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Hey there, lovelies! I’m back and ready to talk about fashion! Before jumping in, I hope that those of you who celebrate had a wonderful Easter last week! I sure did… except for the fact that it was so chilly, the people at my church were filing in in winter coats. I can’t say I blame them, though, because the cold is sticking around! I know I said I am looking forward to spring, but no matter how many new dresses I buy, I can’t seem to stay out of my winter clothes. Phil wasn’t lying about 6 more weeks of winter (or was he? It’s definitely been more than 6 weeks, Phil!). I always feel the need to give the weather report on the blog because it greatly influences my outfit choices. With that being said, even though my look is best suited for chilly weather, I will give you tips on how to achieve a similar look in warmer climates. But for all my bundled-up babes out there, I would stick to the same black military jacket, pink tee, statement necklace, jeans, over-the-knee boots, a bag, and a newsboy cap, of course! If you couldn’t tell by the title of the post, this week I am paying homage to one of my favorite hats! So, keep reading to see how I dress for whatever season you want to call this, and learn how to style a hat that requires no newspapers to rock (but a few fashion books wouldn’t hurt)!

Starting off with the basics, I chose to wear a simple tee under my jacket. You can’t tell from the photos, but I often wear short sleeves under my jackets, so I don’t get too hot. This is perfect if you live somewhere where the temps are rising, as well. The color pink is one of my go-tos because I am a girly girl, and the pastel shade is a step in the right direction when it comes to thinking spring. Plus, who doesn’t love a black and pink color combo? If you aren’t feeling the colors as much as I am, then feel free to grab your preferred tee in any color, or even just white to keep things easy. Thrown over this pink top is a military style jacket that I love (it made a cameo in my Holiday series!). Jackets are great all year since you never know when you are going to catch a chill. Mine in particular works with the transitioning weather because it is a lightweight material that packs a style punch. My long blonde locks do a good job of covering the detailed silver buttons that line the opening, but if you look close enough, they are there! These buttons are my favorite feature because they really do resemble buttons on an actual military jacket. I love when buttons are big and demand attention. Aside from the closures, the overall style of this piece is ultra cool. Many military jackets are structured, meaning they are tailored to be semi-fitted. Mine is gathered in the back and cinches at the waist, creating a peplum style that is exaggerated when buttoned.

My jeans are the same ones I always wear. I really need to look into getting new styles, but I hate to buy pants when all I want is warm weather! So, until I take the plunge, you are going to have to keep seeing these ones. My usual readers know the drill; I wear high-waisted, medium wash, skinnies. I like the tight fit, and the shade is easy to style with different pieces, but all blue jeans are painless to throw on with anything. You can bust out any pair you like, but I would stick to jeans that have tapered ankles if you are going to wear over-the-knee boots. They zip so nicely without bulky fabric. However, denim shorts would be adorable as well! Shorts and over-the-knee boots go great together, and the combination is great for this time of year when it isn’t too hot and (hopefully) not too cold. If you take the short route (haha), then I recommend a distressed, high-waisted, light wash pair to make those boots and legs pop! But, you do you because any pair will do!

I am so excited to talk about this hat because it really adds character to a look. This particular newsboy cap reminds me of something Andy Sachs wears in The Devil Wears Prada. In case you are also a fan, then you may remember her winter white coat and grey/white hat that is similar to the one I am wearing. Mine isn’t quite the same, but I think Miranda Priestly (Andy’s boss) would definitely agree that this hat is fabulous. It is a classic houndstooth print in black and white, and the shape mimics the hats of newspaper boys in Europe and North America in the 19th and 20th centuries. Boys and girls alike can wear these hats, and I have noticed that they are making a comeback. You may have heard them being called Gatsby hats because of Jay Gatsby, but whatever name you call them, you can recognize the characteristics; a stiff brim, full/round body, fabric panels, and a button on top. You can tell that mine possesses all of these qualities, though it has an extra touch of femininity with a little black bow on the side. The bow is so cute, but it isn’t too big that it makes the hat juvenile. It is just right! If you are having a bad hair day, want to spice up your look, or want to throw on a hat to read a good book, then look no further than a newsboy cap. If you aren’t a fan of mine, you can find these in plain black, grey, brown, prints, etc. A white one would be amazing for spring! Find a hat that fits your personal style and spread the news!

You can’t have an outfit without shoes, so I opted for a pair of black OTK (over-the-knee) boots and some books to rest my feet on. Blogging is hard work! The black stands out against blue jeans, but remember that you can wear these with shorts and skirts, as well. I know we often think of winter when we think boots, but a lot of people actually wear these shoes with shorts/skirts/dresses because they make your legs look great, whether they are covered or uncovered. My boots partially zip on the sides, but the best part is being able to tie them at the top, so you can make them as tight as you want. The faux suede is soft and easy to pull on, and the heel is comfy enough to do some walking. I remember hunting for a pair of these shoes, and after I found ones for me, I couldn’t stop wearing them. They are a great purchase, but you can always wear booties or flats, too!

I will briefly mention the few other accessories featured in this post; First, I wore a black and white statement necklace for extra glam. I have so many chunky necklaces, and then I started wearing dainty jewelry more, and now I just wear whatever I am feeling! I like statement necklaces because they dress up even a simple tee like mine. Sometimes you feel like your outfit just needs something more, and a glitzy statement piece does the trick! Speaking of statements (a word I seem to be using on repeat), you may have spotted a furry little bag in some of the shots. I decided I wasn’t going to focus on the bag that much, but I promise I will give it the attention it deserves in a later blog post. I just got it from my cousin a week ago (love you, Amy!), but I have been wearing it and getting compliments on it like crazy. Basically, it is just a faux fur, blush colored purse that is not your average bag! Experiment with different necklaces and purses to find the right accessories that make you feel as chic as can be.

My last pic features another feline friend a.k.a. my favorite nephew, Rupert (my only nephew)! I had to take over his house to get pics because it was way too chilly and rainy to have an outside photoshoot. Needless to say, Rupert was loving the faux fur props and his auntie! I think he is wondering when I am ever going to wrap up this post! I will leave you all to comb those closets for basic pieces that you can dress up with a structured jacket, OTK boots, and a newsboy cap! The perfect outfit for curling up with The Little Dictionary of Fashion by Christian Dior on a rainy April day! Feel free to comment and let me know your favorite books/magazines to read! That is all for this week, and hopefully next week I can go outside because I am ready for some sun! Thanks for reading and Happy Closet Combing!

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