Hello, Fall

Happy Fall, everyone!!! It is now the glorious season between the hot summer nights and the cold winter days…a.k.a. the season for great fashion! Fall fashion provides so many different options for your style, but, in this outfit, it is all about the COLOR! I really wanted to play with the rich colors associated with fall, like oranges, burgundies, browns, taupes, and golds. I went with a more casual look for you all since I have been posting all skirts and dresses. So, there is nothing like a good ol’ pair of jeans, styled with a printed top and some over-the-knee boots.

I love this shirt so much because not only does it have a beautiful print, but it has surprises too, like this cut-out in the back. Exposing your back and even going completely backless has been a popular trend recently, and seen on the streets at New York Fashion Week and your favorite celebs (we can’t forget when Kendall Jenner shut down the Met Gala earlier this year). But, if you aren’t ready to bare it all, this is a great feature. Try wearing a back necklace, a necklace that drapes down your back, for extra glamour. This shirt is also so effortless, and boho, with the flowy silhouette and the floral pattern that is a nod to the 70s. 
We can finally talk about some pants on this blog! I love jeans, especially when the weather cools off, because you can dress them up or down. High-waisted jeans are my favorite to wear because I don’t feel the need to hike them up constantly, or pull my shirt down if it’s too short. I also tend to stick to medium/darker washes because I feel most comfortable in them, as they are the most flattering. I recommend wearing skinny jeans when choosing over-the-knee boots to avoid unnecessary bulk near the calfs and ankles where they zip. Any jeans of any wash or cut would go with this top, but I also suggest sticking with a darker pair if your are going with light-colored boots, since the contrast will make the boots stand out. You could even try a distressed jean to mix it up! 

Boots are a must in the fall, and I am obsessed with over-the-knee boots! They spice up any outfit, and add a lot of drama to a simple shirt and jeans combo. They make your legs look AMAZING and obviously give you some height if you go with a heeled version like me. Don’t worry, flat styles exist too! These boots are surprisingly really warm, and look great with skirts and dresses as well, so you might not have to resurrect your tights just yet. Neutral pairs are classic and easy to wear, but you can find these babies with embroidery, embellishment, and even different material like vinyl (yes, it’s coming back).  This outfit looks great with booties, riding boots, oxfords…you can always use your favorite fall shoe from your closet! 
I clearly had a great time playing with my fall look (and in all the pretty leaves)! So, don’t be afraid to play with your looks, experimenting with trends, and the clothes you already own. Fall is so short, so make the most of it and get to combing those closets! 
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