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Hi everyone! Hopefully you are all enjoying the holiday season because the fun festivities continue. Yes, Christmas is over, but 2017 is almost over, too! And you know what that means; New Year’s is right around the corner. When I think about ringing in a new year, the first thing that comes to my mind is SPARKLE! New Year’s Eve is the time to bust out your most fabulous, glamorous pieces and unapologetically strut your stuff. You might as well live like a movie star on the last day of the year! I am getting ready for my New Year’s debut and am taking advantage of the glitz in this look with a sequin, rose gold babydoll dress, nude heels, and bold earrings (plus a puffer coat for the 10 degree weather)! My outfit looks fancy, but it so comfortable that you can party the night away and say cheers to 2018. So, if you are interested in approaching the new year in style, keep on reading!

I certainly didn’t lie when I promised sparkle for my New Year’s look; This dress is nothing but sequins! I wanted to break out this rose gold number because it was the perfect occasion. The color of this piece works so well because even though it is head-to-toe sparkle, the neutral color tones it down a bit and softens the look. The babydoll style is super flouncy and gives the dress a sweet, yet sophisticated touch. It drapes so naturally, with the hem hitting about mid-thigh. The sleeveless feature is really nice, despite the fact that it is frigid this time of year in PA. I like this feature because it easy to get warm at parties and events, but if you are chilly, it’s really easy to pair with coats and sweaters for layering, as well. Actually, the right piece of outerwear can really give the look a whole new perspective! This dress is simple and dressy at the same time, making it the perfect piece to wear as you say hello to a new year.

If you live in an area where the temps are chilly, then you appreciate the importance of a warm coat. And who says warm and chic can’t go hand in hand? For example, I wore my new puffer coat that I got for Christmas because I have an obsession with puffers. Yes, those coats we used to bundle up in while building snowmen have been making a huge comeback recently. Designers and brands have been giving them an upgrade with fun details, bright and pastel colors, and different lengths and styles. This is why I said that outerwear can give off a whole new vibe. Puffers scream street style and embody the cool girl essence, especially if they are oversized (so don’t worry about looking like a marshmallow). After all, everyone loves practicality. Now, comb through your closets and break out that coat your mom begged you to put on before leaving the house because there is nothing better than being cozy and fabulous! 
My nude heels (and tights) are pretty basic. I threw on a nude pair of tights to keep my legs warm and give them a more polished look. I love to wear tights in the winter because I can keep wearing skirts and dresses all year long. Also, just like tights, it is no secret that my nude heels are such a huge essential in my closet. The color goes with everything, the kitten heel (tiny heel) allows me to walk all over, and they make my legs go on for days, since the color is similar to my skin tone. I could go on and on about the perks of nude heels, but basically, if you don’t own a pair, they are something that you won’t regret buying. 
Last but not least, I wanted to talk about my earrings. I honestly love jewelry and wear it everyday, so I want to try and incorporate more of it in my posts. These earring are rose gold to match the dress, but they also a big rhinestone in the middle. I like that the silver rhinestone breaks up all the rose gold and creates a nice contrast. I wanted a fancier, dangly earring, but I also didn’t want anything too busy that would distract from the dress. Sometimes earrings are fun to make a statement, but you have to be careful not to overdo it if you have a lot going on in your look! 
Well this is the last post of 2017! I hope that I provided you all with some inspiration and fashion advice that allows you to mix the old with the new! But never fear because there will be plenty more fashion and outfits in the new year! My next post will be the second Monday of January and we will be back on the weekly schedule. Thank you all for supporting me and cheering me on as I do what I love! Here’s to a 2018 filled with fashion, fun, and more Closet Combing! I wish you all a happy and healthy new year and Happy Closet Combing!
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