Fringe Benefits

Hi my loves! This week I am just going to jump right into my look because I am way too excited about it! I am wearing a classic outfit that has a fun twist; FRINGE! I want to let the world know that you can rock a fringe jacket without looking like you stepped out of an old western movie (unless you want that look, then go for it girl)! So to capture the streetwear essence, I paired my fringe denim jacket with black jeans, a white tee, some sneakers, and a bag, of course. When I wear a piece with unique features, sometimes I like to keep things simple and easy with a black and white color palette. Yes, it is great to make a statement too, but minimalistic pieces paired with unexpected extras is a combo that you can’t go wrong with. And I don’t know about you, but I am so pumped that fringe has officially reemerged in 2018. Keep reading for details on my outfit that has all the fringe benefits!

Denim is at the top of my list when it comes to my favorite fabrics. I have denim shorts, skirts, dresses, and jackets because slipping into some denim makes you feel “All American.” With that being said, you can never have enough, especially when there is fringe involved. This Levi’s jacket is named the Ex-Boyfriend Trucker jacket because of its looser fit. A boyfriend fit is borrowed from the guys because it is a looser, boxy style. You can see that the jacket has a real relaxed silhouette because it isn’t tight and it does not taper anywhere. What really sold me, if you couldn’t guess by the entire theme of the post, was the fringe that trims the sleeves and back. Fringe, in my book, never really went out of style, but it is getting special attention in 2018. For example, many designers like Alexander Wang and Dior showcased fringe in their collections. I love how it moves when you walk, and sometimes you just have to swing your arms around to show off the detail! Because the jacket is black, it feels more modern and contemporary, compared to an original shade of navy. The style, color, material, and fringe accent are the perfect mix of classic and fresh!

A white tee is a closet essential, hands down. There is a reason that a white tee is basically part of the “model off duty” uniform! They go with everything, and as in this case, are perfect for layering. I chose one that is super comfy cotton with a scoop neckline. I wanted a top that would contrast with the jacket, but not steal the show. The white is great because it breaks up the look and ties in with the sneakers. I also wore my favorite pair of black jeans, staying loyal to Levi’s again. I chose black because it obviously goes with the jacket, and I wanted to stick to my color scheme, keeping everything sleek. This isn’t to say that you can’t wear your blue jeans with this look.  If you do wear blue jeans, try a lighter wash and a black belt! Choose black or blue and stay true to you!

Sticking to the casual, laid back vibe, I grabbed my favorite white sneakers and graphic tote bag. It is a bit dangerous wearing a white shoe in the winter because, you know, snow, slush, salt, etc. always ends up on your shoes, no matter how hard you try. But, life is short, so I wear them anyways! It is inevitable that all footwear gets dirty all year around, but to keep pesky dirt at a minimum, I recommend a leather or pleather sneaker versus canvas or suede because you can more easily wipe them off (maybe even invest in some water proofing spray). My Adidas sneakers are rather easy to keep clean, and they are such a good purchase. Everyone wears sneakers with everything these days, and athleisure is a trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. I mean who doesn’t love comfortable footwear?! If you invest in a white sneaker, trust me, you will find yourself wearing them all the time. If you want a little color, you can opt for a bright sneaker, or you can dress this outfit up with a bootie or even a heel. The fringe can share the spotlight if you decide to wear a fun shoe!

My Kate Spade bag may look familiar to you; I am a big fan of this style for its functionality. I have featured this tote before in a warm weather look, but it is a bag you can carry every season. It is so large, making it perfect for fitting all your necessities, plus a lot of extras. Being a college student, I like that I can fit snacks, books, and even a laptop in it. I seem to always be carrying unnecessary things, so I like a bag big enough to fit my junk! Also, the graphic print adds some interest to the black and white look, while still remaining cohesive. Really, you can wear any printed or colored bag, though. Bags are something you can have fun with, so try different prints, colors, and styles.

I am so happy to finally share this fringe jacket with all of you! I love it because it has personality, yet it is still very practical to wear everyday; Plus, it will score you some major style points! Now you just have to comb those closets for basic, classic pieces to pair with this youthful trend. Who knows, maybe you will come across some forgotten fringe that you can incorporate into your looks! If fringe is no where to be found in your wardrobe, then you can shop my links! Oh and it’s almost Groundhog Day, and I know Punxsy Phil would approve! Happy Closet Combing!

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