punxsy! I keep reminiscing about fashion trends, so I am going to reminisce about my freshman year of college too (then I will shut up until next year). This year has been a great year because I not only made new friends, but embarked on new experiences. My very first assignment in my very first college class, Composition 101, was to create a blog. When the assignment was complete, I realized that blogging was more than just college work to me, it was a passion. I am so thankful for my professor who encouraged me to continue blogging, and I am thankful to every one of you who supports me on my journey! It isn’t over, either! Get ready for some summer fashion in the weeks/months to come (I may even have swimwear up my sleeve)! I am so excited for the summer and more opportunities in my college career. With all of my sappiness out of the way, I want to remind you to comb your closets, or your mom’s closet, for some denim and sweaters that keep the good times rolling. Or, save yourself the hassle and shop the links below! As for me, I’m not done with school just yet, so I better get back to studying! Happy Closet Combing!

Links to same/similar pieces:


Sweater:(SUPER SALE! All sizes)!860!3!200226268295!!!g!362029163407!&ef_id=Wbc9wAAABT0FY4IK:20180508042501:s#article=75337-G



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