April Showers

Hi loves! I hope you had a great weekend because I sure had a full schedule. I went to Pittsburgh to the Carnegie art museum, went to a pop-up shop at my college campus, hung out with friends and family, and did schoolwork, as well! Basically, my busy life required me to run down the street on a Friday night to get pics for the blog, but nonetheless, I have new content ready for the week! Now, we all know the saying, “April Showers bring May Flowers, “and I believe April has been keeping up its end of the deal. To help you stay dry for the rest of the month, I am sharing with you an outfit that has tons of bright colors, so you can be cute and repel water. The best of the both worlds! I am wearing a polka dot raincoat, green shirt, jeans, rain boots, and a very important accessory, an umbrella! I know that the pictures would look more authentic if I were splashing in some puddles, but water and cameras don’t mix! So, you will have to trust me when I say that this is a look that has you covered, literally from head to toe, when the rain is pouring. Make rainy days fun and keep scrolling to see how I style a look that is perfect for those April showers! 

Raincoats are an essential in every closet because not only are they adorable, but they have an actual purpose…to keep you dry. But, besides the practicality, I can honestly say that raincoats are timeless. I am going to get a little sidetracked, now, because this jacket has a lot history. Everyone who knows me knows that while I do get rid of clothes by donating to make room for more, there are pieces that I like to keep in my “collection.” Fashion is full circle (haha…refer to my last post)! This jacket was something that I simply could never part with, and I am getting it back out 9 years later. Yes, you read that correctly. I wore this coat for my school pictures in fourth grade! And all the kids wondered why I didn’t take my jacket off for the picture! Anyway, I wanted to share that with you because it is funny how we dig things up from our past to recirculate, and maybe I also wanted to brag that this still fits me (and zips)! I hung onto this raincoat for so long because it really embodies my personal style; it is quirky, fun, and unique. Plus it is my favorite color, blue, and has polka dots. It really doesn’t get any better. Obviously, this exact raincoat is not on the market all these years later, but I will try my best to find something similar. I could talk about raincoats forever, though I have one more point I want to make about them. I want to let you know that you shouldn’t fear looking too juvenile if your raincoat is anything other than sleek black. My coat is from the kids’ section, but I can still proudly wear it because  raincoats are meant to be fun! So, to all my fashionistas out there, wear those fun rain coats that are spotted, striped, bright yellow, transparent, etc., because you only live once (do people still say that? Well, it’s a throwback day)! 
I was very long-winded talking about my “vintage” rain coat, therefore I will give you a briefing about the rest of the clothes. I wore my favorite jeans— (but you guys would be proud…I got new denim that is so fun and like nothing I own! stay tuned!)—high-waisted, medium wash, skinnies. Denim is the universal fabric that goes with everything, and the blue complemented the colors of the coat and the overall casual vibe. As for my undershirt, I wanted to commit to the colors because I always grab black or white. The coat has all kinds of colored polka dots, though I picked a kiwi green because it stands out against the blue and also pairs perfectly with the pink boots. You, too, can wear a bright colored shirt that will pop under your jacket, or you can stick to the neutrals! 
If you are stepping outside in the rain, then you need some rain boots, no doubt about it! My personal favorites, which are the favorite of pretty much every fashion blogger, are Hunter boots. This post is not sponsored; I just have a lot of love for Hunter. I love these rain boots so much because the quality is great. I got these boots about 2 1/2 years ago, and I wear them all the time! You never thought you really needed rain boots until you get a pair and realize that you could wear them at least once a week, depending on wear you live. Anyway, I have trudged through many puddles in these babies and they look like new! I also love the color choices. I feel like I have been wearing a ton of black lately, and I promised some color! Hunter has tons of color options and they are always adding fresh new shades, as well as keeping the classics, like red, around. I wanted to get myself a pink pair because I have so many black shoes, and when I look in my closet, these bright beauties put a smile on my face. They come in neutrals too, if you aren’t into the different hues. There are so many options from shades, to height, to finish, that it is not hard to find a pair that is right for you. A few more details about mine; they are the original tall gloss rain boots, with the adjustable back. I could probably go without the adjustable back, but I like have the extra wiggle room. The strap allows you to adjust to fit your calves, but it is nice if you want to wear bulky pants. I even like to wear tall, thick socks that stick out. I have to say that Hunter boots are a little bit of splurge, but totally worth it because this 162-year-old British brand knows their stuff!
To top off your rainy day look, just grab your umbrella and head out the door! Practice your vocals because you will be singing in the rain all day in this outfit. I recommend combing those closets since you never know what you will discover wedged between the hangers; if you are anything like me, you might just find yourself a jacket that you have had for half your life! But, if you aren’t a clothing hoarder—I mean collector, like me, then you can always shop my links below. With all these chic pieces, you will be looking for rain in the forecast! That is all I have for this week, so stay dry out there, babes, and Happy Closet Combing! 
Links to same/similar pieces: 

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