Red Hot Holiday

Hello my loves! I can’t believe it, but there is less than a week until Christmas! You know what that means…cookie baking, present wrapping, and last minute shopping. Of everything we associate with the holidays, however, the colors red and green remind me of Christmas the most. This week I took one of those colors into account, and I am so excited to share this look with you! I wore a black sweater dress, tights, red pom pom pumps, a GORGEOUS red coat with black trim, and I topped it all off with a hat! Originally, I had another outfit in mind, but after purchasing this coat, I knew it had to be featured on the blog asap.This is my final look before Christmas, so I wanted to show you all an ensemble that would make a statement at any party or gathering.  Keep on reading for more details on how to rock the color of the season! 

Red and green are obviously Christmas colors, but red and black is where it’s at! Red is a color for the bold, the daring, and those who like to stand out in the crowd. The color makes you feel powerful and will help you slay the holidays (or should I say sleigh?). Really, it is best put by the late fashion designer, Bill Blass when he said, “When in doubt, wear red.” I certainly can’t argue with that logic! I picked up this vintage red Kasper coat at a local vintage/artisan market, The Hatchery. If you live here or ever visit Punxsutawney, I definitely recommend! Anyway, this coat is wool and lined, so it clearly keeps you cozy and the long length keeps you warm to your ankles. Not to mention the other details like the buttons, pockets, and trim that makes it stand out. Yes, it is a bit heavy, but it feels good when you are trudging through the snow. Unfortunately, vintage pieces are hard to come by in bulk, but I found another beautiful red coat that is similar in link below. Maybe if you’re home for the holidays, you can comb some relatives’ closets and score your own vintage finds! But you could also pick up a little something for yourself while you finish your gift shopping! 

Sweater dresses are my favorite kind of dresses because they combine the comfiness of a sweater and make it into a dress. Talk about the best of both worlds! This Calvin Klein dress oozes sophistication with it’s cowl neck, pleats, and ribbed texture. The empire waistline is super flattering as fit and flare silhouettes look fabulous on everyone! This sweater dress has been a staple in my winter wardrobe for a few years now, and they still sell the exact one; That’s how you can tell a piece is timeless if it endures the world of fast fashion! It looks perfect paired with a coat or standing alone. After all, no matter how lovely a coat you have, you still can’t forget about what is underneath! Though I think you all would adore this dress, you can also look for sweater dresses in your own closets. Try a velvet trouser or even black slacks with a red stripe down the side if you aren’t feeling a dress! 
As you can see, I couldn’t keep my hands of my black hat! I haven’t worn a hat on the blog yet, but I definitely love love love hats. Hats can be your best friend when you want to add a little something to your look…or if you are having a bad hair day. I think they give your outfit a mysterious, alluring quality. My hat is a black floppy hat with a section of chain detailing on the side. The wool felt material allows for it to hold its shape, so it looks great no matter how much you wear it. There is a world of wonderful hats out there so try out berets, beanies, or even a newsboy cap! Nothing is better than an accessory that is cute and keeps you warm. 
I talked about my love for shoe pom poms in the “London’s Calling” post, and guess what…I ordered more! If you don’t know what I am talking about, shoe pom poms are just these little clip-ons that you can snap onto essentially any shoe for an extra dose of adorable. The best part is that you can easily take them on and off! I popped the black pom poms on my classic red pumps for something a little different. I love the red shoe, especially with all the black underneath. It is nice to still have some color, even when your coat is off. 
Finally, I just want to mention my tights. These are fishnets, but they are a smaller width. The ones I wore in the “Evergreen” post were called wide fishnets because the design is more spread out. I went with a more subtle pair this time. I wanted to let you guys know that there is a difference so you can find a pair best suited for you! 
I hope you all love this look as much as I loved looking at all the Christmas trees! I do want to let you know that I will not be posting next Monday since it’s Christmas, but I will be posting a New Years look later in the week. If this wasn’t fancy enough for ya, just wait for New Years (don’t worry, there will be sparkle)! I hope you all enjoy Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and/or other holidays you celebrate. Thank you for reading! Merry Christmas from me and my little Closet Comber crew! And I can’t forget, Happy Closet Combing! 
Links to same/similar pieces: 

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