London's Calling

Hi there! Sorry for the late post this week…I was enjoying a much needed break over Thanksgiving, and I hope you all had time to relax and catch up with family as well (also, sorry about the smudge on the camera lens that shows up in the pics)! Now that all of my apologies are out of the way, I can get right into the look. It is a very classic outfit that mimics the “London” look with a khaki trench coat, plaid scarf, nude pom pom pumps, and a simple black tee and jeans. I have to admit that I really wanted to take a business trip to England and shoot in a phone booth, but this will have to do! This is an outfit that is absolutely timeless, meaning these pieces are worth every penny. It is literally so simple, but everyone will think you stepped off a Burberry runway! So, get ready to read more about an ensemble that is super easy to throw on and so effortlessly chic. 

If you don’t own one already, you need to get yourself a trench coat…like right now! You don’t have to worry about it being one of the fast fashion trends because the trench has been around since 1914 when Burberry was commissioned to create the coats for the British army during trench warfare. Today, however, they serve a more stylish purpose! You can still get iconic trenches from the British brand, but you can also find them in many stores in many colors, prints, and silhouettes. Mine is shorter than the traditional, and it has a feminine skirt shape. It definitely has a sense of youthfulness while still sticking to the early origins. As far as color, khaki/beige has its place in the world, and it belongs to the trench (they were originally only beige)! I love a good neutral coat that you can grab on the way out the door and not worry about anything clashing. 
To pair under my coat, I went for pieces that are fan favorites; a black long sleeve tee and jeans. I chose the long sleeves for obvious reasons because the temps are only getting colder, and black contrasts nicely with the light colored scarf and coat. You can choose any color combos you feel (periwinkle, pink, gray—so pretty), but I personally gravitate toward darker colors in the winter. 

My jeans are just plain old jeans. They are the high-rise style that I wear exclusively in a medium/dark wash. Again, lots of freedom to choose any pair of jeans your heart desires! 

I have been dying to talk about these accessories. This is an outfit where the accessories stand out and completely elevate the look. Let’s start with this plaid scarf; are you still feeling those London vibes, because I am. This cashmere is so warm, cozy, and classy. I love the subdued colors with that pop of red! That is why I chose that little red quilted purse. The patent leather makes it shine, while adding color and tying together everything. And even though I am a sucker for designer bags, I got this little purse for $13 dollars at TJ Maxx and I love it! Unfortunately, I won’t be able to find the same one for you, but I will try to link something affordable. Anyway, these shoes!!! Okay, so originally they were just nude Nine West heels, which are so amazing on their own, but then I found shoe pom poms! (I didn’t know they were a thing, either, but now I’m obsessed) They are simply little clip on, faux fur pom poms that you can stick on your shoe of choice for added cuteness! So perfect for winter! 

Well, I hope you enjoyed the little history lesson I threw in this week! Now you can start looking through those closets for your fave basics, accessories, and trench to get the “London” look. Or, maybe you will find pieces that resemble something more Parisian…whatever you are going for, own it! I love giving you guys a lot of freedom, and this look is one that you can get creative with and make your own! Also, get excited because I have three holiday looks coming up for December! Thanks for reading and Happy Closet Combing! 
Links to same/similar pieces: 

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