Meowy Christmas

Hey there, everyone! This week, I took a break from the cold weather, staying indoors (you will have to excuse the air conditioner that creeped into the background) and decorating while wearing a casual outfit. Yes, the holidays are filled with lavish parties and events, and I love to break out my fanciest pieces, but we also get a little down time and want be comfy and cute. I started with a holiday tradition, a.k.a. a Christmas sweater, my favorite jeans, some trendy little white booties, and I even threw on my pink Santa hat! This look is great for spending relaxing evenings with friends and family, decorating, sipping hot chocolate, and getting into the Christmas spirit. You could even wear this look to some ugly sweater parties (even though this sweater is far from ugly)! I will say that this is definitely a nod to all my cat lovers out there, however, you can find Christmas sweaters that feature all kinds of animals and styles. Keep reading to see how to make your fave sweater of the season look equally chic and festive!

Anyone who knows me knows that cats and Christmas are pretty much my favorite words. So, when I found a sweater that was both, I knew I hit the jackpot. Basically, this is just a simple pullover that is a light pink color with white snowflakes, nordic print, white trim, and a kitty with a sequence Santa hat. I honestly love Christmas sweaters so much because they are so fun and festive. I mean when else can you wear a sweater that has a Santa cat? The best part is that everyone has one! If you don’t, you can search through your parents’ closets for a vintage rendition or you can find one with cats, dogs, reindeer, snowmen…just about any animal and Christmas theme imaginable. If you are looking for ugly, there are plenty with all kinds of tinsel and bows, but there are also more stylish options that are a bit more classic, but with quirky elements (classic nordic print paired with a cat). Go ahead and embrace Christmas because it only comes once a year!

If you are a reader of the blog, these jeans probably look familiar to you; like I said, they are my favorites. They are a high waisted pair of skinny jeans in a dark/medium wash. I also reached for them because I liked the contrast between the light colored sweater and darker pants. You can choose to wear jeans like me, but even a skater skirt in a sweater material would be super cozy, comfy, and a little more “dressy,” if you will. Try pants or skirts in velvet; they would certainly put you in the holiday mood!

Why not go all out this year and accessorize with a Santa hat, too? If you are really “extra” like me, you might even wear one that is pink with rhinestones! haha! I love that it goes with my pink Christmas theme. I actually got this a really long time ago from Victoria’s Secret. I was only nine years old when I  saw it on the mannequin in the storefront and knew I had to have it! Of course, as a third grader I bypassed all the lingerie and made it to the register with my mom and pink Santa hat. I am almost positive VS doesn’t still sells these hats, but I will see if I can link something similar for you. Or, you can always wear your own fun Christmas hat!

White booties have been such a huge trend lately, and I am all about them. I actually didn’t think I would wear them as much as I do, but I have been getting my money’s worth! Even though they are considered a trend, I recommend getting yourself a pair because white shoes are so versatile and can be worn all year ’round (even after Labor Day)! I really like them paired with this look because they remind me of Santa Claus in a way…well, maybe a modern version of Mrs. Claus! They definitely give the look a fashion update and make you feel more dressed up. There is always that advantage of a little more height with the kitten heel, too!

I don’t think I ever talked about earrings on the blog, but I could not resist mentioning these earrings!  When I do cats and Christmas, I do cats and Christmas! They just go so well with everything, and I love to stick to a theme for the holidays. Don’t hesitate to come up with a theme and go crazy with the accessories!

I hope that you all got some ideas to amp up your Christmas sweater game. This look really is easy and practical and is probably the look you can have the most fun with. I feel like the fashion rules don’t apply with this, so I am going to say it, “The more the merrier!” Comb those closets for the most festive pieces you can find! Also, come back next week for my fancy Christmas Eve look! As always, Happy Closet Combing!

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