Precious Pearls

Hi Everyone! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! This week, you get a glimpse into my personal life as I shot this look inside my house. I spent my 19th birthday doing what I love most by going on an overnight shopping spree in Pittsburgh, so the shoot was a bit impromptu. This post isn’t about my purchases, but I got some pretty chic pieces at Aldo, Nordstrom, Macy’s, Kohls, etc. I definitely made out! Anyway, I wanted to show you what I wore to the mall on my birthday because when you have a really long day ahead of you, it’s important to keep comfort in mind. I grabbed my cozy pastel blue sweater, my jeans that have rhinestone and pearl embellishment (LOVE these pants), and some pink mules.  I love it because it is an outfit that is casual, yet chic and refined. Now, take a look at me in my natural habitat, and keep reading for all of the details! 

Embellishment is such a fun way to liven up simple pieces, and it has been in literally every store. Fortunately, this design is not just limited to tops, and you can now find skirts, pants, shoes, and last but not least, jeans/denim that have all kinds of fun beading and detail. Pearls on denim are extremely trendy, and I finally found this perfect little pair of pearly jeans. They are a medium/dark wash, slightly cropped near the ankle, and have a semi-fitted silhouette. They look like skinny jeans, but they are actually looser fitting from the knee up, acting like a boyfriend jean, and then they taper by the calves and ankles. I sized up because I wanted this look, but you can stick to your own size or size down if you want a real skinny jean. The pearls and rhinestones are scattered all over the front of the pants, contributing a certain amount of glam. Sweaters and jeans are a basic combo, but details like this make a sweater and jeans look fresh and fashion forward. They hold up really well, too. I have worn these pants numerous times, and nothing fell off them. Because they are looser, they are not at all constricting, making them perfect for a day spent shopping! 
In the picture where I am admiring some of my shoes (that’s not all my shoes…), you can see that I picked a sweater in my favorite color to go with the pants. And, the baby blue happens to contrast nicely with the darker wash of the denim. Honestly, despite the pearls, these pants are still just jeans and you can wear any sweater you want with them. I love this particular sweater, though, because it has a flare to it. It is fitted through the bust and arms, and flares out at the waist. It has such a feminine fit that it goes along with the whole aesthetic of the look. Of course, you could always wear an “edgier” sweater or top that is has rips, mesh, or graphic print that toughens up the sweetness of the pants. I was reaching for anything warm considering it was a crisp 19 degrees! 
These shoes may look familiar to you… but they are just so great that they deserve to be shared more than once! The pale pink breaks up the blues, but the shade also goes with the pastel color palette. I have gushed over these mules before as they borrow elements from menswear, yet have features that carry over into women’s wear. Actually, I chose to wear pink Adidas sneakers when I went shopping because a sneaker is easy to walk in. Don’t get me wrong, the mules are still comfortable, and you could wear them just about anywhere too. Flats, heels, sneakers… anything looks great with this look, and it depends whether you want to dress it up or down! 
This casual outfit works with the atmosphere of my room because it is perfect for lounging, going to school, and obviously going to shopping! I hope you enjoyed a peak into my little space! It is easy for you to recreate this; just grab some fun jeans and your favorite top! If you want to add extra accessories, pearl earrings and even a pearl necklace helps to tie everything together! Don’t be afraid to go all out with the pearls; It never hurts to have fun with your look! As always, Happy Closet Combing! 
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