Egg-cited for Easter

Hey my loves! I am being a little cheesy with my title, but I really am egg-cited for Easter. It is a holiday that signals warmer weather is coming and, more importantly, allows us to start to shed some layers. Ironically, it was very cold the day I took these pictures, so I had to make a new plan and shoot most of them in my house. I luckily have some pretty green walls that remind me of spring pastels. Speaking of pastels, this week I chose to wear a pale blue dress with sheer floral detail, a white sweater, and some block heel Mary Janes to create a feminine look for any Easter celebration or spring day. This look is super comfortable, so it is also great to wear when you just may eat a little too much chocolate. Who am I kidding? There’s no such thing! Now here I am getting a chocolate bunny craving when I am supposed to be talking about clothes! It is probably best that I hop (get it?) right into the outfit details!

Every year, for as long as I can remember, I have gotten a new dress to wear to church on Easter Sunday. Obviously, I had no trouble sticking to this tradition, snagging this gorgeous dress for the upcoming holiday. I usually head over to the racks featuring pastels because they are often associated with Easter, as well as spring in general. And, if you didn’t know, blue is my favorite color, so I knew this dress was made for me. The floral print is a beautiful touch, and even though it is floral, it is not too youthful or matronly. I am a huge fan of floral prints, but they can be tricky sometimes. This print is very subtle and almost abstract. It incorporates more color into the look with the shades of purple and indigo. Besides the colors, another pretty feature is the overall style of this piece. The sheer overlay is feminine, showing just the right amount of skin. It has a sewn-in slip underneath, which is always much appreciated when dealing with sheer garments. I like that the slip doesn’t cover the entire neckline because you do get to show of your décolletage. It’s safe to say that this dress has an empire silhouette with a cute little ruffle at the high waistline. This garment is classy, and it checks lots of trendy boxes with it’s sheer qualities, pastels, print, and ruffle. But, if you aren’t a dress girl, you can opt for a pretty blouse with similar aspects.

As you can see in the picture where I am holding the egg tree (trying to get into that holiday spirit), my dress is sleeveless. This would be perfect for all of you who live in warmer climates, but it isn’t ideal for me since a lot of the Easters in Punxsutawney are chilly. However, it isn’t a big deal because a sweater is an easy fix. I know that a little cardigan doesn’t keep you very toasty, but it is nice to have something over your arms. My sweater in particular is very thin with 3/4 length sleeves. It isn’t extremely thick and chunky, so it goes with the delicate dress underneath. I often throw on sweaters, and it is great having a thin one on hand in the spring and summer. Actually, I hardly leave the house without a sweater—a habit I picked up from my dear grandma. A white sweater, like anything white, is a good piece to have because of versatility. You don’t have to worry about it clashing, making it easy to grab and go.You can pair your look with a sweater that goes with any corresponding colors, or if you are basking in the sun this Easter, then don’t sweat it!

This was one of the few pictures where I was able to muster up the courage to actually go outside. Take note of the snow on the ground! With cool temps in mind, I frequently wear tights with my skirts and dresses, often up until mid-April or even May. I went with a simple nude pair that is similar to my skin tone because I wanted a natural look. Tights are a great way to keep your legs warm as well as blur any imperfections, meaning warm and flawless legs.

My shoes are quite possibly one of my favorite pairs I own. I’ve featured them before and will most likely do it again because they are that great. I love these grey/blue Mary Janes with a block heel. First of all, slap a block heel on any shoe and they are instantly comfy. Then, the Mary Jane style is very French girl chic because they are both fashionable and practical. Lastly, the color!! I have to admit it was a little intimidating to me when I ordered them. It’s not that I don’t love color, but I don’t always wear my colored shoes as much as black or white pairs. Don’t be intimidated like me because I wear these more than I realize. The color is subtle and so easy to wear! Try some stilettos, mules, or ballet flats if you aren’t sold on these shoes!

I am wrapping things up with a better view of the shoes and this really cute sign! I would say that I love decorating for holidays almost as much as I love dressing for them! If you want a look similar to mine, comb your closets for pretty pastels and feminine silhouettes. Or you can treat yourself or someone you know because I always link my clothes below! Oh and before I say good bye, I want to let everyone  know that I am taking next week off to spend time with my family over the holiday. The weekend is when I get my content together, but I am going to take a little breather, relax (as much as a college student can!), and enjoy my company, and I encourage you all to do the same! I will be back in two weeks, and hopefully I can be outside without freezing by that time! I will see you all very soon, and I want to wish you a very blessed Easter. And of course, Happy Closet Combing! 
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