Off the Grid

Hey there, fashion lovers! This week is another black and white look, however, it’s on the fancier side. I have been anxious to wear all of the new things I bought, and everything just so happened to go together! I am happy to announce that I jumped on the bodysuit bandwagon, pairing it with grid-print culottes, a white sweater, and black sock booties. To top it off, I grabbed a micro bag (which you may have to squint to see) with my initial on it. This look is unique because it mixes different trends, but also has timeless elements.

First, I want to talk about my bodysuit in more detail. I have to admit, I was not completely on board with the whole bodysuit trend that has been EVERYWHERE. I’ve been seeing them in every store, but thought they wouldn’t fit me “right” because I have a long torso.  Finally, I was sick of being out the loop and tried one on… you could say that I basically fell in love. Not only are they comfy, but so sleek and easy. The whole point is for them to tuck in to pants without coming untucked or appearing bulky. Let me tell you; they do their job. Mine has a zipper detail for added flair, but you can find all sorts of bodysuits with lace, straps, high neck lines, etc. If you don’t own any, or are avoiding them like I did, you can always wear a black cami or blouse. I highly recommend getting a bodysuit, though, because they are versatile, and look great with anything and everything. I will definitely be buying more!

I just threw on my new white cardigan over the bodysuit. It incorporates the white from the pants and polishes off the look. The cut of the sweater is perfect because it’s not too long; it hits right at the waistband on the culottes. Plus, adding the bit of white freshens up the look.

Another new item of clothing that I recently bought was a pair of culottes. Culottes are wide legged, cropped pants that look super chic and classy. They take me back to my childhood when I used to wear gauchos, which had a similar silhouette. Anyway, my culottes, in particular, are partially elastic waist, but still have a button and hidden zipper on the side. In the front, there is a cute tie detail that you can leave hanging loose or make it a bow. My favorite feature is definitely the print. You can’t go wrong with black and white, and the grid pattern gives it a modern touch. If you want something different, stores like Zara sell ones with jewel embellishments and some with asymmetrical hemlines. The wide leg feature is flattering, and the fact that they are cropped allows you to really show off your shoes. Even though I went with a black shoe, you can wear a bright colored pump (or flats) to make a statement, or try mixing prints (just be sure to stick with the same color palette). 

I am sure you have been wondering what the deal is with my micro purse. Or maybe you wonder what I actually fit in it! Micro, mini, tiny…(whatever adjective you prefer)…bags are a huge fall trend. They have been on runways, on the streets, and on many store shelves. Balenciaga and Furla, for example, are two brands that can fulfill you micro bag needs. The bags really just allow you to take the bare necessities, but it honestly feels good to not lug around a big purse sometimes. You just throw in your lipstick and go! I have owned my bag forever, and I always loved it, but never really carried it around. I thought people would find it impractical, but one day, I decided to use it anyway. Then, shortly after I broke it out again, I have been reading articles and seeing runways cluttered with these little bags!
Last but not least, I’m wearing my black sock booties. They have a small heel that makes them easy to get around in, and they look appropriate with a dressy ensemble. I’m a sucker for anything that has a pointy toe because it elongates your legs. Especially since the shoes are black like the culottes, the whole look has a slimming quality. Sock booties have soft material and resemble socks, but these shoes aren’t for lounging! 
There are lots of pieces to this look, but you may be able to find a hidden treasure in your closet. If you were around in the 70s and 80s (or know someone who was), then you just may be able to dig up a bodysuit. But, if you’re not feeling vintage, you can always get my look with the links below! Happy Closet Combing! 
Links to same/similar pieces: 

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