Chic Sherpa

Hi there, my fashionistas! February is a wrap, and it is looking like March is coming in like a lion in Punxsutawney. All the snow and rain makes me want to curl up in cozy pieces. So this week, I am mixing some fun prints and textures that keep me warm in this crazy climate. I am wearing a sherpa jacket, a turtleneck, black jeans, mules, and a black hat to pull it all together! This outfit has some easy basics that can be found in about every closet, but also some fun extras that amp up the style. I am incorporating the fall/winter trend of sherpa because it certainly isn’t time to break out the bikinis where I am! My best advice for dressing during these “weird” times of the year when it isn’t really spring, but not the dead of winter, is to wear clothes based on the temps of the day. It’s hard to plan outfits ahead because the weather changes constantly, so simply pick out clothes that fit the forecast. Basically, the only real rule to follow is to wear what makes you happy. Okay, with my little speech over, let’s talk about these clothes!

If you want to know what makes me happy, then layers is the answer. As much as I am craving summer, I love layering clothing in the cold because it allows you to be creative and expressive. This jacket is great because it does all the work for you. Notice this is one article of clothing that has sherpa, tweed, and faux leather trim. So many great things going on here! I mentioned how sherpa was a trend in the fall/winter because it was obviously featured on the runways, and I couldn’t help but see it showcased in about every clothing shop. Now I know there is often a debate, sherpa vs. shearling and what’s what, but it’s important to know that sherpa is a manmade, faux material, while shearling is true lambskin. Because I fancy faux, I love that this sherpa is kind to sheep, but it still keeps you toasty. It really has been a staple in clothing forever because it is warm, so I am not surprised that it has been popping up. Aside from the sherpa, I love tweed and fun sleeves (just check out the last blog post if you need reassured)! The tweed is a bit unexpected because, while both fabrics are classics, they are not usually paired together. It totally works, though, and the black faux leather trim really ties all the different elements together. The black pleather goes with the black in the tweed, and the ivory in the tweed goes with the ivory sherpa. It sounds a bit complicated, but trust me, it’s chic and that’s all that matters!

Under the sherpa, I wanted to wear some color and figured I should just add another print to the mix! I wore this turtleneck that is perfect because it has short sleeves! I am a complex human who is always cold but manages to somehow also get hot real quick, so I love love love the short sleeves. Because I am wearing this with a rather warm jacket, the sleeves work for me, but if you opt to wear this by itself, or you plan on being out in the cold for a long time, then by all means, get full length sleeves. I also love the baby pink color because it complements the jacket, and the little black polka dots aren’t too busy either. You can wear a turtleneck of any color, so you could try some pastels like me if you want to be in the springy mood, or you can rock a richer color like mustard. The turtleneck is a piece that looks so great and refined, and I like how it sticks out from underneath. Though it has taken me years to warm up to them, they truly are a wardrobe essential.

My pants aren’t very thrilling, but I can’t go half-dressed, so I will briefly talk about them. They are the black jeans you are probably sick of seeing! However, I should have you pretty convinced that these are great pants because they are always glued to my body. They’re Levi’s denim so the quality is amazing, and they go with everything. If you didn’t know, I am a high-waisted jeans kind of girl, so I stuck to this style when it came to my black jeans. They are simply wearable, comfy, and versatile.

I just saw the Manolo Blahnik ad campaign in the latest Vogue, and it made me laugh a little too hard. It obviously featured some Manolos, but it had a kettle bell too and it read, “Exercise? I thought you said accessorize.” Anyway, I thought that would be a good Segway into talking about my accessories. They aren’t Manolos, but I am wearing my favorite mules this week. And I already know what you are thinking; Maggie, why are you wearing open back shoes if you are cold? Again, I am complex (plus they just look so darn cute with the outfit). I like the pink and the menswear inspiration, and the shoes are super easy to walk in. If you get cold feet, try a pair of preppy oxfords or booties. My mules add some color that I pulled from the turtleneck, break up all the black, and are a nice transition shoe for the weather.

I really am a hat person, though I don’t seem to wear too many in my blog posts. I love hats because they are the icing on the cake, and sometimes you need a hat to pull everything together. No, you don’t have to be a “hat person” to wear a hat, you just simply have to find one that fits your head and your own personal style. My favorite hat is a wide brim black hat. They just scream chic to me! Who am I kidding…I love all hats. Try this look with the ever-so-popular beret, a newsboy cap, or switch out the mules for sneakers and add a baseball hat. The possibilities are endless!

I am ending on a very good note today because I am finally giving you a glimpse of one of my kitties. I always talk about cats, but I am not lying when I say how much I love them. This week, I was shooting at my house, so both of my boys were trying to get in a pic, but only Max was willing to pose for the camera. I sense that he too appreciates fashion since he snoops around and climbs into every shopping bag I bring in the door, so it’s fitting he be in the blog! To get back to the outfit, it shouldn’t be too hard combing those closets this week since most of my pieces are simple, and the look is very flexible and can be modified to match your style. Maybe you will find some sherpa too, but if your closet fails you, then just shop the links below (almost everything is on SALE)! Feel free to comment your favorite piece from this week’s look, and also let me know if you want Max to be my new sidekick! Thanks for reading, and from me and both my cats, Happy Closet Combing!

Links to same/similar pieces:

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Mules: (SALE)


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