Ruffle My Sweater

Hi my loves! I hope to refresh your cold weather wardrobe this week with a fun look that is sure to cure any winter blues. So, what’s the best cure? Ironically wearing blue! I want to point out the fact that I am finally wearing more color this week because even though black is obviously fabulous, we all need some different hues to brighten up our looks. This outfit of mine will certainly inject a little personality into your closet with this ruffle, cutout sweater, tweed skirt, and futuristic white booties. I am taking the pencil skirt you wear to the office and putting an entirely new twist on it with pieces that not only deserve attention, but demand it. It is an ensemble that will ruffle some feathers…or I guess ruffle your sweater, but all in a good way! Keep on reading to discover how I style this whimsical sweater in a flirty, yet chic look!

I know that I already used the word “fun,” but is there a better adjective out there for describing this sweater? I love that it has these huge sleeves that set it apart from any old sweater you can find in just about every clothing store. First of all, ruffles are very much on trend this season, but I am not talking little ruffle hems or collars; I am talking BIG, BOLD ruffles! These sleeves embody this “trend,” even though ruffles will always be a timeless symbol of femininity. Also, we cannot overlook the cutouts on the elbows. I constantly see the cold shoulder tops that, you guessed it, expose one’s shoulders, but I rarely find pieces that let you show off a little elbow. Yeah, it is cool outside, but it won’t hurt to let your arms breathe a little! Trust me when I say this piece makes you want to dance and shimmy with those playful sleeves, making it the perfect item to grab when you want your outfit to reflect how you feel when you know spring is (hopefully) around the corner!

The tweed/pencil skirt combination is about as classic as red lipstick, and I am a sucker for clothing that never goes out of style! When I think of tweed skirts, I can’t help but think of Chanel and their iconic tweed suits that always grace the runways. Though mine is not a matching set, the grayish blue color of the sweater pairs perfectly with the blue, gray, white, and black shades that are mixed in the skirt. Other features of my skirt include a fit that is high waisted with a zipper in the back. The style is universally flattering as a pencil skirt elongates the body, smoothes out your figure, and hugs your curves in all the right places. I can see why they are a go-to for women because they seem to check all the boxes! I love that this skirt is so original, and the sweater is so unique and interesting. You do not have to worry about looking dated in this outfit because there is nothing matronly about wearing a tweed pencil with a top that brings the drama!

Fashion rules are meant to be broken, which is why I never really followed the one that says you can’t wear white after Labor Day. White is a great neutral that can lighten up all the dark winter colors, so I am definitely not cutting it out of my life for a good six months. I adore these white booties because they are versatile, and they imitate an effortless vibe. I definitely think my inner Gigi Hadid comes out when I put these babies on, and I embrace it! White ankle booties can be found on all sorts of street style stars and models, and I can guarantee you will find a pair on me. Though popular, I don’t like to look at them as trendy because they are just a wearable shoe that anyone can rock. The color and pleather material remind me of futuristic elements that reflect intergalactic travel, but I am not getting into sci-fi! I wore some black tights with these shoes because I liked how the contrast draws attention to the footwear and the rest of the outfit. The dark shade falls into the background and lets the rest of the fascinating apparel do the talking!

This week’s outfit deviates from the norm because it has familiar elements, though it is young and fresh. You can get a similar look by combing through those closets for a classy skirt, and throw on a quirky sweater and shoes. If you want to fill up your wardrobe with some new things, then you can always shop the links! Hopefully we will start getting some warmer weather in the months ahead, but for now, keep bundled up, my beauties! Have a great week and Happy Closet Combing!

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