Vintage in the Valley

Hello again, loves! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. I spent time enjoying the sunshine, even though I look a little angry in some of the pictures. I really do love the sun…it was in my eyes! I didn’t care because I was just happy to be outside and get some vitamin D. To do so, I made my way down into the valley near my hometown to photograph this beautiful dress. Despite my little heels sinking into the dirt, I enjoyed every minute surrounded by nature. The lush field and natural colors were the perfect complement to this vintage-inspired, floral dress, my kitten heels, and antique bracelet. My ensemble is pretty minimal this week because I wanted to create a very organic and whimsical story. This look is great for this time of the year because it an outfit you can wear to spring weddings, dinner parties, graduations, dates, etc. And, the best part is that it isn’t wintry in the least bit! It felt so nice to go outside without freezing, and I think spring is finally here to stay. With the season truly in full bloom, keep on reading for details on this floral dress and tips on how to pull off vintage in any valley!

Though I love to experiment and change up my looks, it is no secret that my overall style is super feminine. Basically, my aesthetic can be summed up in this dress; girly, classy, and effortless. For being one garment, there are so many details that really make this a beautiful piece. For starters, it has a high/low style that is shorter in the front and longer in the back, and an empire waistline that reiterates the vintage vibe. Empire lines are certainly old school as they date back to 1906 when designer Paul Poiret introduced the style that was considered refreshing in the era of corsets. The empire line sits below the bust, creating a softer look, compared to the constricting dresses of the time. Not to mention, the floral print in the earth tone colors, paired with the ivory lace panels, combines two timeless features; lace and flowers. The print is sophisticated, too, so you won’t be looking like your grandmother’s couch! I love that the dress is sheer because it makes it feel very airy and light. Plus, this particular dress has a built-in slip, which is always convenient. But, you can always add your own slip because they make so many pretty slips that demand to be seen (or at least worn under a pretty dress). All in all, this dress can appeal to the masses because it can be described in so many adjectives—romantic, vintage, whimsical, and bohemian, to name a few!

Like I said, dirt and heels don’t necessarily mix well, but these shoes are so easy to walk in! Stilettos are great, but this look is very simplistic, so you don’t need any drama in the shoe department. Give your feet a break and grab kitten heels because the heels are tiny enough to strut without feeling the blisters the next day. I opted for a nude pair to go with the colors of the dress, but I am also a sucker for nude heels. Who doesn’t love a shoe that makes their legs look longer?! You know the deal…if the shoe matches your skin tone, then it will elongate those limbs. However, if you want something different, try a metallic gold heel for a little pizazz or even a brown wedge. Whatever you choose, stick to the dressier footwear since this is a fancy look.

I am getting rather up close and personal to talk about this gorgeous vintage bracelet. I don’t always elaborate on my jewelry, but this is a piece worth noting. I purchased this on a whim when I was visiting my brother in Eastern PA. He lives in a quaint little town that had a vintage store, so obviously I popped in. The shop sold mostly antique decor, but there was a section filled with little accessories. This gold bracelet caught my eye because it was significant in size. Aside from it being “chunky” I was enamored with the detail! It is so nice to see jewelry that focuses on the little things. I didn’t even get to the best part about this entire piece…it is a locket! I should have took a picture of it off of my wrist, but I hate taking it off! Each little rectangle section has a locket that you can open up and put pictures in. And, before you start wondering, I’ve been lame and haven’t put any pics in it yet. Because I have a big family, I will probably just fill it with pictures of my two kitties. No one’s feelings are hurt, and I will have my cats close to me! Now I am getting sidetracked—that’s what happens when I start talking about Max and Mr.Cat! Anyway, this bracelet is something special, and I wanted to share it with all of you. It is one of a kind, but I will try my best to find you guys a similar one! 
I will wrap up by showing you the back view of the dress. You know I can’t go into a pretty green field with a flowy dress and pass up the opportunity to frolic! To be honest, though, I was running away from a swarm of bugs. Nobody said Closet Combing was glamorous! Anyway, I hope that this outfit encourages you to comb those closets for vintage dresses. Maybe you will even find some jewelry while you are at it! If you are tired of spring cleaning, then you can also just relax and shop my links below! I also wish that you all became inspired to spend some time outdoors and enjoy nature! I live such a fast-paced life that it was so nice to stop and admire the natural beauty. I suggest wearing sneakers, though! Feel free to leave a comment and tell me your favorite place outdoors. Have a fabulous week and Happy Closet Combing! 
Links to same/similar pieces: 

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