Peace, Love, & Fashion

Hi lovelies! So, if you couldn’t tell, I am once again throwing it back to my favorite decade in which I wasn’t born…the 70s! Before everyone had internet, there was peace, love, and certainly some fun fashion (side note: peace and love is clearly associated with the 60s too)! Of all the past fashion eras, the clothes of the 70s are some of my favorite because men and women wore what they wanted. It was a mix of mod and hippie culture from the 60s, as well as “new” innovations that cultivated an iconic era of style. And the higher the platform, the better, baby! Of course I wasn’t alive, but I love educating myself on clothing from the past and seeing how it transpires today. I drew some inspiration with my outfit, wearing a rust colored jacket, a white tee and booties, blue jeans, a neck tie scarf, and some circle sunnies. I am a huge fan of taking vintage clothes and ideas and giving them a little 21st century update. After all, fashion is always full circle (which is why I like to “collect” a bunch of clothes and not want to part with them)! Keep on reading to see how I interpret 1970s style, creating a modern, but a little bit groovy look.

This burnt orange/rust color was very popular in the 70s, as clothing began getting away from the rainbow color palette from the 60s. I love having a jacket in this color because it really is unique to me. Many jackets are denim, black, or beige, but this one is just a little more vibrant. I have to admit that I am sometimes guilty of getting lost in a sea of neutrals, and sometimes I like to give my wardrobe a little refresh…especially because I am impatiently waiting to wear all of my bright, summer colors. Aside from the gorgeous hue, the style is flattering because it hits just below the waist and is semi-fitted. Though it looks as if it is really structured, the material is not heavy and actually has some stretch. It’s a good piece for spring and fall because it is rather lightweight and provides enough coverage and warmth on those chilly days. It definitely imitates colored denim, but it not as thick and heavy. To achieve this look, try and see if you can comb your closet (or your parents’) to find any remnants of rust that will remind you of decades past.

I know I am not wearing true 70s denim because if I was, my jeans would be dramatically flared. However, I appreciate the leaps and bounds women were making in fashion during this era and prior as they were finally getting away from having to wear skirts and dresses. Women were working and fighting oppression, so they ditched the idea that they could solely wear ultra feminine/modest dresses. Yes, dresses and skirts were still in style, but they came in different styles and weren’t the only option for women. It would be hard for me to imagine living in a world where only men wore trousers and jeans. So, with that being said, it was our time to wear the pants and you can’t go wrong with classic denim. I am sticking with good ol’ blue jeans, but I always prefer a pair that is fitted. I do love all styles of jeans, but I like tucking my jeans into my booties, and skinnies are “skinny” enough to do so. I picked a faded medium wash, but denim in any wash and cut would look great. Go with some 70s flares, distressed denim, or even a pair of vintage mom jeans! Just throw on a white tee (or green, pink, blue, yellow) and you are good to go!

My favorite thing to talk about when it comes to my outfits is accessories. I love that I can inject some personality and flavor into even the simplest of pieces. I wore a super cute silk neck tie scarf that has layers of oranges, pinks, and browns. It very well could even be from the 70s as I got it from my favorite vintage shop, the Hatchery. They have a huge bin of silk scarves in every color, so I knew I would find the perfect match! Though my friends liked to call me a flight attendant in my neck tie scarves, I have always been obsessed. They pull a look together, so there is a reason they are part of airline uniforms! During this time of year, I don’t want to wear thick, wool scarves, so these are a nice alternative. I actually wear them all year round! To reference iconic 70s looks, they remind me of Bianca Jagger and her neck tie blouse she wore wore with suit separates. The neck tie scarf is similar to the blouse of Bianca, and now all we need is a Studio 54 revival! Who’s with me?!

When I wear my circle sunnies, I often think of Elton John or Ozzy Osbourne, and they make me feel like a music star when I am really just a college kid. They were literally 6 dollars and I wear them the most of any of my glasses. Circle sunnies feel so vintage, and they remind me of summer in the old days. They complement my old school inspiration, and the gold details add some glam. You can get creative with your accessories, wearing any pair of cat eye, square, etc. sunglasses, but don’t be shy when it comes to wearing very round sunnies.

Okay so I think you all know about my white booties, and if not, you can find them in my old posts. They match the white tee, are so fresh, and look great for spring. I gush over them a lot, even though I bought them thinking I would wear them only few times. White booties don’t disappoint. That’s it.

Well, I hope you all like looking at my pictures because I added a few extra fun shots! I wanted to capture the uniqueness of the Bennis house—the striped walls, intricate pillars, brick, and even the green carpeting. Punxsutawney has some beautiful architecture! There is so much character in the house that really goes with the 70s look. By the way, can you tell I am kind of an old soul? As much as I love modern and sleek, I appreciate vintage, doing my best at interpreting “vintage” styles. You are probably sick of hearing me say those words, so I will wrap this thing up! Don’t forget to comb those closets for some rad rust, fun flares, and whimsical whites! Then, just top it off with your favorite accessories. If you don’t want any of the hassle, relax and shop the links below! Oh, and feel free to comment your favorite era of fashion! Are you a 70s lover like me? Have a great week and Happy Closet Combing!

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