Sewing Segment #1: St. Patty's Perfection

Hey loves! This week I am changing things up a bit and featuring a piece that I actually created myself. What I am trying to say is that I sew, and I am “sew” excited to share my work with you! I decided to start up a new section on the blog that deals with the garments I made. I will definitely keep the regular blog posts coming too, so don’t worry if you aren’t a seamstress! Now, because I am always trying to be festive, I wanted to put together an outfit that has some green and gold for St. Patrick’s Day. I wore a white blouse, a polka dot skirt that I sewed, some sparkly flats, and a shiny, metallic bag. This look is perfect for any parties, parades, or events you may be attending this weekend, but you can rock the green and gold anywhere you go! Keep on reading to learn how I made this skirt and how I style my clothes for St. Patty’s.

A little background about my sewing; I started sewing three and a half years ago, taking lessons from an instructor. Turns out, I fell in love with it and bought a sewing machine, a Husqvarna Viking Opal 650, to be exact. My instructor showed me the ropes and how to use my machine, and I sewed numerous pieces with her guidance. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to teach anymore, and my lessons ended. Even though I took lessons, I still sewed everything myself and made pieces on my own. So, I started making pieces completely by myself and developed the confidence to tackle different projects. Now, I am comfortable with sewing solo and I am thrilled to share my knowledge with all of you.

This skirt was the first thing I ever made with no help from my instructor. Just me, my machine, and some fabric. To begin, I usually start with a pattern. I like to stick to basic patterns and manipulate them. I never make the exact look from the patterns I buy because I modify them and simply use them as a guide. A pattern is a good starting point, especially when you have to figure out size and fit. After I pick out my pattern, I line up my fabric, cut it out, and start sewing (sounds easy, but it takes practice). I often buy 2 yards of fabric because I like to have a lot to work with. Some people prefer the bare minimum, but I like to have extra in case of minor mistakes, and sometimes I can make other pieces with the scraps. I picked out this gorgeous green and gold fabric because I love polka dots as well as the color combination. This skirt was made with green thread, a universal needle, the cotton fabric, and elastic. The elastic is challenging at times and was the hardest part for me, but it ensures a good fit and makes pieces super comfy. I really enjoyed creating this skirt because I was able to personalize it from the material to the style. Sewing is something that is trial and error, but it allows you to transform fabric into clothes that you love!

The rest of my look is from the store, so if you aren’t into sewing, you can still snag these pieces! I went with a top that is light colored in order to create a nice contrast with the dark green of the skirt. My white blouse may seem simple, but it is far from ordinary. This shirt has a collar that is ruffled (you can’t really see it with my hair in the way, but trust me, it exists), ties in the front, and has bell sleeves. All these fun elements really elevate the top and the overall look. Plus, it keeps things current because it incorporates the latest trend of ruffles and dramatic sleeves. The white gives it a crisp feel, and the silhouette is flouncy and feminine. Of course, if you don’t want to go with white, you could always try gold, beige, pink, or just more green if you like. Or, if you do like the white/green/gold palette, any white shirt or sweater in your closet can be paired with this skirt!

I found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow with my bag and shoes! Gold is my preferred metallic, and the accents bring out the pretty polka dots in my skirt. This Michael Kors purse that I chose to carry is super shiny and reflective with the MK logo plastered all over it! I love this purse because it is really large and can fit all kinds of things in it! Tiny bags are adorable, but big ones do the job! Also, this purse has so much sentimental value because it was a gift from parents for me for Valentine’s Day a few years back, and now I am pairing with my St. Patty’s Day outfit! It looks great with all kinds of clothing in every season, making it a go-to bag.

My shoes are a pair of glittery, pointed toe flats. When it comes to all shoes, pointed toes are hands-down my favorite style. They really elongate your legs, especially when you are wearing colors that are close to your skin tone, like this light gold is to mine. I feel like you really can’t have gold anything if it doesn’t sparkle or shine, so the glitter is a great choice. To add to the girly aesthetic, the shoes are topped off with dainty little bows. Try heels, boots, or even some sneakers if ballet flats aren’t your thing!

I am ending with a touch-up this week because who can’t walk by a mirror without fixing their lipstick?! I know I am guilty of it! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed some of my sewing advice, and that I was able to help some aspiring seamstresses or long-time sewers! I continually want to encourage all of you to find creative outlets, whether it be sewing or not, because it is so important to embrace your skills and build upon them (or to try out new things). To find my posts about sewing, look under the “Sewing Segments” tab on the sidebar! I will link below the fabric and pattern to help you all out, as well as the other pieces that I bought. Still, don’t forget to comb those closets for clothes you can wear for St. Patty’s Day! I wish you all a great holiday, and I hope you end up feeling lucky in your green! Also, comment below and let me know if you like the new sewing segments! Happy St. Patrick’s Day and Happy Closet Combing!

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4 responses to “Sewing Segment #1: St. Patty's Perfection”

  1. That was “sew” much fun to read! I love getting to see the stuff you made yourself!


  2. Thanks “sew” much, Shoe! I love sharing my pieces with you!


  3. That was “sew” much fun to read! I love getting to see the stuff you made yourself!


  4. Thanks “sew” much, Shoe! I love sharing my pieces with you!


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