The Sporty Side

Hello, lovelies! We are back to focusing on outfits this week! This look does stray a bit from my usual personal style, but I still love it.  And that is the power of fashion; style has no definition. You can be super feminine one day, and the next day be grunge…style reflects who you want to be and how you want to feel, and it’s always changing! Okay…enough with the words of wisdom! I wanted to go for a sporty look that has an edgy vibe because it’s fun to have something a bit refreshing in the midst of all my skirts and dresses. I kept it pretty simple; an oversized logo tee, black denim shorts (they are underneath, but you can’t really see), some sneakers, and a few extra pieces I added (jacket, leggings), if you just keep scrolling!
I love this Adidas tee a lot, mainly because it is oversized. Oversized clothing is definitely a trend, and so is wearing a t-shirt as a mini dress. Of course, this look offers classic vibes too because even though Adidas is a German company, it has been part of America’s culture for decades. It is still a t-shirt, so I wore some black denim shorts as well. I recommend wearing some type of shorts under the shirt because then you avoid having any wardrobe malfunctions. You can feel effortless and worry free while shooting some hoops!

I have been waiting to bust out my leather jacket for months! I always want to provide you all with options because I know weather is different in different places, and let’s face it, you need a leather jacket! It is a great way to stay warm, but it adds edginess to this look (or any look). They just simply have a cool attitude about them. A leather jacket is such a good investment because it is truly timeless and extremely versatile. I threw mine on with a sporty look, but you can throw it on with jeans and a sweater, or a dress and heels. The possibilities are endless! And, leather jackets come in many different shapes and styles. I wanted just a plain black, Moto (short for motorcycle) style with the zipper details. However, embroidered ones are a huge trend, and the jackets also come in various colors and styles, and you can find them in vegan leather as well. These jackets aren’t just for bikers anymore! 
Of course, this would look great with a denim jacket, cardigan, or you can keep it super sporty with an athletic jacket. A white jacket would really pop…an oversized white denim jacket would be so fun and have the same cool factor! Color would we great too! Honestly, the shirt is so simple that you have a lot of freedom when it comes to picking out layers; a great reason to comb your closet! 
I want to mention that you don’t have wear the tee as a dress. This shirt looks just as good with leggings, and I will soon be reaching for pants as the cold sets in. Leggings are something that most people own…but you don’t have to stick with black. You can opt for a fun strappy detail like me, or find ones that have mesh, zippers, ties, etc. What the heck, wear a print or bright color, if you want! Leggings are anything but boring these days, so have some fun with it and be expressive! They are comfy, sporty, and a perfect match for this! 
My sneakers are just my old faithful Michael Kors ones. The white feels so crisp and fresh, and looks great with the mostly all-black look because it pulls the white from the logo.  I know white Converse sneakers are popular and a great option. If you want to stick to the Adidas heritage, they make awesome sneakers like the Original Superstars or Stan Smiths that come in white, too. You always can go with colored sneakers…red would make a statement! Or just put on your fave basketball sneakers. I know people also like to wear over-the-knee boots with a mini t-shirt dress. 
My look is very athleisure, fitting in the sporty, yet chic category. Just because you wear something that seems “sporty” doesn’t mean you have to actually go and play sports. You can wear this casual look in any casual setting. The great thing is that it works for athletics and for leisure (…get it, athleisure). You can pull it off with any basic oversized tee and sneakers, which most of us have! So, you know what that means; Happy Closet Combing! 
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