Fierce in (faux) Fur

Hello all and hello November! I welcome November with open arms (my birthday not being the only reason) because it’s a cozy month filled with all the goodness of fall, yet no Christmas craziness…until Black Friday! This week, I wanted to take advantage of a somewhat warm day to wear a mock turtleneck sweater dress, a faux fur vest, and some booties. You probably think I secretly live near the equator since every time I shoot it seems to be abnormally warm, but trust me, it gets cold around here. In fact, I would most likely wear this outfit with some beige or taupe tights. Or  if I am feeling colorful or like the style queen Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl, then I would opt for some burgundy tights instead. Also, add a trench coat or parka for another layer of warmth if it is a super chilly day. That is the great thing about fall and winter; you can just keep adding! I will give you the details of what I wore, but remember you can always modify my looks based on weather and personal style!

I need to talk about my vest first because I am way too excited! In the midst of the usual sweater, boots, and jeans uniform that we tend to wear constantly in the fall and winter, I like to find pieces that stand out. So, one thing I like to look for is texture as it is interesting. And, what better way to add texture than something furry?! I am a huge fan of faux fur in the fall and winter because it feels luxurious and goes with the cold season. I love animals so I always go for faux fur, and these days, you can hardly tell the difference between the real and the faux. Anyway, as much as I love natural colors like brown and black, I also love something unique and not natural, like this vest. It isn’t too crazy, but this wine color is so rich and perfect for the fall. It stands out against the taupe dress and booties, and it is definitely the focal point of this look.

A sweater dress is a great way to incorporate the coziness of a sweater and the “fanciness” of a dress. My dress in particular is so soft…I wish you could feel it through the screen! It is a simple, straight silhouette and there are actually little specs of different colors woven in the fabric. But, overall, it is a taupe color. The dress features a mock turtleneck, which is not suffocating and tight like a regular turtleneck, but it gives off the same illusion. The neckline allows you to have fun with necklaces, and also lets the vest be the star of the show! Also, there is no need for a scarf to keep your neck warm if you have a dress with a turtleneck (or mock turtleneck). Honestly, they really are the best of both worlds! 

I can’t publish this post without talking about my sunglasses; my dad calls them my Elton John glasses as they bare a similar resemblance to the musician’s eyewear! I think they are so fun and chic at the same time. There’s not much to say, other than the fact that they are round with ivory and gold trim, and have a vintage feel. I like that they fit my face well; it’s important to look for glasses that fit the shape of your face. I love the power of sunglasses as they can really amp up a look, and there are so many options that make it easy to express your personality. I also wanted to call your attention to my leopard print cuff. Leopard print is timeless and I like to add doses of it to my outfits. It would be fun to pair this dress with a vest or jacket that is printed too. Prints are fun and look stylish as big statements or little touches!

My taupe booties clearly go with my dress, and they give off a Western vibe that is a major fall trend. The faux suede and wooden block heel mimic the looks of the Wild West, but they also have modern touches. Again, because of the thick block heel, they are a breeze to walk in, making them a go-to shoe to have in your closet. You can’t beat a shoe that is chic, neutral, easy to throw on, and easy to run around in! For my purse, I chose my very gold, very shiny Michael Kors. This look was very popular a few years ago, and after so desperately wanting one, my parents pulled through and got me one for Valentine’s Day (they are my favorite valentines!). This bag remains a favorite because gold goes with everything and it’s shine provides a glam element that I can’t get enough of. Too, big bags are my favorite bags, so I can throw in every lipstick I own in this purse!

Here is one final pic of this week’s look. Unfortunately, the outfit is hard to see, but the sun is GORGEOUS! My brother and sister-in-law had the perfect neighborhood and scenery to go with this look! I hope you all become inspired by the beautiful colors of nature like I did! Look for pieces with texture, rich colors, glam details, prints, and more. Have a great week and Happy Closet Combing!

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