That 70s Look

Hey loves and Happy (almost) Thanksgiving! This week I wanted a look that felt festive for fall and the holiday, but also a bit nostalgic. I chose to pay homage to the 70s because it is one of my favorite decades of fashion… it was fun, unique, and unapologetic. To achieve this, I wore a black oversized sweater, a suede mini skirt, and some over-the-knee boots. Also, my outfit wouldn’t be complete without my round sunglasses and my vintage Gucci purse. It’s hard, or maybe even impossible, to find something from your closet or on the store racks that doesn’t incorporate elements from the past. So, it is the perfect time of year to gather with family, pull out the scrapbooks, and find some fashion inspiration from “the good ol’ days.” I know my parents definitely sported the looks of the 70s (my dad and his leisure suits)!  Keep reading to learn how I embraced the groovy decade, all while remaining modern and on trend. 

The piece that caught my eye on the hanger, the piece I knew I had to have, and the piece that inspired it all is this skirt! To me, it just screams 70s! I mean just look at it! It is one of the most popular fabrics of the era: suede. Not to mention it is a beautiful rusty, camel color that goes along with the earthy shades they donned in that decade. And if that doesn’t have you convinced, it is high-waisted, printed, and has a mini skirt silhouette. Of course, it also has touches that feel up-to-date; for example, the floral print is graphic, clean, and simple. It makes the skirt more exciting without being tacky or taking away from the design. The zipper is another super fun detail that makes it feel edgy, yet still looks retro. Basically, you can’t deny the origins of this skirt, and you have to appreciate how it makes you feel like you traveled back in time. 
A big comfy sweater is my go-to in the cold and it happens to pair perfectly with a mini skirt. Since the skirt is a semi-fitted A-line, it works to throw on something oversized. You can go with looser items on top if you pair them with more fitted bottoms and vice versa. However, you can always pair this with a more fitted sweater, shirt, or crop top to show off more of your figure. Black and white are obvious choices that go with this skirt, but pair it with a hunter green top for color or even a denim shirt to play with texture. Just so it doesn’t clash, it works! 
No look is complete without some accessories! My round sunnies were ideal when putting together my throwback look. But, if round isn’t your thing, try some aviators in a fun color! Aviators had their moment then and they certainly do now. I had to pick my Gucci for my purse this week because the brown/tan colors go with the skirt and help balance out all of the black. The fact that it is vintage also complements the vibe. 
A mini skirt in the fall and winter can leave your legs feeling like icicles. When you wear over-the-knee boots though, you have coverage that keeps you warm and stylish. These boots have been popular for seasons now, and can really be worn all year round. I went with a black pair that has a low heel…dressy enough for Thanksgiving dinner and comfy enough to snag Black Friday deals in! If  the weather is too cold, just wear some tights or leggings. Another fun shoe would be a white bootie. A white shoe is totally allowed in the winter, and a white bootie would definitely go with the aesthetic (as would a platform)! 
I literally got this skirt a week ago and have already worn this look so many times! It is chic, cozy, and a great look for the holiday. It will have your family feeling the nostalgia, but it also has added perks like unzipping it a little if you eat too much for dinner! Anyway, who knew the clothes (well some of the clothes) our parents wore would someday make a comeback? But that’s fashion for ya! I encourage you to comb through your old clothes and your relatives’ to find pieces that are a blast from the past and make them fresh with a new twist. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Happy Closet Combing! 
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