Victorian Charm

Hello loves! While you are all preparing your Halloween costumes, I am delivering some whimsical outfit inspiration. The cold weather is finally sticking around in Western Pennsylvania…but no need to  fall into a slump. Cold weather means more coats, boots, and fuzzy accessories. But, the chilly air doesn’t mean you should put away those skirts! I feel like a princess (like Snow White even though I have Cinderella hair) in this outfit, especially with the beautiful architecture in the background. I felt like I went back in time for this shoot because the outfit has vibes from the Victorian era. I went with this midi skirt that has darker fall/winter colors, a teal blouse, and patent leather black booties. The length and fullness of the skirt and the black lace collar represent some Victorian elements, but the floral pattern is darker and more modern, and the outfit shows a little more skin than what Victorian women did. It is a perfect combo of old meets new. Wear it to work, school (you may want to go with flats!), or any occasion where you want to portray femininity and grace.

My blouse features color and details that are so beautiful, especially when paired with the skirt. The teal blue matches the flowers, adds some vibrancy to the dark color palette, and also compliments the different shades of burgundy and berry. I am a sucker for a Peter Pan collar (a collar that lies flat with rounded corners), but I guess you could actually call this a faux collar since it only covers the front of the blouse, rather than going the whole way around. The fact that the collar is lace with ties makes for a more interesting look. Too, it creates a keyhole cut-out that keeps the blouse from looking too matronly. Perhaps my favorite detail is the matching buttons that go up the back. They aren’t functional and look very subtle, but they are also so adorable and unexpected. For everyone who loves piling on all kinds of arm candy (bracelets, bangles, etc.); you will love the 3/4 length of the sleeves! If you are like me, you hate wearing all your pretty jewelry if it hides under your sleeves, so with this, you have a chance to show it off!

Mini skirts and maxi skirts definitely have their place in the world, but how can we forget about midi skirts?! A midi skirt is a skirt that hits about mid-calf, between the knee and ankle. They are perfect for showing off shoes and a little leg, but actually provide warmth as well. They are very popular in the colder months (they work in the summer too), but you can always wear some tights if you are facing frigid temps. Even though they are longer, it doesn’t mean midi skirts don’t possess a youthful quality (you can rock one at any age)! The floral print is whimsical, but definitely not dated, and the deep tones add a wintry, almost gothic element. All you have to do is tuck in a blouse, and let the skirt do the talking!

I grabbed my baby pink Kate Spade purse to go with this look because I thought it was a nice contrast, since I like to play with lights and darks. I could have went with a burgundy or black purse, but I usually like my bag to stand out against my clothes. It is all about personal style and what I feel, because there are days when I want to be matchy matchy. This bag is often my go-to because it is so neutral and works with basically every look. There are small traces of white/pink in the skirt that compliment it, and the gold plating goes with my jewelry and the zippers on my booties!

As for my shoes, I found a bootie is the perfect fit when it comes to this outfit. They are short enough that you are able to see your skin and break up the look, but also covered enough to trudge through rainy, chilly weather. My friends like to call these my “witch” shoes, but I will always love the power of a pointed toe! And it’s Halloween time, so they can always serve a dual purpose! You may notice that they are mainly patent leather, but have a suede panel near the heel. Also, there is a little buckle with a gold link and a little gold zipper on the side as well. These heels are comfy compared to some of my skyscraper heels, but I recommend packing some black lace up flats if you are planning on getting your steps in!

That is all for this week! My pieces were from a collection, but you can create a similar look with any midi skirt and blouse from your closet. I will try to find you my exact pieces, or ones that create the same effect. If you need a last minute costume, you could find a black top and throw on a witches’ hat to look like the chicest of witches! Let me know what you are dressing up as this year! Happy Halloween…but more importantly, Happy Closet Combing!

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