Pastels in the Park

Hello lovelies! I hope that you are staying warm out there because the cold weather is still going strong here in PA. However, when the gloominess gets to me, I love wearing some pastels to put me in the spring mindset. This week I am getting in touch with my inner Blair Waldorf, wearing a feminine and preppy look, perfect for the chilliest of winter days. I wore a powder blue, double-breasted coat, a color block blanket scarf, a sweater dress, tights, and a pair of Mary Janes as the icing on the cake! I love this look because it is elegant and sophisticated, but features modern details that keep you classy and current! Don’t be scared off by the light color palette; winter isn’t all about black, brown, and navy! Keep on reading to see how I like to style pastels in the cold and learn how to stand out in a sea of dark-colored coats this season!

Blue is my all time favorite color, and I had been on the hunt for years (yes, you read that correctly) for a winter coat in the perfect shade of pastel blue. Honestly, I found it difficult to find any type of blue coat, so you will definitely make a statement in this baby for the simple fact that a lot of people usually opt for darker tones. Don’t get me wrong, I am a very big fan of deep, rich colors for this time of year, but sometimes I like to be different and change things up. Back to the topic of pastels; muted colors look so pretty against the white snow because they are all similar as they fall at the lighter end of the spectrum. I love the classic double-breasted style and how the coat has a fit and flare silhouette. Also, this coat is wool, so it has just enough bulk to keep you feeling warm and looking chic. Blue is always my first choice when it comes to pastels because not only do I gravitate towards it, but it is a color that still reminds me of winter. On the other hand, I have found coats in other light shades like millennial pink, lavender, or even just white, that look gorgeous in the winter time. It is all up to you in picking the perfect pastel (try saying that 5 times fast)!

A couple of years ago, I was really into wearing scarves, then I got away from them, and now, I am back on board! Isn’t it crazy how fashion is? Anyway, I finally got myself my first blanket scarf and it was love at first sight…and touch. They are just so so soft! I wanted to stick with my pastel theme, and I love how the colors in this particular scarf complemented my coat. I couldn’t get enough of the pink, peach, ivory, and blue! My favorite thing about blanket scarves, in general, is how incredibly warm and cozy they are. I mean if you can’t wear your pajamas out, this is the next best thing! I literally just love to snuggle it! And, though I prefer to just drape mine, there are plenty of fun ways to tie them and wear them. Blanket scarves are my new obsession, but you can pair any kind of scarf with this look.

Because I keep going on and on about these pastels, I decided to go with a dress that was a plain, heather grey color for underneath my coat. The neutral creates a nice backdrop to display the colors, making the scarf pop. Plus, the bell sleeves do add a bit of flair to this cute sweater dress that can be worn dressed up or down. This dress is beautiful on its own, but I chose to wear the scarf for an accessory. The material is really nice because it is not too thick or thin, and if you like to leave your coat on or opened, you won’t be too hot wearing this dress under it. Basically, it is a simple dress that is super functional and pairs great with everything.

Aah these shoes really have me feeling the nostalgia! I remember wearing my Mary Janes in elementary school with my uniform, and I am still wearing them years later! Of course, these are Mary Janes 2.0. What I mean is, even though they have a youthful feel, these shoes are fun for anyone of any age. It is the block heel that separates them from the ones you wore on the playground, and the shoe really embodies French girl style with the comfort and ease. The color is phenomenal because the grey/blue matches the aesthetic and is a fresh upgrade from the usual black. Patent leather is wonderful for the winter because it is easy to wipe off all the yucky snow and salt. Throw on a pair of white tights and you too can look prepped and polished!

This week, I really wanted to instill in you the beauty of wearing light colors in the winter. It is becoming more and more popular to ditch the fashion rules and wear winter whites and pretty pastels all year long. So, I encourage you to maybe step out of your comfort zone and comb those closets for those light colored pieces you thought you could only wear during a certain season. Stop waiting and start wearing is my motto! If the only pastel you own is your old baby outfits your mom saved, then feel free to shop the links and let me know your fav pastel color in the comments! Thanks for reading and Happy Closet Combing!

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