New Adventures in New York

Hello again, everyone! This week’s post is going to be a little different…but have no fear, there will still be plenty of fashion to talk about. On Saturday, I went on a day trip to my favorite city, New York, to do a little exploring in the garment district (or fashion district). This section of New York City is located in midtown Manhattan, not too far from Times Square. The buildings of the garment district are home to designer showrooms and offices, stores that sell fabrics and sewing materials, and basically all things associated with fashion! Keep reading to hear about how I spent my day, and learn some tips and tricks for navigating this chic section of the city! 

My first stop was Mood Designer Fabrics, located at 225 W 37th Street. It is a huge store that is packed full of every fabric you can think of! I do some sewing, so I was just in heaven, but even if you never picked up a needle and thread, this is a must-see. I guarantee you didn’t know that many fabrics existed! Look for the address when locating it, rather than a sign or the storefront, because you actually have to go into the lobby of the building and take the elevator to the third floor to enter.  Once you do that, you can walk down the aisles on all three floors (level 2, 3, and 4 are all part of Mood, but you must go in on the third floor) and become inspired! I actually bought some fabric to make a piece, but I’m keeping that a secret, for now! 
Other than the fact that I love fabrics, another reason I wanted to visit Mood was because it is iconic! Have you ever heard of Project Runway? (if not, you need to get educated…it’s a fashion design show!) Well, this is the store Tim Gunn takes the designers to to get their materials. His famous line is “Thank You Mood,” and that’s why I am wearing that shirt! If you are interested in buying some Mood apparel, you can buy this shirt online in different colors, or get one in the store as a souvenir! The store also has books about Project Runway and fashion, little magnets and decor, and lots of other things to buy if sewing isn’t your thing! The employees are super nice, and some of them have degrees in fashion and are really interesting to talk to for the inside scoop.  The only thing I was sad about was the fact that the store’s mascot, a little dog named Swatch, wasn’t there…he was at  NY Comic-Con. Maybe next time! 

My next stop was the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology. The Fashion Institute, known as F.I.T, is only 10 streets down from Mood, on 227 W 27th Street. The facility is a college for those aspiring to work in the fashion industry, but they also have a museum, and guess what? It’s FREE! Yes, you read that right. Not many things in NYC are free, but this is and it is totally worth seeing. The museum has different exhibits, so even though I have been there before, there is always something new to see! The two exhibits this time were “Force of Nature,” that will be on display until November 18th, 2017, and “Expedition: Fashion from the Extreme” that will be there until January 6, 2018. The museum is filled with videos, as well as text, that provide you with information about different pieces from many different eras. You can learn about how designers were inspired by nature and cultures to create collections and pieces. This is something that is great for those who love fashion, history, culture, or those who just love to learn! 

So, I couldn’t go to NYC and not go shopping! Actually, I didn’t plan on going into Macy’s Herald Square (151 W 34th Street) , but my mom suggested it, and I thought it was a great idea. This Macy’s is usually on everyone’s bucket list because it is called “America’s Largest Department Store” since it takes up an entire city block and has 11 floors of fashion! I was too busy shopping to take pictures, except for the mirror in the shoe department, so you will have to go and experience it yourself! If you are interested in women’s fashion, enter from the Broadway side, but if you want men’s fashion, try the 7th avenue entrance. Or…just walk around and experience everything in all of its glory! They have one floor dedicated to specific things like shoes, jewelry, pajamas, etc., so you never run out of options. The store is definitely overwhelming, but there are so many great deals! Everything I bought was discounted in the “Last Act” section, so it is the lowest it can get (except the sleep set, but it was on sale and I had a coupon!). Yes, the store is filled with plenty of luxuries, but there are amazing buys if you just search for the sale section. I recommend going with an idea of what you want to buy, or you can just look around for deals, or just for fun! 
I will briefly go over what I bought in the picture; a white romper with black stripes and ruffles,  a pastel blue dress with white polka dots and cherries, and a white button-up sweater, all from the brand, Maison Jules; black culottes with a white grid pattern from Tahari; and a pale blue silk pajama set and robe with flower details from Flora. Everything was only $124! Check out those sales! And you can always look online to if you aren’t planning on going to NYC! 

Finally, while walking back towards Times Square at the end of the day, I took lots of pictures of the Fashion Walk of Fame! The plaques in the sidewalk remind you of Hollywood, except these are all about iconic fashion designers and their contributions to the industry. All you have to do is walk down the street to read about your favorite designers and get a history lesson! The Fashion Walk of Fame starts at 35th St. and goes to 41st St., all along Fashion Ave. (a.k.a. 7th Ave.).  Some designers I read about were Marc Jacobs, Betsey Johnson, Diane von Furstenberg, Ralph Lauren, Perry Ellis, Oscar de la Renta, and Calvin Klein. There are many more to read about…you just have to dodge busy New Yorkers and tourists! 
That was my trip to NYC! I am no native, but I have been to the city about a dozen times in my life, and feel as if I am pretty knowledgable. If you have trouble finding anything, remember New York is a grid system and that streets run east to west and avenues run north to south! There is so much to do in NYC, but if you love fashion, or even if you don’t, the fashion district is filled with so much history and character. I highly recommend visiting, if you get the chance! Of course, if you want a similar experience from home, Mood Fabrics has a website where you can purchase fabrics, you can read about the exhibits on F.I.T.’s website, and you can always do some online shopping at Macy’s. I hope you enjoyed this little fashion travel guide! And if you want my outfit details, the links are below! Happy Closet Combing…or should I say happy travels?! 
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